Message From Gary

A Word of Thanks
(Written sometime in early 2004)


I wanted to thank a couple of special friends for making this site, and frankly getting my works out into the public eye.

First to my good friend Jeff. Jeff has for well over a year tirelessly converted the chapters of everything I write to TXT files and rescued me on more than one occasion in other areas. He has just opened Collaborated Archive between us, still another archive of my works on his site, Jeff's Fort scroll down to Stories. I would also recommend you visit this site, and while there read the beginning of his first title, it promises to be an interesting read!

Also I want to most sincerely thank August for the time he provided the space and bandwidth for my site.

Finally I want to thank my many loyal readers. Your comments and notes of encouragement are what keeps me, and so many online authors going. I was a little shocked, a little frightened, to learn that people actually read my babblings more than once, but an email from a reader suggested I make My Carl into a book, and a couple years later it's in print.

Thanks to everyone, God Bless!