Shawn and Joey: A New Life

A Note From The Archivist

Hi Everyone,

As visitors, you should already know that this site is an archive of the works of an author we began forming our online community around. Gary Q. (Published under the name Chris Bower) vanished from the web in the beginning years of our community and has been sorely missed ever since. Having had the privilege of working with him directly on many projects, it has been my goal to not let his work be forgotten for as long as I am still on the web. That quest has been supported by the entire admin team of The Fort Family Community and our parent organizations of Oraculum Engineering and DSS Hosting in providing the space and software for this archived version of "Gary's Garden"; which has always been the home of his work. For their help and support in keeping this site alive, I  couldn't be more appreciative.

Recently, ACFan of reminded me of two other works that Gary Q. posted on another hosting site that were unfinished projects. They were rough in format and not at all Gary's favorites as would be expressed in their exclusion from this site initially. As the archivist of this collection, I decided ACFan was right, they deserve to not be buried in a public site that he had lost faith in. Even though he chose to not bring them to his personal site, I'd like to give them a home with his other works. In a way, completing the collection in one place for all to enjoy and remember.

Luckily, I was trusted with his works when he was still active online with us so, I don't think he'll mind now if I reformat them, correct a few typos, and add them to his site. If he does, it just means he won't share his beer with me when he finds out. I'll take that risk ;)

So, please enjoy a look back at some of the early works of Gary Q. As new chapters are formatted, they will be added and as with any of the Fort Family sites, our Community site will notify all of new additions. Bear in mind, Gary's stories often focused on coming of age, abuse, sexual exploitation, and sexual experimentation; all with the intent of informing and instilling hope aimed at those who have lived through similar situations or know others who have. If stories involving explicit content at times is not something you are able to tolerate or is restricted in your area, please read elsewhere.


Jeff P. - JeffsFort