My Flock


Posted with permissions granted to "The Fort Family"

Intoduction/Readme Notes

This story started out as a sequel to My Carl, a story I wrote a year or so ago. After massive reader input and suggestions, (and sometimes 'suggestions' is putting it very gently) it expanded into a loose sequel to Patient John Doe as well.

Although I have tried to write this as a stand alone project, I feel readers might get more out of this work by reading both My Carl and Patient John Doe, found here and on Gary's Garden. About the later half of Patient John Doe was a collaboration with Julio, by Miguel Sanchez, which is also good reading - It can be found on Nifty

Where is My Flock going, when will it end? All I feel comfortable saying is it is not going to be another epic like Patient John Doe, but, is leading into another work many, many readers have demanded, a four sided trilogy if you will.