Patient John Doe

Chapter 22

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Jay, Ronnie and I were still relaxing on the patio, making tentative plans for tomorrow, when the boys began filtering back onto the deck, all of them clad only in Speedo. "What's this?" Jay quipped as he looked at his secantly clad nephew. "I didn't think God could force you into anything that wasn't two sizes too big!"

I soaked in Steven's beauty for a couple seconds as he blushed, even about half way down his flat tight chest at his uncle. Ronnie and Mark's face asked for them if they could swim, and just my nod was enough for all of the to dash to the pool.

We ended up letting the boys swim for the next couple of hours, longer than I had planned, as we enjoyed their beauty and happiness. Jay's face, even more than Ronnie's glowed in the bright Texas moonlight when I finally sent them to bed and each boy gave them, then me warm hugs. 'Oh well, they'll dry,' I thought as I watched them one by one climb into their nest to watch their movie. Johnny was almost to the patio door when he turned back, kissed his surgeon's cheek then tucked his pixie little head under Jay's chin. I'm not sure who's eyes watered first, my guests' or mine as we heard the boy whisper, "I love you sir."

"Tell me more about your horses," Jay asked as we regained our composure. "As many as you have, what a dozen, I'd be surprised if they were just for pleasure. What is the enterprise potential, I know there can be substantial returns, but I had always presumed requiring an extensive investment."

Even after the several drinks we had enjoyed they both listened intently, analytically as I briefed them on the mixture of pleasure and investment I had planned for my horses. They seemed both to be doing some mental calculations as I outlined the costs of owning and maintaining a horse, then the possible return from selling the offspring they produce.

"The females cost about eight to nine thousand a piece, and produce a horse worth about that every two, or three years?" Ronnie asked, I'm not sure if to his mental calculator or me. "And you say about three hundred a year expenses per unit. I mean animal."

"Remember, my stallion cost almost ten thousand, and that you are not factoring in the cost of the land they live on, " I countered. "But, if one watches blood lines and gets lucky, there is even better money. If my stallion and Zoe, Ronnie's big mare, produced a colt, I'm sorry a male, given their blood line it could be worth twenty, maybe twenty-five." "I don't do it, but I could sell Zeus' semen for five hundred a vial, too."

I could see calculators working in both their eyes as they exchanged several glances. "And all you have to do is feed them, and go for rides on them," Ronnie more stated than asked.

"That's more than you could have made in Recife, even when you were known as the Stick!" Jay teased his partner. I silently laughed as they light heartedly dueled for the next minute or so about their young teenage adventures.

Only a few minutes later everyone's day seemed to catch up with them at once, and my guests excused themselves upstairs, asking to relax in the boys hot tub before retiring. I didn't argue, and after kissing and tucking my six young charges under the covers, even getting a wet tongue kiss from the furry, four legged black one snuggled in the middle of his boys, I flopped into bed.

What I thought at first was my bulging bladder growling awoke me in the middle of the night. `Fuck, three o'clock, three a.m.?' I cursed as I struggled out of bed and shot my alarm clock a death glare. I was only a foot or so inside my bathroom, rushing toward the toilet when the growl repeated itself, this time from the hallway outside my bedroom instead of my belly.

`Well, I doubt anything can surprise me anymore,' I told myself when I stepped out of my bedroom a few seconds later. Jay, wearing only his boxers, was standing frozen like a statue at the entrance to the family room. His eyes were locked on a set of snarling teeth and menacing eyes attached to my little Labrador puppy, growling at Jay with a death glare.

"It's okay Buddy, remember Jay, he is our guest," I told my puppy as I scooped him into up, snuggling him. He gave me a very wet tongue kiss on my nose before pushing his long neck toward Jay, his tail spinning like an airplane propeller. Jay cut a very slight grin at us before going into the kitchen and drawing a large glass of water from the refrigerator.

"You have a very unique home, a most unique family," Jay commented. As soon as I let my squirming puppy down he ran to Jay, licking the Doctor's leg as his tail went back into helicopter mode. After setting his glass of water in the sink Jay sat and leaned back in on the couch. "If I may, I'd like to relax here, and, relax, or reflect," he asked, his eyes dancing between the flock of hair tufts snuggled under their mass nest and my moonlit patio door, and the scenery behind it.

"Help yourself, there's some throw pillows scattered around," I answered.

I turned back toward my bedroom when he asked in a soft voice, "Do you think Cindy can make this happen? What are the odds of a gay couple adopting, of any agency, or court approving us?"

I turned my head to hide my yawn, then sat down next to him. "You are way over my head, but if anyone can pull it off, I think Cindy can. She seems very confident, and the judge she is conniving to get you in front of is very open minded, and trusts my opinion more than I could have ever expected. I'm like you, I wish I knew more about what she has in mind, maybe what she has up her sleeve."

He looked back at the kids for a minute. "I presumed you knew her plans, how this is to proceed." He paused for a second, as if looking for words. "You don't know her, game plan? You trust her that much?" his face told me he was uncomfortable asking the last part of his question.

"Hell no, I know better than to trust any lawyer, and Cindy doesn't bat an eye before being as underhanded as the rest of them. I trust the person, my friend. Besides, she seems to enjoy putting it to the other sharks, I mean attorneys, that don't agree with her way of thinking," I said with an evil grin. "I…"

"I find her to be a, well, a stereotype soccer mon, as wholesome as pasturized milk. I've only met her twice, both briefly, but I would not be surprised if she has portraits of Jerry Felwell and Ronald Regan scattered about her house. Why is she going out of her way to help a gay couple? Especially in a matter as delicate our's, and regarding children?"

"Cindy is a much deeper person than you give her credit for. I don't think she cares about your sexuality, only if you could help some kids that need it. She isn't sure of mine, she asked me not long ago if I was gay, or a pedophile. I'm sorry a boy lover."

"Are you gay?" he asked. "You certainly are a boy lover. Or a masochist," he chuckled as he looked down at the mob of hair tufts and noses snuggled together across the room.

It was my turn to hesitate, and look out the patio door at my moon-lite heaven. "I, I don't know, I've tried to answer that question ever since she asked it." His face told me I wasn't off the hook. "Between school, then getting my practice started, I haven't had time to think about sex for, awhile. My sexuality, I've not really thought about it, I guess I'm just me," I added, unsure of my statement.

We sat silently for a minute or so. "I have rounds in the morning, and I think everyone is going to have a busy day. I hope you will excuse me, let's talk tomorrow. He just nodded, then asked if I minded if he sat there for a few more minutes. He was watching the boys sleep when I left him.

A series of squeals and giggles, only sightly muffled through the patio door in my bedroom, woke me up. `What's this, no good morning hug, no slobbery puppy kiss?' I asked myself as I convinced my one working eye to focus enough to look around my bedroom. `Oh, well,' I grumbled as I crawled to the bathroom.

`This might get interesting,' I told myself as I staggered into the family room, then kitchen a minute or so later. Big Ronnie was bouncing around the stove and kitchen counter. All of the stove's burners had pots or pans cooking, and the counters were crowded with probably the majority of the bowls and platters I owned. Mary was sitting on one of the breakfast bar stools, giving Ronnie a death stare that clearly stated a wish for a slow, painful death for her intruder.

"Good morning, Doctor," Mary barked at me. As she climbed down she cut Ronnie an even harsher glare then before as she growled, "May I get Doctor Owens his morning coffee?" She answered her own question by pushing our guest chef out of the way with a hip block.

'Oops!' I thought when she somewhat slammed my coffee down on the bar and snarled, "Will there be anything else, Doctor?" She cut Ronnie another glare as she added, "If not, I will be returning to my apartment, SIR." 'God, I that cannot be an I Quit look' I thought as I tried to read her face. She was halfway to the front door before I could respond.

"I had hoped to barbeque some Fajtas this afternoon, and yours are better than mine," I told the back of her head. "Mister Sanchez is very interested in your recipe, can you come back out here later? If you'll season them, I will cook them, you might enjoy going for a ride, and a swim!" She stopped, but didn't turn back toward us.

"It would be an honor to learn from you, both your boys and Doctor Owens swear they have never eaten any better," Ronnie added from behind me.

"Don't scald my skillet, you are cooking it far too hot!" she snarled before slamming the front door behind her.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to upset her!" Ronnie told me as we both stared after her. "I just thought I would make everyone a, special breakfast, I had no idea what sacred turf I was stepping on!"

"I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'll call her later. She is rather protective, she's about half Nanny, half Grandmother of late, those drainboards are her turf when anything remotely related to feeding her kids is involved." His face told me I wasn't being completely believed. "Hey, she threw me out like a bar-room bouncer a couple of days ago when I burnt some pancakes!"

"What's this, trouble in paradise?" Cindy's voice interrupted us. We just had time to turn toward the front door when she continued, "Is Mary okay? She almost ran me into the fence as I came up the drive, what happened? Did she talk to you?"

Ronnie went back to preparing his meal, contributing a few times to my description of the earlier events. "She didn't tell you, , , DAM. . ." Cindy cut herself off. "Excuse me. Adam, I need to talk to you immediately," she all but demanded as she marched toward my study.

"I apologize, I realize I unwitting caused this rift, but can I help?" Ronnie asked.

"No, Ronald, I mean Ronnie, you didn't, not at all," Cindy countered. "It's just," she studied my eyes for several seconds. "It is a personal matter," she told me. Accepting my silent answer she sat down.

"Mary called me last night," Cindy began. "When she got home, she found a letter informing her that her apartment complex has been sold, and is going to be sold off as condos. The short version is that she has sixty days to buy her apartment, for almost all the money she has, or get out. I'm going to look into it Monday, but she could, maybe I should say is probably going to lose all of her retirement investment to stay where she is."

"Cindy, are you sure this is accurate? It doesn't seem possible, not in the US, not in Texas." Her face told me it was as we stared at each other. "I need to get dressed, and get into town," I announced as I rushed into my bedroom.

"I'll be back when I can, meet with Billy-Ray, and whatever, I'll catch up with you," I said as I rushed out of my bedroom five minutes later. I barely noticed the boys, all five of their thin bodies again clad only in Speedos, crowded around the breakfast until Mark and Johnny rushed to me, slamming into a hug.

"You're gonna come here too, please?" Johnny whimpered as I felt his skimpy little trunks soak my left thigh.

"Yeah, do we get to go to the haunted house too don't we?" Mark asked as his swim-suit saturated the other leg of my dockers. "I mean Doctor Jay and Doctor Ronnie's new house."

"Ronnie's not a Doctor, he's a Chef, stupid!" my Ronnie howled as he pushed between his brothers, soaking my shirt with his wet hair, and the crotch of my pants as he joined our rapidly expanding group hug.

"He's a food Doctor!" Mark countered, shoving his brother. A second or so later I had Junior and Steven pushing against me, arguing about their breakfast steward's status.

After a minute or so I kissed everyone on the top of their kids and managed to free myself and slip out the door. 'Oh, well, I did get a morning swim, even if it was in street clothes!' I thought as I walked toward my car. 'If I drive with the windows open, maybe I'll dry by the time I get to town,' I decided as I watched my shirt and pants drip.

I mentally praised my big cat as she found her own way to the freeway while I searched my PDA for Mary's home address, then used Jaguar's GPS to get a map to find it. 'Okay girl, time for a sprint, you've got your head, go for it!' I told the steering wheel as I turned onto the expressway and pushed the accelerator pedal to the floor. 'Stay between the striped lines, or at least on the road,' I told her as I began searching for Billy-Ray's number on my cell phone's call list.

Mary was less than pleased to see me, but after ringing the doorbell to her apartment, then pounding on her door with my fist for a couple of minutes she reluctantly let me in. She dodged every attempt I made to have her address her housing crisis, but finally agreed to join us at the ranch this afternoon; I felt a little ashamed at using the kids need to see her, and her treats, as a lever but it worked. 'So much for a quiet weekend,' I told myself as I rushed to the hospital for my rounds. 'But please God, let this work,'

When I called on the way out of town, the Sanchez' and Cindy were meeting with Billy-Ray at the land they were considering. Instead of going home, I drove directly there. They were surveying the old house's second floor when I joined them.

"We think we found the bullets from the Indian Wars," Jay snickered as he handed me several spent brass shell casings. 30-06? 223 Caliber, isn't that from Viet Nam era? Very futuristic tribe!" he quipped as he pointed toward the floor just below some windows, where Deer hunters had left more of their spent cartridges behind.

We walked through the house for ten or so minutes, discussing possibilities for renovation with Billy-Ray, before stepping outside and began looking at the outbuildings. I surveyed a huge, probably hundred-year-old Oak tree.

"I bet that's the Hanging Tree" I teased, pointing at a foot or so thick limb, its bark scarred from the God knows how many years of abrasion, from the winch or hoist it had supported. "Many an engine, or farm implement, swung from those gallows." I joked.

"It looks like the Indians are here, should we circle the wagons, or should I say station wagons?" Cindy almost giggled, pointing at several riders and horses on top of the mountain that adjoined my land.

'I've got to do something, before the virus, or whatever they have, spreads!' I thought as I focused on her gaze, a flash of several reflections, and as the sun bounced off a dark red horse and the bright red little carrot top perched on top of it. 'How did they, or she, know we were here?' I asked myself before I waved at them to join us. 'They're NOT getting away with it this time, heads will roll,' I thought as I saw Zeus, saddled but riderless, at the head of the pack.

Jay backed away slightly, but then stepped back next to his partner as all six animals charged at us in a full gallop, skidding to a stop only about four feet from us. All the boys hooted hellos to everyone, bubbling over with excitement as much as their mounts were.

"Is that where our horses are going to live?" Steven excitedly asked, pointing to the barn.

"Zeus's loud snort as he pushed his snout against my chest blocked me from hearing Jay's answer. "What are you doing wearing a saddle," I asked the boys more than my stallion.

"He made us Dad, we didn't ride him or nothing," Ronnie cried.

"When Ginger told us you was here he said he's GONNA go!" Johnny added.

"He was pushing Ronnie and Junior around and stuff, he looked mad!" Steven injected.

"Are you bullying my kids?" I asked the big steed. He snorted and pushed his nose against me stomach as an answer.

I hesitated, but agreed when the kids asked if they could look around, just cautioning them to stay out of the buildings. 'As if they hadn't already seen everything,' thought as they started guiding their mounts around the area.

We spent another five minutes or so walking with Billy-Ray as he surveyed the buildings, making comments on needed repairs and estimated costs. Zeus caught my attention as he raised his tail and ears, turning toward the property's gate as he snorted to his harem. I wasn't in the least surprised when I saw my realtor's car coming up the drive a couple of seconds later. I turned away to hide my snicker as he climbed out of his car and announced he 'happened' to be passing by, and thought he'd drop in. 'Yeah, it's only twenty miles out of your way, you just happened to be in the neighborhood.' I thought.

He spent a minute greeting everyone before huddling with Jay and Ronnie over by his car. 'Oh well,' I thought when I saw my guests faces as turned back toward us and started walking away about thirty seconds later. They had taken three of four steps when they turned back, and the realtor began dialing his cell phone. He said something in to the phone, then toward Jay and Ronnie, several times. Ronnie and Jay exchanged an intense look for a split second and Ronnie turned away.

'If I only could be a fly on the car hood, and get to listen to this,' I thought as the salesman's lips began quivering as he tried to talk into the phone. Again Ronnie turned back to his mate, and after a slightly longer glance into Jay's eyes, offered his hand toward my agent. A second later the agent was jerking his car door open. He started to climb into the car before he turned back, and with a sheepish expression, shook Jay's hand. He was grinning ear to ear as he accelerated back toward the road.

"You were right, we got it for five-sixty," Ronnie told Cindy and I. "He went to prepare the paperwork, and will meet us at your house in about an hour."

"If he does not get arrested for speeding," Jay snickered. "You were correct regarding him being hungry, I thought he might stroke out when it appeared he had lost the sale.

It didn't take the kids long to figure out something was going on when Cindy, Billy-Ray and I began shaking the new land owners' hands and congratulating them. Steven came galloping toward us, the other boys charging their mounts from a couple of directions. Steve, then Johnny and my Ronnie dove off their horses, and their thin nephew darted in front of his uncles, looking up wide eyed.

"Yes, that is where our horses are going to live," Jay told him, pointing at the old barn. Steven, then the other boys started hooting 'Yeah' and 'Cool' as they slammed into a mass hug, encircling my guests, all the boys squirming like worms. I thought I was going to have to treat Jay for a stroke when Ginger pushed her way into the middle of the group and gave the surgeon a sloppy tongue kiss across his face.

"And what's this?" big Ronnie teased as he grabbed the back of Steve's belt, turning the thin lad's back to him. I, actually I'm sure no one had noticed until he dismounted that the boy was wearing a pair of tight fitting western style jeans and thick leather cowboy style belt. The jeans were slightly too long for him, but also a little too tight, accenting his round little butt and thin thighs; a true red neck fit kids like to wear to rodeos and such.

"Well, they're Junior's he loaned them to me! I mean lent them to me," Steve corrected himself as he tried to dodge Jay's disapproving glare. "My clothes look dorky and stuff! Well, here they do!" None of the adult could help from grinning widely as he turned to us and arched his back, proudly displaying the large western belt buckle he was wearing, probably spanning a third of his thin waist.

"Okay, Tex, I reckon we'll have to mosey into town and get you some duds," Uncle Ronnie snickered, his poor attempt at a melodramatic Texas twang, mixed with his east coast accent making everyone laugh.

"Well, Pilgrim, don't quit your day job," I quipped as the boys climbed back aboard their horses, splashing an extra drawl into my voice.

As we got ready to leave a few minutes later I had a big black shadow following me everywhere, pushing his huge head against my arm every few seconds. "Would one of you mind driving my car home?" I asked my house-guests. "I think my transportation has been arranged." It took them a second to snap to what I was saying, until I offered Zeus's reins to Jay. "Well, or would you like to ride him home, I'm sure you'd enjoy it!" He snatched the car keys from my hand.

Zeus was squirming like a puppy as I stepped next to him and checked his saddle. After releasing my pony tail I swung into his saddle. "Fucking showoff, you've been watching too much TV!" I told my big Arabian as he reared up on his back legs, let out a loud nay and waved his front legs in the air. `No more Lone Ranger shows for you!' I thought as he exploded into a full gallop and I fought to keep from being ejected of the back of his saddle.

`I think they have done this a few times before', I told myself as all the horses gracefully leaped over the four foot high fence dividing the two properties, even little Ginger did not hesitate before springing over it.

Mary was already at the ranch, and as soon as the boys saw her car they wasted little time in abandoning their mounts and rushing to the house, I'm sure to see what treats she was preparing. I snickered when I stepped into the house a couple of minutes behind the boys and saw her busily passing out slices of pie and scooping ice cream on the slices. 'Yeah!' I thought when she returned my smile before I slipped into my bedroom to change. I climbed into a pair of swim trunks and tee-shirt, then ignored my hair's protests as I tied it back onto a hair tie. 'Here we go,' I thought as I opened my bedroom door.

I declined her offer for a slice of pie, but didn't argue when she offered me a beer. "Do you have a minute? Let's talk," I asked her. Ignoring her sinking face I ushered her into the little spare room Buddy had spent several nights in when he first arrived, away from the boys' radar ears. "I cannot express my feelings regarding the help you have provided Johnny, and all the boys, all of us. You are indeed a God send, thank you so much."

From her face I could tell she was insecure with my opening statement, almost as if she was wondering if I was about to drop another load of bad news on her. "Would you consider becoming a, a live-in Nanny for all three boys? I will provide you a private apartment, with a private entrance, and of course adjust your salary, I'm sure we can reach an agreeable figure." She stared, more gaped at me for probably a minute. "Please, come with me," I asked.

When I was sure she was following me I unlocked the door to a back part of the old ranch house, that at one time were clearly servant's quarters, I had chosen to seal them off instead of renovating. "I know it's a mess right now, but I'm going to have it redone. A sitting room, bedroom and private bath, and a small guest room and bath," I told her as I showed her around. "I think it would be wise to install a small kitchenette over there, and of course there is a private entrance. Its not quite as big as your present apartment, but you also have use of the rest of the house. Rent free, and with a salary for your time, what do you think?"

She looked around in almost shock for several seconds, I began to think of a way to bail myself out of insulting her. "Johnny is going to be ready to go to school in a month or two, then, , , Well thank you Doctor, but I don't need your, I mean when Johnny recovers you won't need a, , ,"

"When you get Johnny back on track, I would expect you to perform your same magic on Mark and Ronnie. And, once Johnny enters Cornerstone, you have the house to yourself all day! Prepare each of them for Medical School, or Law School, or whatever profession they choose is what I will expect of you then. You have the gift to do it, I promise to reward you as best I can. I'm a young Doctor, and I apologize, this is the best I can afford for now."

"Hi, anyone here?" Cindy's voice echoed from the main part of the house. "Well, there are the boys anyway," we heard her add.

"Except Law School!" I told Mary. "If any of them enroll in a Law School I will fire you on the spot!" She blushed, but her face and eyes brightened as she glanced around and I'm sure could tell I was joking.

"My building contractor is going to be here shortly, I'll have him start the first of the week," I told her, not waiting for an answer.

The afternoon was a buzz of activity, almost more than I could keep up with. Mary, Billy-Ray and I agreed on renovation plans for her apartment, and that he would start by the middle of the week. I started to worry about him as he committed himself to having solid plans and price quotes to the Sanchez' by the end of the week.

We managed to coerce Jay, after a couple of beers, onto Hera for a few minutes, even getting him to somewhat relax as she drifted and trotted among the other horses and riders. I snickered as Jay thought for several seconds before turning down a ride on Zoe.

The boys groomed the horses after clearing the supper dishes and darted upstairs as the adults relaxed on my deck. `Wow, this day is FINALLY winding down' I thought as I leaned back in my chase lounge. 'I moved to out of the city to avoid hassles!'

"What's this?" big Ronnie's voice interrupted my tranquility. "Stevie has legs, even thighs? Twice in one day? In public?" I opened my eyes in time to see my youngest guest, now clad in only a size or two too small bright red Speedo that I think belonged to Mark blush bright red and dash to dive into the pool. His face, then chest and back almost blinked between red and crimson as the other boys giggled and drifted toward the water, dressed like their embarrassed guest. Steven flashed several more shades of red as Junior and my Ronnie hugged him after they jumped into the pool.

Cindy and I were right behind, and felt the day melt into a relaxing evening as we all swam for an hour or so before the adults, one by one, drifted back to the deck chairs. All of us enjoyed watching the boys frolic in the water for several minutes, as we leaned back into our chairs.

"We have a Texas residence, Ronnie and I are about to own a business operation in Texas, but, well, how is this going to, I mean how does this magically make us good parents?" Jay asked, breaking the spell. "Forgive me if I'm blunt, but what is your plan? How can you make my mate and I Dad and Dad, that any judge would support?" he asked Cindy, the serious side of him showing quite distinctly.

"No guys, there is no way you two can become parents, I mean joint parents, as a gay couple. Not under the archaic laws we have to deal with," Cindy answered. She ignored everyone's disappointed faces and continued, "Each of you is, if properly presented to the court,  perfect candidates for parenthood, as single parents. IF we ever get a work-up from the court Psychiatrist!" she cut to me, more with her eyes than her voice.

"It might be a little surprising, but Ronaldo is the ideal choice, I can sell him to Rodriguez in a brief, without ever appearing before him. I'm sorry but I have to use your proper name in court documents, I guess that is how I'm thinking right now."

She ignored his glare and continued, "You both are affluent, actually quite wealthy, but a stay at home CEO, able to provide all the resources and supervision even troubled kids might need makes you perfect. Considering your brother and house-mate, a well respected pediatric physician and surgeon, it's win, win, especially with Rodriguez.

"Of course, considering your standing and reputation," she said turning toward Jay, "If you filed for custody of a child, offering your brother's stay at home supervision while you were at work, I don't see how any court or state's attorney could find cause for challenge. A piece of cake!"

We all studied each other's faces. "What about that we are a gay couple?" Jay risked after several seconds.

"Are you, married? Not in Virgin-land, certainly! Is there any documentation that declares you as sexual partners, instead of adopted brothers? I've already had you investigated, for the court of course, and the worst thing anyone in Virginia had to say is that you sunbathe nude on your deck. But so do half your neighbors," she added as they blushed red.

"Ronald is arguably the best chef in the region, demanded by groups as far away as the Pentagon. Julio, I'm sorry, Jay, actually is earning less than eighty percent of his potential income due to his pro-bono and charity work. Trust me boys, I know what I am doing, I can sell this to any court that I need to, and I am going to make it work."

Jay studied her face for at least a minute. "I thank you for your help, and, I pray this does not insult you, but, I have to ask." He paused a minute. "Well, first, how did you know my, old name, my Brazilian name? It was legally changed years ago, and sealed. But, more importantly, why are you supporting a lifestyle that is so different, so contrary to your own, so aggressively, and so far refusing to bill us for it? Perhaps better put, you are a. . ."

"A stereotype suburban mom?" Cindy cut him off. "Yes I am, an SUV chauffeur to dance classes, sleep-overs and Equestrian lessons, and yes I feel guilty if I don't display a Soccer Mom tee shirt sometimes.

"First, I apologize for using your former name. I'm in the midst of preparing briefs and submissions to the court, so my brain is slipping back into legal mode. Like any attorney worth their salt, I, as I said, did make a few inquiries as I began my research. Yes, the court order changing your name is sealed, but like all sealed orders, only to those too slow to gain access to them." Her almost sinister grin answered everyone's doubts.

"But, yes, I am a full time mom, my children, and a few others of recent times, are what I am devoted to. Why am I offering you support?" she paused very briefly and looked away as if trying to reach a decision. She turned back toward us and opened her mouth as if to answer, but looked away this time watching the boys play in the pool. "Because I want to help. I want to help kids like Adams' new sons, and my son, to find happiness, to find themselves. Perhaps I should clarify that, my gay son." The patio seemed to get as quiet as a sound-proof room as the three of us absorbed her statement.

She downed the last of her drink and looked back at the pool, and the kids, before continuing. "My son talks in his sleep," she began. "I had him on your patient waiting list for several months before I met you, trying to get him in to see you. You are well known as the best, and most open, in the area, one of the best in the state in dealing with teens," she said toward me.

"When my husband told me about you and his intercourse regarding Johnny, and that we had been invited to your home, I almost fainted. God does answer prayers," she told the moon above us.

"The happiness and security my son has finally has found, just being with you and your boys has turned my son's life around completely. Not long ago I was watching him like a guard, hoping what I thought were suicide warning signs, have turned back into the high point of my day, I get to see him smile, from inside not just his face. I get to hear him bubble over with joy again. He is alive again!" she said toward the pool.

"I know my son has slept with you, and I'm not sure I approve of what they are doing under the covers at night here, but, thank you," she said to me.

"Cindy, I have NEVER touched your son, or any boy, in ANY inappropriate way! I can't believe you are suggesting, accusing me of. . ."

"Adam, you are the first adult, no human, that has been able to understand completely understand my son, to meet him on his terms and still love him as the wonderful youngster he is. I know you will never hurt him." she cut me off. "Please don't stop what you are doing, you are my son's sanity." "If you guys want to help some more kids, please let me help." she said toward Jay and his mate.

"Boys will be boys!" she tittered kissing each of us on the cheek. She sat up and twisted her feet out of her lounge onto the pool deck before continuing. "I feel like a swim, anyone else?" she glanced at our frozen faces for an instant before adding, "We can talk more later, perhaps in my soccer shuttle bus? But AFTER a swim!" she grinned before diving into the middle of a pool full of kids.

"Oh," Jay somewhere between gasp and whispered.

"Well, well put," I mumbled. We studied Cindy's relaxed, happy face for several seconds as we watched her play with the boys in the pool before I risked, "Did she answer your question Jay?"

"May I have another beer?" he answered, walking into the house before I could answer.

"Wild," Ronnie muttered.

To Be Continued…