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A Loving Tribute To A Missing Brother...

A long time ago, long before "The Fort Family" became a reality, I personally had the pleasure of working with Gary Q. on the original "Gary's Garden" web site reformatting text versions of each chapters, designing new graphics and even doing some proof reading for an author I admired. Gary and I became friends after many hours of eye straining computer work to not only keep his chapters coming, but to also build a comunity of authors, and offer a place to start new authors (Myself Included) to get recognized. Over a year ago, I began construction on the original mirror site to insure the works of Gary Q. would never be lost (since it was on a free server) and thankfully now, I was finally able to complete that project.

Launched on March 22, 2005 - a few months after Gary's Garden seemed to be lost from the server, I decided the work Gary and I put into the mirror site was to be incorporated into this new site, to somewhat preserve the original feel of "The Garden" while making it as easy as the rest of our family sites to navigate. This project will be under construction until I have completed the look and feel I hope he would be happy with.

This site is dedicated to all fans of Gary's work, as I never want to see his stories vanish from the net. (I am just thankful he had given permission in the beginning to make this all possible today.)

At this time, Gary has been missing from the community he helped create for over two years and although we are all concerned for his well being, we are proud to be able to offer him a place to call home when he returns, God willing.

So, from the entire "Fort Family" that he helped to found, we offer this tribute to Gary from us all to insure they will never dissapear from the net again!

Jeff P. - ACfan - GunRunner - AChristopher - And our Family of Authors and Readers!

Special Thanks To: The Story Lover for the editing help!


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My Carl
Jun 26, 2003
Patient John Doe
Jul 29, 2003
My Flock
Apr 16, 2004
From Hell To Aunt Marge's
Jul 12, 2004
Chapter 7

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