From Hell To Aunt Marge's

Dear Reader: 2004

Dear Reader:

After having the beginning of my latest story, From Hell to Aunt Marge's horribly mishandled by Nifty Achieve, I will no longer offer any of my works for publication on Nifty, I further forbid them to post anything I write.

From 1997, when I posted my first title to Nifty until now, I have enjoyed working with their Archivist David. But, when I brought it to his attention that From Hell to... was posted in the wrong category, all of hell broke loose. He made it very clear that, after reading only one chapter of the project he knew much better than I where the storyline was going, and where it needed to be posted. (after all, I'm only the author!)

When I justified my feelings by quoting from the Category Guidelines posted on Nifty's site, he even changed these guidelines rather than being proven wrong! *

After bantering this back and forth for a week, and my story bouncing around Nifty like a ping-pong ball, I said enough is enough. It will be a cold day in hell before I will again support Nifty, with my writing talents or in any other way.

Gary Q

* Prior to 05/14/04 'Gay Male Story Categories' descriptions read:

High School - "Stories involving High School and Students"

Incest - "Stories about Relationships among Siblings and other Family Members"

Young Friends - "Stories about Young Friendships that become Relationships."

After I pointed to these guidelines to show where my story belonged, the next day they read:

High School - "Stories involving High School-aged Students"

Incest - (Unchanged)

Young Friends - "Stories about Friendships and Relationships among Younger Kids"

(Ref: )