From Hell To Aunt Marge's

Chapter 5

I tried to ignore the hushed whispers behind me as Don and I continued to stare at each other for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, as if someone had flipped a switch, the room fell silent, I would have sworn the waves quit lapping against the pool wall.

"You boys going to get in line, or stand here in my way all day." a rather angry adult voice boomed. "Hemmer, get your tail in line, move it!" I was too scared to look around, but from his tone I was sure it was a guard.

I barely noticed several red trunks rush behind Don, until Roy stepped between us, now clad only in his speedos.

"Benton, Himmer, get your butts in line." the guard barked.

"Please coach, we have to talk about something." Roy stammered. "My cousin and Don and me."

"Benton, Himmer!" the guard snarled.

"Coach!" Roy snapped. "Uh, my dad said Tommy has to talk to Don, sir." he groaned. His eyes were as wide as saucers, I think he was almost as scared as I was.

"My mom does too, Coach," Val added. The silence in the big room intensified so much that it became almost deafening.

"I suppose you, and your father is in on this too Silverhawk?" the guard snarled in a little softer voice.

"Yes Sir." Regan's voice answered, cracking as much as Val's.

"Make it quick! Five minutes, or I'll have keep your tails here until midnight swimming laps." the man growled. I was afraid to look up, but saw a pair of ugly green coaching shorts walk between us. A shrill whistle stopped my heart ten or fifteen times, and he yelled, "Everyone in the water, warmup laps."

"You know you are dead meat." Roy barked in a low voice. I knew I was and looked up at him to beg for my life, but managed to take a short breath when I saw he was glaring at Don.

"I'm sorry, I didn't do it, well it's not my fault." Don whimpered.

"You shot your mouth off! You couldn't just chill, could you!" Val screeched. His voice was so piercing I fought off the urge to use my fingers to protect my ears.

"I didn't! Please Tommy I didn't!" Don cried. "My, my dad, well when I told my parents you were here my dad knew who you were from work, and told my mom. Well, and Wendell was there, and he told his friends!"

"Wendell." Val and Roy said in unison.

"When I find you, and Wendell away from school I'm going to kick both of your asses up between your ears." Roy hissed.

"We!" Val injected.

"No!" I blurted before I realized I had. "No, please don't Roy, Val, no one." I took a deep breath and risked, "Who's Wendell?"

"He's my little brother." Don whimpered. "Please don't hurt him Tommy he's as little as you are, please?" His face flashed as red as his speedos, then ghost white. "I mean, I meant, well he's... he is... as dead as I am." his voice trailed off. "Please, he's just a kid and stuff." he begged.

It took a second or so for his pleas to soak in, and when they did I was sure he was toying with my until I risked a glance at his face. Something in his expression scared me, but not in the same way I was already frightened. My stomach turned as I began to realize what he was going through. This big kid, that could stomp me like an ant, looked like I'm sure I had more times that I could count when I knew bullies were going to beat me. His face said all hope was lost, that he and his brother were doomed. I had to take a deep breath to keep from vomiting as I remembered those feelings.

"No, it's cool, no one's gonna hurt you, or your brother," I announced. Although I had seen adults do it often I don't think I had before, but I offered my right hand out to him.

The pool fell silent again as he stared open-mouthed at me for a second or so, then it broke into a sea of cheering voices when he accepted it. He said something, but I couldn't understand it over the applause and cheers behind me.

"Now do you think we can start practice?" the coach yelled in a sarcastic tone.

* * *

Besides Val and Regan, five or six other kids rode with Roy and I when we left Saint Luke's a couple of hours later. I was a little surprised how they treated me like I was one of them, well except that I wasn't wearing those hideous lime green shorts and knee socks. Every block or so one or two them rode off, most of them saying they'd see everyone at school tomorrow, and even saying something to me before they rode away.

"I still think we should have smashed Don," Roy commented.

"Yeah. I thought Tommy was going to whip him right there at the pool!" Regan added.

"Hey, I thought you were going to scalp him!" Roy snickered. He giggled and flashed Regan one of his impish grins and chucked, "Hey, he would have been attacked by a REAL Tommy-Hawk!"

"Naw, Prince Silvermouth wanted to stick him with his Totem Pole!" Val tittered. He flashed a blinding smile as he raised one hand over his head and let out a really corny Indian war cry. Regan started to say something, but Val reached over, slapped the back of his friend's head. Before Regan could react Val slammed his gear lever and shot ahead of us, Regan hot on his tail.

From the way Roy was giggling I wondered if he was going to fall off his bike, I was pretty sure they were playing, but when he caught his breath I couldn't resist asking what was going on.

"Regan's an Indian if you hadn't noticed, and Val loves to tease him about it." he chuckled. "Actually, his dad is Chief of the Navajo Nation, and he's next in line to be Chief."

"Oh." was all I could gasp. We turned into his driveway before I could recover enough to ask if Val was going to be okay, and the aroma of something wonderful cooking made me decide I'd find out later.

I wanted to groan when we went inside and were immediately sent upstairs to 'wash up and change for supper', but recovered quickly when Roy set out a pair of legless running shorts and sleeveless tee-shirt for me. I didn't realize how much I missed not seeing his firm round bubble butt all day until it peeked out from under his shorts on the way back downstairs.

As soon as we sat down to the table and Alexis set a huge piece of meat that was still sizzling in front of me, I decided I didn't care if I had to change into one of my suits to eat, it was worth it. I had never eaten a steak before and stalled a little, really as long as my stomach was going to tolerate to see how everyone else cut theirs up and stuff. After risking a cut and placing the first bite in my mouth I went into automatic mode.

As everyone finished their dessert and Aunt Marge began speaking, it didn't take me long to figure out both of them had been busy, and that my little mini-vacation was about to end. The more she talked the more thankful I was that she had at least waited until I had enjoyed my Last Supper before dropping her bombshell.

Tomorrow morning she was going to drop me off at the Dentist's office to get three cavities filled, and 'some other work done' while she went shopping. I didn't really snap what she meant when she announced they were converting the Green Room into a study area until Uncle Walter chimed in that he would be home at noon to introduce me to my new tutor, and his words 'home school' flashed into my mind. I knew it was all over when she told me that from then on I should plan on studying everyday for about the time Roy was away at school.

I was so relieved that I had to wear walking shorts and collared tee-shirt instead of a cabbage flower uniform like Roy did I didn't pay any attention when she told me that was except for Friday morning when I had to return to the Dentist for my 'appliances' until Roy started giggling. His mother's glare quickly silenced him, and she continued before I could ask any questions.

"Also, your Pediatrician has ordered that you begin exercising regularly." she announced. Oh great, what now? PE Class too? I silently moaned. "Of course, around your lessons, we want you to spend an hour a day riding your bicycle, and an hour swimming." But, what about the exercises and stuff? I wondered.

"And," Uncle Walter began. Here it comes. I thought. Running laps, pushups what? "We want you to start sleeping in your bedroom." Roy's groan answered for both of us. "Well, most nights anyway, especially school nights." seemed to calm my friend, at least a little.

Alexis started to clear the dishes and I was fairly sure we were dismissed, until Roy cleared his throat and glanced between his parents. "Uh, Dad, we want to have a party for Tommy. Sort of a welcome party." WE? I groaned. You got a mouse in your pocket or something?

He ignored my glare and continued, "Maybe Friday night? Just a few friends and stuff, can we?"

"Do we have any plans for Friday?" Uncle Walter asked his wife. "How many is a few?" he asked his son.

"Uh, maybe just forty or fifty? And maybe have some of them sleep over?" Roy whined, I almost fell out of my chair.

"Alexis, does that create any problems for you?" his dad asked.

"Of course not Senator," she answered.

"Have the main event catered, coordinate with Tommy and Roy as to the menu, whatever they want. And plan on no more than, a dozen guests for late night snacks and a brunch.

"You know the rules for parties Son, and I want the parents of all the overnight guests to contact your mother or Alexis by Friday morning." he told his son. "Use my computer to print out the invitations so you can pass them out tomorrow at school."

"Yes sir," Roy replied, and Alexis echoed.

I started to follow my uncle's lead and stand up, wanting to get the heck out of this meeting that I thought was just a meal, when Roy continued, "Uh Mom, can Tommy get some new Speedos? He just has my old ones."

"Of course, how forgetful of me!" she exclaimed more to me than her son. "Tommy, can you meet Roy after school tomorrow afternoon?" she didn't wait for an answer and said, "You guys can ride over to the mall. I'll call ahead so you can charge whatever you wish. Roy, you should replace some of yours, they are beginning to fade."

* * *

The rest of the evening was a flurry of activity. I cuddled up against my uncle supposedly to watch the news while Roy disappeared upstairs to do some homework. As wonderful as his snuggle felt Roy's words, 'Just forty or fifty' kept me distracted, there was no way I was going to that kind of party! By the time Roy came back downstairs I was sure I had built up the nerve to tell him it WAS NOT going to happen.

Well, that was until he led me into what I knew was one of the most forbidden of lands - his dad's study. I watched in awe as he whizzed his way through some program they had, and what seemed like an instant later a proof rolled out of his dad's color printer.

"Um, what about if we just invite Val, and maybe Regan?" I tried.

As if she was undermining my efforts Alexis appeared. Something told me I was cooked meat when Roy reviewed the several pages she offered him, his face as serious as an executive chef's. All I could do was groan when the printer began barfing out copies of his invitation.

Oh well, I told myself a couple of hours later as I crawled under the covers of the bed in the Blue Room. Uncle Walter appeared an instant later, kissed my forehead and tucked my blankets around me, but without Roy next to me it still didn't feel right. Hey, it's better than your bunk on D Wing! I tried to convince myself. Although sleep refused to come the comfort of my bed relaxed me like I hadn't in a long time, except with Roy.

I think I was about to nod off when I felt the bed shake, and a warm body snuggle against mine. "Hi Guy!" Roy's voice whispered. I wondered for a second if it was a dream until my hand found one of his orbs, and his hot boyhood pushed into my stomach, it was too good to be true but too wonderful not to be.

"But, well, but, your dad said we gotta sleep in our own cells, uh beds. We're gonna get busted!" I hissed. The wonderful feeling of his body snuggling with mine made me wonder if I really cared, if we got busted it would be worth it.

"Dad said you have to sleep in your bed, he didn't say anything about where I had to sleep!" Roy giggled - I could all but see his evil, impish grin under the covers. Before I could protest his tongue filled my mouth and his hands cupped my buns and pulled me against his lithe body.

* * *

Uncle Walter was more chilled than I could have imagined when he woke us up the next morning. He teased Roy a little is all about interpreting his rules like he did but wasn't mad or anything, as long as we got up on time he didn't care. Our shower that morning was something special too, when I washed Roy's groin I thought he was going to lose it, but he fell back against me and groaned for me to continue. A few seconds later he splashed a huge wad of thick soap against the shower stall's wall and all but collapsed, I had to wash myself instead of him doing it.

As much as I dreaded it, the trip to the dentist wasn't that bad. As soon as I laid back into their chair one of the ladies put a little mask over my nose and mouth, and although I felt some uncomfortable vibrations inside my mouth I spent I don't know how long dreaming about snuggling with Roy, and his hands exploring my body. By the time they were done I decided going to the Dentist wasn't so bad after all. Hey, if they give me some more of whatever they did again Friday, it's gonna be fun! I vaguely remember thinking.

I kind of breezed out of their office, and the next thing I knew I was on what felt like an amusement park ride, like floating on a boat of sorts. It really felt great, and even better when Roy reached over and squeezed my knee a couple of times, I was having too good a time to pay any attention to what he was saying. When I felt the ride slowing down I blinked my eyes a few times until they focused, and got the shock of my young life when I realized I was in my aunt's SUV, and that Aunt Marge was the one squeezing my leg. One glance at her face, in its natural snarl, quickly destroyed whatever was left of my high.

Okay, whatever. I thought when I noticed a big truck in front of their house. Inside the house was abuzz with activity. I was only a few steps inside when I had to dodge a couple of men carrying a big chest of drawers outside, a couple of more were right behind them with a mattress. I was a little distracted but didn't argue when Alexis led me into the kitchen and parked me in front of a big bowl of soup and equally big glass of milk. Still a little light headed I didn't pay much attention to what was going on around me and concentrated on trying to find my mouth with my spoon.

"Hi Tommy! I see you survived!" my Uncle's voice rang into my ears a few minutes later. Before I could turn around his big arms wrapped around my chest and pulled me into a hug. "Finish eating and come upstairs, I want you to meet someone." he continued. Before I could answer he kissed the top of my head and was gone.

The house seemed to be back to normal when I drifted back into the den. All the men seemed to have left and Aunt Marge and Alexis were sitting together on the couch looking over some papers. "Your uncle is waiting for you upstairs, don't dally." she told me. I knew everything was as always when she added, "And be sure to brush your teeth, and tuck your shirt in."

After gently scrubbing my rather tender fangs I checked in the Blue room for Uncle Walter, then wandered down the upstairs hall to an open door. Okay, whatever, I thought as I looked inside. Instead of a bedroom, like I knew the other five or six upstairs rooms were this one looked sort of like an office. There was a fairly big desk inside along with a couple of smaller ones, a small couch and some comfortable looking chairs. A few small tables were around them, even a couple of empty bookshelves. Off in one corner was what I was sure was a computer and a kind of big printer. Uncle Walter and another man were huddled over one of the smaller desks.

"Hi Son, thanks for coming so quickly, come on in!" my uncle smiled. "Tommy, this is Mister Arthur. Mike, this is my nephew and your new student Tommy."

I swallowed hard as his statement sunk in, and the man turned toward me. He was maybe a couple of inches taller than Val, sort of slender built, but had some impressive muscles showing out from his short sleeved shirt. He looked like he was a lot younger than Uncle Walter, but not really like he was a kid or anything.

"Hello Tommy. As much as your uncle and Doctor Frost have bragged on you, it is a pleasure to meet you!" His voice sounded sort of pleasant, not like a lot of adults, and he seemed to have a ready smile that reminded me a little of Roy's impish grins. I managed to get my lips to move slightly and offer a small grin as a response. I somehow felt a little relieved when I noticed his dirty blond hair was a little longer than mine.

"We are almost finished networking your computer. Make yourself comfortable for a minute or so, and then let's sit down and get to know each other." he smiled. Yeah great, I get to tell you all about me, that's gonna be fun. I groaned. Doing what to my what? I wondered as I digested his statement.

I didn't have to wait long for an answer. After Uncle Walter glanced between me and whatever they were doing several times, he walked over, cupped my shoulder and guided me out of the doorway to the small desk. "This is your new computer, for your studies." he began. "We decided on a laptop so that you wouldn't be stuck in one place while you work on your lessons."

I had no idea what he was talking about but I had seen the little black boxes, no bigger than a thin book but with a screen and keyboard in it a few times. I guess my shrug told them I was lost.

"It is on a wireless network, so you can take to you bedroom, wherever you want and still use the internet, printers and such." Mister Arthur said. He looked at me for a second then pulled the little computer out of a small panel it was plugged into and carried it over to the couch. "It has a battery inside, so it doesn't have to be plugged in." Curiosity got the better of me and I followed behind.

"Watch this." he said. He typed 'Hi Tommy!' on the screen, pushed a couple of buttons, and a couple of seconds later the printer against the wall stirred to life, and soon spit out a piece of paper. This is going to be weird! I decided when my uncle handed me a printout that said the same thing. He pushed a couple of more buttons and added, "Look in your uncle's study when you go downstairs, there is another copy on his printer. I'll teach you how do it a little later." he continued, setting the little magic box on the coffee table.

Someone tapped on the open door jamb, and when I looked around Alexis was ushering a man pushing a two-wheel cart into the room. He dropped two big boxes on the floor and then left without saying anything. As soon as my uncle opened the boxes and began filling the bookshelves it only took me an instant to figure out what he was setting out, school books - they just smelled like they were.

"Well Tommy, tell me a little about yourself," Arthur suggested.

I felt a flash of panic flash through my body, and my stomach tightened into a knot as I tried to think of what to say, and wondered what he knew about my dark past. "Uh, I'm, I'm fourteen," I mumbled.

"I know you haven't been in school for a long time, but what is your favorite subject?"

Again I was at a loss. Let's just have a spelling test or something. I silently begged.

"Okay, what subjects didn't you enjoy studying?"

I don't guess all of them would be a wise answer. I decided. I managed to shrug my shoulders, and when I felt one of them brush against something I realized I had slid to the end of the couch and was pushing against its arm. His sigh told me this wasn't working. I tried to say something, anything, before he got any madder, but couldn't.

"Where did you last attend school?" his voice was calmer, gentler than I expected.

The same panic that flashed through my body a minute ago flooded my mind. I couldn't make something up this quickly, especially with my uncle ten-feet away. If I told him the truth he'd know I was a criminal and jailbird.

"Tommy?" his voice was still calm, but a little impatient. Maybe there's a town called Spring Ridge. I prayed.

"Spring Ridge." I whimpered. "Sir."

"While you were in Juvenile Detention?" made my heart melt and sink into my big toe. I'm not sure if my head nodded or trembled a response. "Okay Tommy, let's clear the air here."

Here it comes, I told myself. Jail school, I wonder if he uses shackles and handcuffs? Memories of the brief time I went to school in Juvi, before I got sent to D Wing flashed back into my mind. I shuddered as I remembered watching some of the other kids hobble around all day with their ankles shackled together, some of them being chained to their desks with handcuffs.

"Yes, I know you were in Juvenile Detention, and some of the terrible things they did to you." rang into the back of my fog filled head. "I think it's only fair to tell you I was in a juvenile lockup for a little over a year, in Texas.

"Then I was transferred to a place called Boys' Town, in Nebraska that has a special program for juvenile offenders. I grew up there, and they helped me get my teaching degree. They helped me, and now I'd like to help you."

It took a second or so for what he had said to sink in, and I wondered if I could even believe him; no one that had been to prison could be a teacher or anything like that. If he was telling the truth, my uncle hired someone like him. Or us? After I wiped my eyes on my forearm a couple of times I risked a glance over at him, his face was as relaxed as if we were talking about the weather or something.

"You know I'm a convict, and, well think you can trust me, you still wanta be around me and stuff?" I whimpered.

"If you think you can trust me." he smiled. "Yes, I'm looking forward to being around you, and working together with you." Something in his face told me he was sincere.

I didn't realize Uncle Walter was standing right next to me until he put his handkerchief over my nose and told me to blow. I didn't argue when he sent me to go wash my face.

As we talked for the next few minutes I built up the confidence to answer a few of his questions, and began to feel at least a little comfortable around him. He had taught school for two years before deciding to go back to college for another degree. He had been substitute teaching and going to school in the evenings until Uncle Walter hired him.

After we spent a few minutes looking at my new computer he showed me a tutorial on it that he wanted me to complete. It really was sort of a game, but showed me how to do different things. He even said I could do it whereever I wanted, in my room, or on the couch, whatever. My eyes bugged a little when he told me he would be back tomorrow morning at 8:15 to start our lessons, but lit up when my uncle said I could go sit by the pool to work on my assignment it if I wanted.

* * *

I was having such a good time with the little computer I was a little disappointed when my aunt came out and said I had to leave soon to meet Roy. My stomach tightened a little too. I wasn't too anxious to go out by myself, but to see Roy it was worth it. After the way everyone treated me yesterday I wasn't too worried about going to Saint Luke's, but to the mall? I took a deep breath, tried to flush that thought from my head and went inside.

Aunt Marge went over the map to school three or four times while she brushed out my ponytail and bangs, then fussed over my shirt tail. I couldn't help but give my watch a glare when she assured me that she would be on the computer making sure I didn't get lost, but figured whatever, it did look neat.

After she clipped my Visitor Pass on my shirt she held out a ten-dollar bill and said "Take this." I was sure that was for my speedos until she continued, "You guys are going to miss your after-school snack, so pick something up at the mall." I was almost to the garage door when she called me back. "Here, take this, in case any of your little friends go along. Buy everyone whatever they want." she said, and handed me twenty more dollars.

Snacks? I asked I guess my purple steed, I don't think Mom spent thirty-dollars on groceries for a week!

The school was quiet when I arrived, the multiple white shirts I saw through the building windows told me they were still in their classes. After I found Roy's bike in the rack I unthinkingly started petting my mount's frame, until I noticed a few spots of dirt on her beautiful paint job. I guess on automatic I sat down next to her, wet my fingers with my tongue and began scrubbing the blemishes off her perfect purple skin. I had worked a minute or so when a pair of big black boots appeared on the other side of her frame. I felt my rectum tighten so much it seemed to pull my stomach toward it when I looked up at the big cop standing over me.

"I, I, I was waiting for my cousin Sir." I tried to stand up, but my knees were jelly, so was my entire skeletal system. "It really is my bike, my uncle gave it to me, I promise!"

The big man looked down at me for a second, then at his watch. "The bell should ring in about four more minutes, they won't be long." My eyes managed to focus enough to see his hips turn away from me, I was sure so he could walk around my bike and bust both of us. "Oh, nice bike!" they said before turned and walked away.

I don't think I managed more than a couple of shallow breaths before the school's shrill bell snapped me back. An instant later I was in a sea of ugly green knee socks rushing toward me and my survival instinct made me climb to my feet. The next thing I knew what had to be a million kids assaulted the bike racks. I heard countless "Hi Tommy's" as a lot of them grabbed their rides out of the racks, but a thousand or so of them swarmed around me. I'm dead, so dead. I decided. Just please don't hurt my bike! I prayed as I waited for the first blow to land.

A chorus of 'Thanks for inviting me to your party' and 'Your party's gonna be too cool' and such attacked my ears instead. I recognized a few faces from Roy's swim team, but I was sure fifty dozen boys were total strangers. Did he invite fifty classrooms instead of fifty boys? I asked myself.

An instant later a long, lanky figure stepped in front of me. His smile blinded me but from his height I was sure it was Val. Almost at the same time a silly giggle told me Roy was next to me even before he cupped my shoulder. My vision had almost recovered when another silver glare, topped with jet black hair attacked it.

Our ride to the mall didn't take as long as I thought it would, or a little hoped it would. I started to get cold feet when I saw the hordes of other kids streaming into the huge building, but before I could protest my green and white clad escorts had surrounded me, and even if my feet got so cold they turned to ice I think I would have kept moving.

We were a few steps inside when everyone stopped and turned to me. "Smile," Roy ordered. I assumed he was trying to cheer me up and flashed a weak grin.

"Come on, let's see!" Val exclaimed. "What did they do?" It felt a little weird that they wanted to see my fillings, but I pulled my lips back. The three of them exchanged disappointed looks, and Val and Regan shrugged their shoulders.

"Oh well, maybe Friday." Roy groaned. We began walking as I asked what they were talking about. "Well, your..." my cousin started to answer, but instead of continuing his face developed one of the most impish grins I think I had ever seen, it would have made Satan's most evil smile look like a happy face. "Nothing!" he giggled.

Before I could protest they thrust me into a little store. I was immediately distracted when I glanced around, it seemed like the only thing it sold were stretch swim suits, for girls on one side and countless displays of speedos and spandex trunks for boys on the other. Everyone seemed to know exactly where the were going and hustled me over to a large display counter.

"What colors you want?" Roy bubbled. I looked around and shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, anything but that!" I blurted and pointed at his cabbage green knee socks. "Do you gotta wear that stuff every day?"

"Why do you think they call it Saint Puke's!" Val giggled.

"Hey, you're going to go there soon!"

"I'm not wearing that stuff!" I announced before I realized it.

"Tell my dad that! Better yet my mom!" Roy retorted. "But hey, you'll look cute in Saint Puke green, Sweetie!" he giggled. They left me standing with my mouth agape and dug into the bins, and started tossing the skimpy patches of cloth on the counter.

As I watched for a second or so I figured out (or hoped) everyone was buying some as they started four different piles. I wasn't to worried which one was mine, Roy had good taste and the feel of them, whatever color, vibrating against my crotch and butt was all I really cared about anyway. My eyes drifted around the store until I saw a display not far from the one we were pillaging. They locked on the lower torso mannequin above it.

The life-size plastic model had a pair of Royal Blue speedos stretched over it that were either polished to perfection or sprayed with some gloss something. They were cut even more revealing than the one's my friends were selecting, there was less than a half-inch band of cloth covering each side, and were cut really high in the thighs in front and back - even the mannequin's butt looked good enough to eat, and enough of it was sticking out below the cloth that it looked more than bite-size, even a mouthful. But what really set them off was a huge reflective silver check mark embroidered all the way across its butt cheeks, it made my mouth water.

"What about those?" a voice that sounded like mine asked. I guess I really said it because out of the corner of my eye I saw everyone look at me, then follow my stare.

"Those are Nike's! We only wear Speedo's!" Val declared.

"Yeah, they're... they are..." Roy started but fell silent without finishing. Regan added a soft giggle and pushed against my side.

"Well, you asked what I wanted." the clone of my voice said. "You pick my stuff to wear, but I wanta see what you look like in them!" it declared. I heard a few hushed whispers, but couldn't force myself away from those trunks enough to listen. Even a hushed set of giggles failed to distract me.

"Only if I get to see you wear them!" Roy giggled into my ear. Before I could answer my entourage rushed me over to the display. I was still trying to get my brain to re-engage as everyone raided the bins of cloth, and didn't really pay any attention when someone held one then another piece of cloth up to my chest.

The next thing I knew we were at the checkout register. Regan distracted me briefly when he pulled out his thick wad of cash, but I kept casting glances back at the check-marked plastic model on the wall. I didn't realize we were done until it faded from view as I was ushered back into the mail mall. As if it was next on the schedule we rushed into an area of the mall that was full of different food booths.

Yeah, okay, I can handle this! I decided as I looked around and stuffed his mother's money into Roy's hand. I died several times when he exclaimed, "Yeah thanks, Tommy's buying!" and stuffed the bills back into my hand. Somehow I managed to keep it together enough to give the lady behind the counter my money. I gasped when she handed me two dollar bills back as change, but managed to maintain until the taste of my seemingly gallon size ice cream Sunday took over all of my brain-width.

I felt like I was on top of the world as we rode home. I had survived a trip to the mall, crowded with people, without getting ripped off for what I really was, even acted like my preppie cousin and his friends. Maybe Val and Regan might accept me even! I thought, or prayed. I quickly snapped back to reality when we rounded a corner and I saw two State Police cars sitting on the side of the street.

I relaxed a little when I saw they were empty, until we turned on to Roy's street and I saw what I was sure was Miss Piggy's hundred-foot long limo sitting in front of our house. Roy's house! I corrected myself as we pumped up their driveway. Oh shit! I groaned as I noticed her two cops, one blocking the front door, the other glaring at me from the garage. It's cool, I'll wait out here! I decided when he moved to block the door going from the garage into the house. I need to give you a bath anyway! I told my gallant steed.

That didn't even work. My friends grabbed my shoulders before I could get my helmet off. I felt really confused as the ushered me toward the big plain clothed cop, I didn't think they would really sell me out like it felt, but why were they leading me into the Lion's Den? I was even more confused when the big ape opened the door for us instead of grabbing me.

When Val tossed his helmet and shopping sack at him, then his backpack and ordered, "Please place my bike in Mom's trunk. And don't scratch it!" I knew it had to be a dream, that could not happen. The cop's silence and the door closing behind us after we stepped inside the house made me wonder if it all wasn't a dream.

"Tommy! It is so wonderful to see you again!" Miss Piggy's voice filled the room. When I risked a glance she was sprawled across most of my aunt and uncle's couch holding up a coffee cup, that looked like a sewing thimble in her catcher's mitt-sized hand. I felt the house shake as she stood up, and the next thing I knew she planted a kiss on my forehead that spread over my nose and ears. I was sure we were both dead when she pulled Val and I into her rolls of fat, but after a brief hug she let us go before we quit breathing.

"But, we must run along. I'm sure Val has homework, and I have reports to review for tomorrow. Come along Val. I'm looking forward to your party Tommy, thank you for inviting me!" she continued as she started toward the front door.

"Yes, and Thomas has to prepare for his lessons tomorrow, his first attempted at becoming educated." Aunt Marge's voice made my knees weak. Roy and Val's faces made my stomach turn over, whatever she had in mind for me, her little jail bird, was NOT going to be fun. "Tommy. He has not been in school for a long time." she grunted.

Oh well. I decided. I knew it was just a dream when she acted like she liked me, nothing like that could come true, I told myself and reached into my shorts pocket for her change. A bony hand grasp mine before I could pull the money out, and another arm pulled my shoulder into a tight hug from the other side.

"Well, but Mom, Roy and I have the same test, and well, we have to study together if we are going to pass!" Val's voice cracking voice vibrated into my rib cage. "May I stay for a while?"

"Yeah me too! I have the same test Ma'am! Sir!" Regan chimed in, his body as much as his wonderful voice announced as he hugged me from behind.

"Yeah, but Tommy has to swim first, Mom said so. Well, and it's not safe to swim alone!" if it wasn't for his impish grin his face would pass for a concerned Safety Engineer. "So, well, so we can't study till I guess after supper!"

When none of the adults answered his expression told me he felt like he was on a roll. "Well really, we might have to study until pretty late." he exclaimed. "It's a big test." He glanced between his friends and added, "Maybe it would be better if they stayed here tonight, it's not safe to be out too late at night and, and..."

"And what test do you have to study for?" Uncle Walter cut him off. I died a thousand deaths in the same second when they answered 'Spelling', 'Science' and 'Biology' all at the same time. My uncle's face told me we were all dead, me just for being there.

"All of you know sleep-overs are NOT allowed on school nights!" my aunt snarled. Her face told me we were all indeed dead, just for asking. "I don't think any of you will be welcome here after asking such a thing for at least a..."

"Margie!" my uncle snapped. He IS a super hero! I thought when he survived her death glare.

His eyes were at least as frightening as her's were when he turned back toward us. "Margie is right, no overnight guests on school nights, and all of you know it. Is there a LEGITIMATE reason for asking?"

"Uh, well," Roy stammered.

"We, I am, well Tommy hasn't studied for a long time and I'm worried about him," Val whined. "Sir, Ma'am. Ma'ams!" this time he went through the entire musical scale in three words.

"Yeah. I mean yes sir." Regan exclaimed, his voice higher than usual. "I'm on the Dean's List, us, Val and me are on it, and we can teach him how and stuff!"

"ME TOO!" Roy hooted. "Uh, I'm on the Dean's List too. If the three of us help him he can learn how again real quick!" His dad looked us over slowly and his face developed a slight grin. When I saw his belly jiggle under his shirt I was sure he was going to enjoy killing us, at least Roy and I.

"Regan, Val and ME are on Dean's List?" he chuckled.

"It's, it's his native tongue, Sir!" Val whined. "He was, uh so worried about Tommy he was thinking in Navajo!" he blurted. I thought there was going to be a fight when Regan fired a death glare at his friend, but he seemed to recover and nodded his head up and down in agreement.

Uncle Walter looked us over once again, then chuckled softly. "I think you are full of shit. All four of you." he snickered. A curse word from his lips told me the world was about to end. He glanced at Miss Piggy and took a deep breath. "Alexis! Can you set two more places for supper?" he called out.

"Of course Senator, right away!" rang from the kitchen.

"And I expect some studies after we eat, it that clear? And, if we have any problems at bed time, no one spends the night for three months, including Friday!" he barked. "Regan, call your parents, if Chief Silverhawk wants to speak with me let me know. And, Tommy, show your cousin the new classroom."

We barely managed to get out a series of 'yes sirs' before he disappeared into his study. Right after the door closed I was fairly sure I heard a couple of deep belly laughs.

Regan made short work of his dad, his blinding grin told us he won before he hung up. Miss Piggy even volunteered for her driver to stop off and pick up a clean uniform before bring her son one later. Val sprinted outside like a long-legged Gazelle and was back with his backpack and shopping bag before we made it halfway up the stairs.

Shirts, shorts and knee socks seemed to fill the air as we rushed into Roy's bedroom. Shopping bags and speedos flew up an instant later, and Roy tossed a pair of the magical blue ones next to me. I got surprise when I picked them up and started to jump into them, there was another silver checkmark embroidered across the crotch, that was just a little smaller than the one on the back. At first I wasn't sure what to do, they were cut so low that my stiff boyhood poked its head out the top and seemed to look around the room. Wow! I gasp when I pushed it to the side and a sheath of sorts formed along the long side of the checkmark, and the thick embroidery thread began sending shockwaves into my shaft every time I moved.

I had to blink several times to find out if I was seeing things, or if my eyes had popped out of their sockets and were distorting my vision, my friends looked even better than I could have ever imagined. What little fabric there was of their suits shined like it had been waxed and polished in the sunlight coming in from the window. The big silver checkmarks was as bright as Van and Regan's braces. I unthinkingly reached down and rubbed my trunks when I noticed that their's were really nothing more than two small triangles, one covering about half of their butt cheeks and the other little more than their privates, with a thin band of cloth connecting the triangles on each side of their bony hips.

I thought I was going to faint and die when Val bent over to dig into one of the plastic bags and what seemed like all of the fabric below his silver checkmark disappeared into his butt crack, and monogram stood out like a polished silver bridge built across his round, firm cheeks.

"Yum!" Roy's voice floated into my head. I thought my groin was going to explode when I felt his hand cup my backside - what I was sure was the checkmark going across my backside pushed into my bum, at the same time the thick stitching in front gave my rock hard boyhood a mini-massage. Just moving enough to lean into my cousin's hug sent a flash of heat through my lower body like nothing I had ever felt.

"Here, put this on," he instructed. I guess after I didn't react he slipped my arms into a piece of soft fabric and pulled it up my arms, then over my head. "Yes, yes or yes! Maybe you should pick our clothes from now on!" he giggled.

I felt my skin quiver and my nipples harden the instant he slipped the garment over my chest. Just breathing shallow breaths made sent wonderful vibrations through my whole body. As I watched Roy slip his on I realize why. He was putting on a muscle shirt of sorts, with thin straps going over his shoulders and the shirt stopping about half way down his rib cage. It was made out of the same material as our trunks, but with tiny holes, really perforations all over, and fit like a second skin, his nipples poking proudly out. My eyes locked on the small silver checkmark embroidered on the shirt, it was positioned so that his left nipple was cradled in the base of the checkmark's 'V'.

"Wow, these are unreal!" Val gasp. "Every time I move it feels like I'm about to blast a load out."

"God, just breathing is going to make me drip!" Roy moaned. "If looking at Tommy don't!" he giggled. My tool throbbed so hard I was sure it was going to rip my trunks open when he cupped my butt and pulled me into a hug. The vibration of our shirts, then suits rubbing against each other made my head spin.

"Come on, I want to see what they feel like wet!" Regan hooted. Wow, I wanta see what you look like wet! I thought when I looked at him and Val.

"Wait, where's your classroom," Roy said as we started toward the stairs, he and I arm in arm. I hesitated and slid my hand down from his bare waist and gave his embossed buns a squeeze, but when that didn't work I turned us and guided him down the hall.

"Wow cool!" Val exclaimed. I was so busy watching his monogrammed buns bounce across the room I didn't notice what he meant until he added, "A color laser printer!"

"Yeah, and is that a server?" what seemed like Regan's silver checkmark injected as he bent over.

I enjoyed the view for a minute or so. "Oh yeah, and this is my new computer!" I proclaimed. "Its got a battery in it and stuff!"

"Dude, a Hewlett Packard too!" Val exclaimed. I felt my groin throb as he rushed over, his tightly packed pouch bouncing with each step of his long legs.

"That's yours?" Roy all but shrieked. "Dad bought you a laptop?" For the first time since I knew him, I picked up some jealousy in his voice, and his expression.

"Well, now I know what you guys wanted to study!" Uncle Walter's chuckling voice rang from the doorway. "I might go for a swim myself!" he grinned. "Yes, that is Tommy's computer, he needed one for his studies." He cupped his son's shoulder and guided him to the other of the smaller desks and lifted a cardboard box, that turned out to be a cover off the desk. "This one is yours." he said as a laptop identical to mine came into view.

For several seconds Roy was so motionless I thought he had turned to stone. He let out a loud gasp, and even though I could only see the back of his head I was fairly sure I saw puffs of smoke come out his nose and ears. "Mine?" he whimpered. "A laptop? My own laptop?"

"Dude, too cool!" Val hooted as he rushed toward them. He and Regan pushed their thin bodies between Uncle Walter and the desk as they gawked at my friend's new prize.

Uncle Walter cupped both of their shoulders then ran his hand over their bare upper arms. "You guys keep this up and I'll buy one every day!" he snickered. "Yes Regan, that's a server. It's our internet gateway, and a file server so I can work from home more."

I didn't notice I had drifted over to them until I felt his big hand slip under my arm and pull me against his side. He stroked the smooth cloth stretched over my ribs several times and said, "You guys are worth it!"

* * *

Our swim was nothing short of fantastic. We didn't really swim much, we spent a lot more time playing tag and rubbing our bodies against each other's. Both the shorts and shirts felt even better wet than dry, if that was possible. It also didn't take long for everyone's clearly rock hard boyhoods to make the thick embroidery push out like a raised casting on a plaque.

What seemed like all too soon Alexis stepped outside and told us to get ready for supper. I was really disappointed when Roy quickly toweled himself off, but when Val and Regan started drying me I all but forgot who Roy was.

I didn't even notice he had gone inside until he rushed back through the door and let out a soft hoot. "We don't have to get dressed!" he proclaimed. "I told Mom you guys didn't have anything but uniforms to wear, and she said we just had to put on sandals!" It felt like everyone was charged with electricity when we pushed into a group hug around my cousin.

Aunt Marge gave all of one of her glares when we went inside, and I knew I was in serious trouble for something when she called me over to her. I kept waiting for her to lower the boom while she redid my ponytail, and knew it was coming when she turned me to face her.

I thought I was going to die of embarrassment when she brushed my bangs and announced, "Tommy, you look so cute, you are absolutely precious in your new swimwear!" Several soft giggles rang through the room until she added, "All of you are just as cute as you could be!"

* * *

It wasn't until we left the supper table that I snapped to the import of getting to eat in my spandex wonderland; I was going to get to stay in it until bedtime - more importantly so would everyone else!

I felt a little sorry for Regan and Val when Alexis produced the strange looking wire bows and straps that they had been locked into last weekend. Their faces melted when Aunt Marge instructed them to put them on as soon as they finished brushing their teeth, but they groaned a couple of fairly respectful "Yes Ma'ams" and followed Roy and me upstairs.

Although their faces told me that whatever the strange contraptions did, it wasn't pleasant. I was totally fascinated by them. I couldn't help but stare as they plugged the thick steel wire into their teeth, then wrapped the web straps around their heads and hooked them up. I wasn't sure what, but something made my groin stir as I watched. When I noticed how the checkmarks cradling their left nipples and well outlined boyhoods shined in the mirror's reflection almost as brightly as the steel sticking out of their mouths I felt my tool rubbing against its embroidered holder as it grew and stiffened harder than I think it ever had.

It was my turn to flush with embarrassment an instant later when I realized they had caught me gawking at their metal-laden mouths. "I'm sorry!" I whimpered. "But, well, what are those things, why do you gotta wear them?"

"They're headgear," Val answered. "They push on your teeth to make them straight like my other appliances do," he added, then pulled his gums back to show all of the other metal stuffed into his mouth.

"Yeah, but actually we have to wear them so our parents don't kill us. Well or our Dentist." Regan quipped.

"Hey, you might find out real soon!" Roy snickered. "Remember, Mom said you're going to get on Friday?" Aunt Marge's word 'appliances' drifted into my mind, but before I could ask any more questions Roy hugged me from behind. The feel of his tool pushing into the small of my back made me forget what we were talking about. Our skimpy shirts rubbing together, and his warm, wet tongue pushing into my ear made me forget who Aunt Marge was.

* * *

Our 'study session' removed any concerns I had about going back to school, or doing homework. The four of us cuddled up against each other on the new classroom's couch, Regan pushing against me on one side and Roy on the other. They actually did some schoolwork, passing some papers with a bunch of math problems between them while I tried to concentrate on the lesson on my little computer. I actually got one or two exercises done despite the overwhelming distraction of Roy and Regan's warm bodies rubbing against mine.

It didn't take long for my nipples to grow so hard I wondered if they, or my red hot boyhood would burst through my skin tight clothes, but the fabric was much stronger than I expected. Somehow I managed to half-heartedly listen when one or the other of them stopped what they were doing and showed me how to do different things.

I almost jumped out of my magic clothes and my skin when my uncle's voice said, "Thanks boys, thanks for doing what I asked." from behind us. Before I could look around his big hand landed on my shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. His hand disappeared, then cupped both Regan and my shoulders at the same time a few seconds later. "One hour until bedtime, be sure to get everything done."

I was still trying to figure out what was going on when a chorus of high pitched voices sang, "Yes sir!" which seemed to be rewarded by a quick peck of a kiss on the back of everyone's head.

Just when I was sure that was all that was going to happen to us, that we really weren't in trouble and that my uncle had left Regan's voice rang, "Um, Senator? Maybe can I come help Tommy with his homework again?" A lanky arm flashed in front of my chest, and Regan grunted. "I mean we, sir! It feels neat to study with him!"

"Yes, you may, but not every night." rang from behind us. I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard a chuckle from the doorway. "And remember, your Nike's won't get washed every day!" When I risked a glance around everyone's faces were as red as I'm sure mine was.

Not long after my uncle left they seemed to finish their studies. Val set to work helping Roy load stuff into his new computer, and Regan started helping me with mine. After reaching over to the computer sitting on my thighs a few times to show me how to do things he slid his hand off the end of the computer into my lap instead of withdrawing it. When I felt his palm land on my crotch I let out a gasp and he started to pull his hand away, but without realizing it I grabbed it and laid sat it back on my trunks.

When I realized what I had done I risked a glance at his face. He was looking over at me with a wide silver smile, and the next thing I knew my eyes were locked on his wire bow and seemingly all metal teeth. I'm not sure how long I stared, but he didn't turn away, and his smile didn't fade. The next thing I knew a warm hand cupped the back of my neck and pulled my face toward the mass of steel, and my mouth fell open as I felt the big bow pushing against my lips. Somehow, despite the big thing sticking out of his mouth our lips sealed and I guess on automatic I began exploring his mouth and the stuff on his teeth with my tongue.

"Wow, we were wondering if you two were ever going to come up for air!" Val's cracking voice tittered as we broke our kiss.

"So much for kissing guards!" Roy giggled. Hearing his voice made my throat tighten, I was almost afraid to look and see how mad he was. When I finally risk a glance he was leaning against Val's chest, Val's long arms wrapped around his thin bare waist, and both of them displaying huge smiles. "Does yours work?" Roy giggled as he turned in his friend's arms.

I'm not sure where my laptop went, but I didn't resist when Regan cupped my outer thigh and pulled me into a tight embrace. When I turned my face back to him his headgear was gone, and we locked into another long kiss.

"Let's go to bed." someone whispered a couple of minutes later.

"Yeah!" I'm not sure if Regan's mouth or his hand squeezing my butt cheek replied.

I was tempted to suggest we sleep in our spandex wonder-garments, but everyone had already stripped before I could. That'll work! I decided as I watched Roy and Regan's naked bodies climb into Roy's bed. After I cuddled between Roy and Regan, Val tightly pushed against Roy's other side, I was a little disappointed that Regan had locked himself back into his headgear, but an instant later my tongue didn't mind at all.

* * *

At first I thought I was in heaven when something brushing my bangs woke me up. I was tightly sandwiched between two warm soft bodies with what felt like a dozen or so arms and legs intertwined with mine. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Regan's thick facebow about an inch or so from my eyes. As my eyes began to focus I noticed my uncle's smiling face above us. I heard Roy mumble something, but his stiff boyhood pushing into the small of my back distracted me so much I couldn't understand what he said.

Wait!, Why cant we stay like this forever? I groaned when everyone started untangling themselves and climbing out of bed. But when I looked up the sight of their naked butts bouncing toward the bathroom made me decide I wasn't going to be left behind. At first I thought it was going to be a tight squeeze when all four of us climbed into Roy's shower stall, but quickly found out it just enhanced the fun as our bodies bounced off each other, and what felt like a million fingers began lathering my body. I couldn't help but groan when the water stopped flowing and everyone climbed out.

I had hoped to wear running shorts and a light tee-shirt, but Roy quickly reminded me his mother would come undone if I tried it, and ended up in walking shorts and a polo shirt, along with ankle socks and gym shoes. Hey, it could be worse, lots worse! I told myself as I looked over the sea of ugly green shorts and knee socks lined up next to me in front of the bathroom sink.

Mister Arthur arrived right after Roy and everyone left for school. Although he was just as friendly as he was yesterday, it didn't take me long to figure out he was also all business. After he closed the classroom door behind us he took a minute to explain we would spend a little over an hour each day on different subjects, with a five minute break between, and thirty minutes for lunch. An instant later I found myself at my desk taking a five-page math test.

When we finally broke or lunch I was a little disappointed when he followed me downstairs and Alexis sat out a plate for each of us at the breakfast bar, but he seemed like a different person than the one I had spent the morning with. He talked about his hobbies, he liked to ride dirt bikes and rock climb, even invited to take me with him some time. He had some really silly jokes, and really was fun to be around. But as soon as he closed the classroom door he was a demanding teacher again.

What seemed like a thousand assignments later he made an announcement that was music to my ears, we were done for the day! I started to bolt for the door, but somehow found the internal fortitude to thank him and walk away. Well, until I stepped into the hall, then my legs went on automatic and I took off for the stairs at a dead run. That lasted about twenty-feet until I collided with Alexis, her arms full of freshly washed clothes. I had offered my hundredth or so apology and was helping her pick everything up when Mister Arthur stepped into the hall.

He helped us for a minute or so then held up a couple of Roy's uniforms. "What are these?" he asked.

"Roy's, the Benton's son's school uniform," Alexis answered.

"I see." I saw something in his eyes I didn't like as he looked over the green and white atrocity. "Is the Senator home by chance?"

"Yes Sir, he is in his study," Alexis answered before disappearing into Roy's bedroom.

The longer I stared at my uncle's closed study door the more I lost interest in the glass of soda I had poured myself. Time to give my bike a bath, time to get outa here! I decided. I was about thee-feet from the garage and a good hiding place when I heard a door open behind me.

"Tommy, may we speak to you for a minute?" Uncle Walter's voice drilled into my bones. He gave me a quick hug and ushered me into his office.

Two minutes later my fate was sealed. Do they really think they can make me a preppie rich kid? Turn trash into treasure? I asked myself. Whatever, I guess it's better than Pumpkin Orange! I told my purple steed as I scrubbed her beautiful frame. I can't do all this stuff, I'm gonna screw it up, I know it! I told her back tire. I stopped scrubbing it for a minute waiting for her to answer, but she clearly was enjoying her bath far too much.

That evening was a VERY long one. Roy finally got home after swim team practice but he had a few minutes to play in the pool before supper. We cuddled up with each other on the classroom couch while we both did our homework, but he seemed to be having the time of his life teasing me about shades of green, and knee socks. As much as I enjoyed his cuddle and warm body against mine when we went to bed, I was very thankful when he drifted off to sleep.

* * *

After we spent what seemed like an extra forever enjoying scrubbing each other's bodies the next morning I wondered if Roy was still picking on me when he picked out a pair of gold walking shorts and a light green collared tee-shirt, along with sandals and white ankle socks that had a green band at the top that matched my shirt. But when I looked in the mirror I was sure he hadn't, again the boy looking back at me couldn't be me, I just looked too good, too perfectly dressed! The big slurpy kiss and lick he gave my neck after he fixed my hair told me he wasn't mad, I fought with my inner-self but resisted suggesting we sneak off somewhere by ourselves for the day.

But, that was not to happen, Aunt Marge stuffed me into her Navigator right after Roy left for school, and far sooner than I wanted, deposited me at the dentist's office and rushed off to somewhere. It didn't take me long to figure out there wasn't going to be another Magical Mystery Tour in their chair, instead of fitting their wonderful mask over my face they stuffed God only knows what into my lips, then my gums.

Oh, Great! I groaned when the same lady began grinding on my teeth with her little sander again, but I said whatever sort of, and tried to force memories of Roy and Regan prancing around with their magic checkmarks bouncing. Val's tight melons were swinging really wonderfully in front of me when someone shaking my shoulder distracted me.

Oh well! I groaned when I opened my eyes and saw one of the nurses over me instead of Roy. "We are almost finished, but we need to show you how to install your headgear!" she bubbled.

"MY WHAT!?!" I tried but slurred more than said. A quick probe with my tongue confirmed my worst fears, what had been my normal teeth had huge things stuck on top of them, and what felt like a wire going between each of them. I also felt a terribly thick something sticking out of my mouth preventing my lips from closing.

No, this CANNOT be happening! I cried as I sat up and someone stuck a mirror in front of me. I had the same thick wire bow sticking out of my mouth that Val and Regan did, but I had a thick strap wrapped around the back of my neck like Val has, but also a set of them going behind the top of my head in back like Regan's. A couple of more glances later when I saw the big metal blocks glued on each of my teeth sent my brain into overload.

Despite what my tongue and fingers told me, that I was really locked into a horse bridle, I recovered a little a few minutes later, enough to snap that I was in the front seat of my aunt's SUV. That didn't last long either, just until she parked on from of a store that advertised 'School Uniforms'. No, this has gotta end! I decided.

"Um, Aunt Marge, I can't do this." I managed to groan after several deep breaths.

"Yes you can, everyone gets nervous when they start Orthodontic treatment. As soon as we get home I'll give you a pill and you'll feel better!" she answered. "I am SO proud of you!" she bubbled. "You may leave your headgear in the car if you wish, and we won't be long." She opened her door without waiting for an answer.

"But!" I managed to get out. I took a couple of deep breaths and decided Screw it, let's get this over with! "But, but I can't do all this stuff! I can't be your perfect little boy, I can't be like Roy and his friends, all smart and got good manners and stuff, I can't do all this stuff you want me to be!" I blurted.

Her glare told me I was history, I think I knew I was going to be sooner or later. "You're not really my Aunt or stuff anyway, I just wanta go back where I belong! Ma'am!"

The nasty look she gave me told me she wasn't going to send me away, but kill me instead. I closed my eyes when she walked around her SUV and opened my door, then removed my headgear and half lifted me out of the seat. Maybe she's just gonna just leave me here and not kill me! Maybe not take me back to Juvi! I hoped when she guided me to a nearby bench. Instead of walking away she sat down next to me and pulled me against her chest.

"You are right Tommy, the Aunt, Uncle facade is not working out. It is socially embarrassing, I'm sure for all of us, and dishonest." she began.

Okay, whatever, just get this shit out of my mouth, and send me back! I decided. As hard as I tried my lungs wouldn't say it.

"Walter and I were going to talk to you about this over the weekend, after your party, but I think we need to address it now," she said. This is really working! I congratulated myself. Should I push it, ask if I can tell Roy goodbye, maybe Regan? I wondered.

"You have done all the things, we hoped you would be able to handle, and much, much more. Tommy, we are very proud of you, and you are where you belong, that is why Walter and I have decided to adopt you." completely hosed my mind.

To Be Continued…