Shawn and Joey: A New Life

Chapter Two

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks for your e-mails regarding this story, over a hundred so far. As only two of the messages were negative, you are stuck with me again. I did receive several cautions regarding how to proceed with this story, which I think deserves a quick comment.

This story is INSPIRED by recent events, and the plight of a pair of young brothers in the legal system, but it IS NOT about them. Please re-read the title, especially after the colon, "A NEW LIFE" This is my first venture into the arena of social controversy, striking a chord I never could have imagined I would.

What happens to Shawn and Joey (my imaginary actors, remember)? Only time will tell. I will say that my pen has never hurt a child, nor will it, ever. One of the first things I was taught as a foster parent was to 'Give a child what he needs, not what he deserves'. If you are hoping for anything less, go find another story to read.

That said, I hope you enjoy Chapter Two. I apologize in advance if it is a little dry, but the foundation of Boy's Village is a bit more complex than I expected.


"Hi guys," Zach said as the kids entered the Evaluation Center. "Doctor Hutchinson is tied up, he received a phone call, but he won't be long. But you guys look great!" he added, surveying Shawn and Joey's bodies. "Are you starting to relax, feel at home?" Both brothers blushed red, more from Zach's prying eyes than his question.

"Is Chicken Legs giving you a hard time? I'll straighten your butt out, boy," Zach barked toward Mike.

"No, , , no sir," Shawn cried. "Please, sir, , ,"

"Yeah old man, you and what wrestling team," Mike snorted, pushing into the adult with his shoulder.

"This one man team," Zach countered, pulling Mike's thin back against his chest and pinning the lad's arms at his side with his, rubbing his the teen's tight, bare stomach with his hands.

"Yeah, sure Coach," Mike snickered, relaxing into Zach's hug. "Don't worry Shawn, I've got him pinned now," Mike giggled, looking at his wide eyed charge.

"You're weird," Shawn mumbled.

"You want to find your buddies someplace to sleep tonight?" Zach asked the sixteen-year-old now squirming in his grasp. He gave Mike a final hug before releasing him. "Would you like separate rooms, or do you want to share one?"

Shawn's mouth fell agape as he pushed under his big brother's arm. "You mean we can have the same cell!?!" he exclaimed. "Yeah, please, can we?"

It was Zach's turn to pale in color. "We don't have cells here, Little Bit, we have bedrooms." He ignored the youngster's shutter as he reached toward him, pulling his lanky frame from under Joey's and tucking him under his arm. "We usually like to give new boys their own bedroom when they first get here, but brothers, like you can share a BEDROOM if they wish."

"Yes sir," Shawn whined. Zach looked down at the lad, only getting a view of the top of Shawn's light brown hair as the boy stared at his shoes.

"Come on, let's go pick out a good bedroom for you," he added, guiding the lad to his computer. "Which is your favorite number, two, four or seven?"

Shawn seemed to relax a little as he glanced up at the computer screen for an instant. "Ah, , ," he mumbled, then fell silent.

"Would you like your window to look out at the cottages, or the lake?"

"The lake? I mean ah, we can see a lake?"

"Room Seven it is!" Zach announced. He raised one hand over his head and snapped his fingers together. "Chicken Legs, please show the Little Bit party to suite seven!" he barked, trying to fake a French accent. "Enjoy your stay, sir!" he added, stiffly bowing at the waist to Shawn.

Shawn pushed his way between Mike and Joey as they walked through a couple of hallways. "He's a weirdo!" he whispered.

"Why's he call you Chicken Legs?" Joey asked, looking over at Mike's thighs, and the firm, developing muscles accented by his tight spandex shorts.

"Because when I joined his wrestling team, when I first got here, I was about as skinny as you are. No offense," he added when Joey's eyes jerked up at his face. "Pop's crazy, he gives everyone a nickname. I bet you just became Little Bit," he snickered, squeezing Shawn's bony arm and shoulder.

"Wow!" Shawn gasp as they entered a dorm room. "This is for us?"

"Yeah it is, until you move into a cottage. There's your lake," Mike replied, opening the window blinds. His face developed a wide grin as he turned back and watched the brothers drift around the room, pushing on each of the beds, almost petting the two computer monitors at the room's study desks.

"Look, there's a boat!" Shawn hooted. He darted across the room and slammed against the window glass.

"Look, there's a couple more!" Joey exclaimed, pushing next to his brother.

"That's Sailing class, you can take it in school," Mike explained.

"You get to ride around on boats at school?" Joey more gasped than asked.

"You can also take rowing classes, or water-skiing. Or you can just go ride them after school, and on weekends."

"Do you think we'll ever get to?" Shawn risked, his voice shaking slightly as if he knew the answer was no.

"Not until the weekend, just until you get out of Eval, then you can after school," Mike answered. "You want me to take you Saturday morning?" A pair of open mouthed, ghost white faces turning and gawking at gave him his answer. "Come on guys, let me show you around before Doc gets back," he told them, tucking a brother under each arm.

The tour of the Evaluation Center's residence wing didn't take long. Mike showed them where the communal restrooms and showers were, along with a closet in the hall where they could get fresh uniforms each morning, and a small snack room and refrigerator stocked with juices and fresh fruit.

Joey's face seemed to tighten somewhat as they walked back toward their new room. "What if we, well like, have to pee at night?" he asked.

"Go pee! They don't care, I guess just be quiet," Mike answered. He thought for a minute before realizing Joey's concern. He pulled the brothers' room door partially closed before adding, "You're not locked up or anything, look, there isn't even a lock!" he said, pointing at the doorknob. "Your collar won't let you leave this wing at night, but you can go get a snack if you want! Oh, just here in Eval, you cant go in anyone else's room, even if they are in it." He looked Joey's lost face over before adding, "It's neat here, like I told you, dude!"

"Do we get to use these?" Shawn's voice interrupted. He was all but fondling one of the computer monitors again when they looked toward him.

"Sure, pick out which one you want to be your's," Mike replied. "Have fun!" Shawn glanced at the computer, then his mentor a couple of times, then backed away from the PC. Mike stepped across the room and pulled Shawn in front of him. "Go on, just sit down in front of it and touch any key."

"Well, that's okay," Shawn muttered. He started to turn out of Mike's grasp.

"Have you ever used a computer before?" Mike asked.

"Well, I've seen them, they look neat! Mister Lange let me write on his little bitty one a couple of times," Shawn meekly answered.

"We didn't even have a TV at home, our dad wouldn't let us," Joey said, pulling his little brother against him. "The dickhead thinks all that stuff is evil. . . Well, thought," he added in a soft voice, squeezing Shawn into a tight cuddle.

"He thought everything was evil, especially us," Shawn added. Joey buried his face in his little brother's hair.

Shit Doc, you didn't teach us what to do now! Mike thought. He felt his face redden as he tried to think how to respond. "It's easy, let me show you!" he chanced, gesturing Shawn toward the computer.

The youngster hesitated, then crept back toward the computer, clinging almost desperately to his big brother's arm, still tightly wrapped around his thin chest. He squeezed Joey's arm when Mike told him to get into the chair in front of the monitor, but timidly sat down. He gasped when Mike reached around him and pushed the keyboard's space bar, and the monitor came to life displaying, 'Hello Shawn, do you want to log on?'

"Click on 'Yes'," Mike instructed. "Go on, it's cool," he added as Shawn craned his head around and looked up at him with frightened, wide eyes. "Use the mouse."

"I don't wanta screw it up or stuff," his petrified student whimpered.

"It's chilled, let me show you," Mike answered, ushering Shawn out of the chair. "Come here, let me show you," he added as he sat down and pulled the boy's thin body in front of the chair and next to his knee. Okay, whatever! Mike thought when his young student climbed onto his legs, wiggling his tight little bubble butt into his lap. Oh yeah! he silently groaned as he felt Shawn's tightly stretched spandex vibrate against his, as Shawn's boy-butt pushed into his crotch.

Please, please don't shoot now, he begged as he felt his rock hard boyhood throb. "Just, just, , , just move the mouse to 'Yes' and click it, push one of the buttons," he stammered, trying to keep his hand from shaking as he moved the mouse.

"Awesome!" Joey exclaimed as screen refreshed reading, 'Welcome, Shawn, would you like to. . .' He leaned over Mike from behind the chair and wrapping his arms around both Mike and Shawn

"They are smart!" the youngster proclaimed. "How's it know it's me?"

Oh shit, is this for real?

Mike wondered when Shawn squirmed more tightly into his lap, and their three way snuggle. Did I die and go to heaven?

"Ah, it read your collar. Here, you try it, click on 'Take a Tour," he gasped, guiding Shawn's right hand to the mouse as he reached down and pulled the boy's tight, bare waist into him. Please, please don't, not now, he begged his aching shaft as Shawn giggled and squirmed in his lap each time the computer responded to his mouse clicks over the next couple of minutes. Every time the youngster moved vibration of their skin tight shorts rubbing together shot through his lower body like an electrical shock. Mike began squeezing more tightly against both of them as he cheered his brother on. Fuck, if I shoot right now I'm gonna blow a hole in this kid's back.

"Hi boys, I'm very sorry I was delayed," Hutchinson's voice rang from behind them. Joey jerked away from Mike's shoulders as Shawn let out a loud gasp and stiffened so quickly his pixie little head crashed against Mike's chin. "No, no, don't get up, everyone relax, please," Hutchinson continued as he closed the room's door. "I just wanted to talk to you for a minute, stay where you are."

Shawn remained motionless in Mike's lap, his lanky body stiff as a statue. Please don't get up! Mike silently prayed. He swiveled his chair around as the doctor sat down on one of the beds. Shawn relaxed a little and leaned back into his mentor's lap. Joey cast Mike a wary glance as he sat in the other desk chair.

"Who's winning, Shawn or the computer?" Hutchinson began. "Are you enjoying yourself?" From his cagey grin, Mike wasn't sure who he was addressing. "I just wanted to go over a few things, I won't interrupt you for very long," the doctor said as he scanned his yellow tablet.

"How are you guys doing, are you starting to get comfortable here?" he asked. Getting a meek nod from Joey, and a view of the top of Shawn's head as an answer, he continued, "I have the results of your physicals, and everything looks, very promising. Both of you are somewhat underweight, and are very out of shape physically, but nothing to worry about. You guys are also white as ghosts, but I'm sure that is because of where you have been living. Do you understand what I am saying, do you have any questions so far?"

Not getting a response, he continued. "I'm sure already Mike told you, but starting tomorrow, I would like you to work with some of my staff, take some tests and such. Once that is done we want to get you started in school, and out of the Evaluation Center. Can you do that?" He didn't wait long for an answer he knew was not coming. "But for now, I want to start both of you on a couple of programs to help you."

Shawn squirmed more tightly into Mike's snuggle, pulling Mike's hand against his stomach. Hutchinson glanced at his notes again before continuing, "I want you to start getting a lot more exercise, especially outside, we are going to start with two hours of swimming a day, and I want you to start jogging. Mike, please pull up their schedules," he directed.

Mike felt his groin tighten again as he swiveled his chair back toward the computer and Shawn's shorts slid against his, but managed to make the needed mouse clicks.

"Mike is going to pick you up at ten-thirty every morning for running exercise, then an hour of swimming. He'll be back for you at two-thirty every afternoon and I want you to spend another hour in the pool.

"I stuck you with some self-study classes, Mike, can you handle that? Can you keep your grades up?" he asked.

"Yea!" Mike whooped. "I mean Yes Sir Doc," he exclaimed, trying to control his voice. Hutchinson's knowing grin made him blush.

"Fantastic!" the doctor said, setting his tablet on his lap. "Do you guys have any questions or anything you want to talk about?" he asked, looking at Shawn, then Joey. Not getting an answer he stood up and announced, "I'd like to talk to you guys privately, just for a minute. Would you come with me, Joey?"

Joey paled ashen white as he looked toward Mike. "It's chilled," Mike whispered. Mike gave him a distrusting glare, but followed the doctor into the hall, and the snack room.

"Don't be scared, please, I just want to ask you a question," Hutchinson said. "Do you feel comfortable with Mike, do you want him to continue being your mentor? No one will ever know if you want me to get you another."

Joey stared at the floor tiles for a second, then risked a glance at Hutchinson, wondering if he was hearing things, or imagining the question. "Mike's neat, he's totally kewl! I mean, he's a, ah, , , nice to us and, , ,"

"Kewl is great, son, thank you for your honesty. Would you mind asking Shawn to step in here?"

"Wow! Do we really get to go swimming, like he said?" Shawn exclaimed as he rushed back into his new room. He bounced back onto Mike's upper legs, throwing his thin arms around the older teen's neck.

"Doctor's orders, twice a day," Mike snorted, cupping Shawn's tight thigh and sliding his little body closer into his lap. He couldn't resist stroking the youngster's leg and hip as he held him.

The sharp sound of a loud pop, followed by a teenage voice howling, "OUCH! I DIDN'T DO NOTHING!" made all three boys snap their attention toward the hall.

"It just looked like too good a target!" Hutchinson's snicker followed.

A second or later a young boy with golden blond hair, wearing white spandex shorts and half shirt identical to Shawn and Joey's, walked past the hallway door. A brown haired teen, wearing light, almost sky blue uniform was right behind him, rubbing his tightly clad bottom.

"Fucking with Doc, again?" Mike snickered loudly.

The teen twisted and glared into Shawn and Joey's bedroom. "He swatted me with his tablet, and I just said hi!" he proclaimed. "These your new boys?" he asked as he stepped into the room. "Wow, you're working fast," he added as Mike tightened his grip around Shawn's waist.

"Poor baby, did that great big paper pad hurt you!" Mike teased. "These are my new boys, Shawn and Joey. Guys, this is Rob, he is another mentor."

A high pitched cry made everyone look at the doorway, in time to see the younger blond haired boy grasping his neck and backing into the hallway. "You know better!" Rob barked. "Mike, can he come in?," Rob asked.

Mike pulled Shawn a little tighter against his stomach before twisting in his chair back toward the computer. "Look out buddy, it's got to see my collar." he said, leaning around Shawn. "Is he Conner?" he asked several mouse clicks later. "Okay, he can."

"Come on, come here," Rob instructed, gesturing toward the boy.

"But I'm not allowed! I just forgot!" the little blond answered in an angel like soprano voice.

"Mike's a level four, he can allow you to. Come here," Rob answered. The youngster hesitated, then leaned forward, cautiously extending his neck into the door way. "See, it won't go off," Rob added after he pulled his little charge into the room. "But he has to do his thing each time you come in here." Conner relaxed slightly, but stayed glued to Rob's side as introductions were exchanged.

"Hi guys," Zach said as he entered the room a minute or so later. Conner whimpered and turned, burying his face into Rob's stomach and molding his little body against the fifteen-year-old's stomach and thigh, as his hands began shaking slightly.

Mike opened his mouth to greet his coach, but his chin fell onto his chest as he watched Rob stroke his little friend's back, and noticed the ten or so long, thin scars crossing Conner's otherwise beautiful skin. As his stomach began knotting he looked away, only to see Joey staring wide eyed at the pair. Shawn squirmed even more tightly into their hug than he had been.

"All the other boys are visiting prospective cottages tonight, I was wondering if you guys wanted to get some take out from the mess hall," Zach suggested. "I bet I can talk them into making us some pizza!"

"Ah, I gotta ask," Rob responded. "Well, or you could ask Pop for me, Pop," he added with a sheepish grin.

"And you can keep dreaming, fool," Zach snipped, stepping forward and tousling Rob's hair. "YOU can call your dorm-dad, Turkey," "Is he okay? Want some help?" he said in a quiet voice into Rob's ear when he noticed Conner. When Rob nodded his head side to side he straightened and slid his hand down, stroking Rob's shoulders.

"Everyone want supremes?" he asked.

"Yes, yes sir," Mike mumbled. "Yeah Pop, that would be neat, thanks Pop," he said, his voice just slightly stronger.

Zach surveyed each of the young mentors for a second. He lowered his head slightly, tilting it at an angle as he gave Mike a questioning look. He clenched his jaw when Mike subtly twitched his head toward the hallway door, but popped Rob lightly on the butt, saying, "Go call your dorm-dad, Turkey." He gave Mike a final concerned glance before leaving the room.

"See, it's okay," Rob said. "Come on and calm down," he continued, brushing the crop of golden hair glued to his torso.

Mike started to get up, but cupped Shawn's thigh and slid his chair over to Rob and Conner. "Pop's cool, and you didn't do nothing wrong," he said, squeezing the little boy's chest just behind his armpit.

Conner slid his face against Rob's stomach, risking a glance up toward his mentor's head. "But, I'm not allowed in here," he sobbed. "Is he gonna, ah gonna, , , well, I don't want to get kicked out."

"You are not going to get kicked out of here, you are not in any trouble," Mike answered. "I gave you permission, remember?" he only received a slight shrug as an answer.

"What did I tell you about your necklace?" Rob asked. "Doesn't tell you when you are doing something wrong?" which earned him a slight nod.

"How old are you, Conner?" Mike asked, stroking the young boy's back.

The boy was silent for several seconds until Rob prompted him with his hand. "Ten, sir," the golden tuft of hair whispered toward Rob's stomach. "I mean eleven, sir, I forgot."

"You forgot you had a birthday?" Rob teased. "And Pop Zack calls me a Turkey?"

The boy's neck reddened below his blond hair as he giggled softly. "But it was just Sunday!" he whined. He chanced a quick glance toward Mike, then turned back again and gave a sheepish grin toward Shawn.

"He arrived Sunday, too," Rob injected. "I got him for his birthday!" he added, rubbing the boy's back.

"I got you for my birthday present!" Conner exclaimed. He looked up at his mentor with a wide grin.

"Well, happy birthday," Mike said, squeezing the boy's thin arm.

"Thank you sir," Conner blushed.

"But don't call me sir! Only adults are sirs!"

"Yes sir, I won't, sir," Conner answered. Mike started to reply, but the youngster's innocent face told him not to bother.

"Let's go to my cottage and ask Pop if I can eat pizza, he don't like us to call him," Rob said. "Race you there!" he challenged. Conner pushed out of his arms and sprinted a couple of steps toward the hall before stopping and grabbing his neck. "You know better!" Rob barked, "Not inside."

Conner turned and displayed an embarrassed blush, then rushed down the hall in a rapid walk. "Laters, Sir Mikey!"Rob hooted as he followed behind his young charge. Mike gave his back a one-finger wave as he tried to ignore Shawn's giggle.

"Wow, there's some kids here with those scars, but not that many," Mike mumbled. "And he's so little!"

"Yeah," Joey answered, rubbing his butt. Shawn let out a soft whimper and pushed his face into Mike's chest.

* * * * *

"Oh God I'm stuffed!" Rob grumbled, staring at the stack of empty pizza pans. "Will you guys roll me home?" he joked, rubbing his bulging belly. Everyone else groaned as an answer. "But I gotta go, I'll pick you up for breakfast, okay?" he said toward Conner as he stood. The boy slammed against him so quickly he almost lost his balance. "I have to, but I'll see you in the morning, I promise," he added, hugging his little friend.

"Well, and I'm going to be here, until bedtime, so are Shawn and Joey," Mike injected, cupping the young boy's tiny shoulders in his hands. He gently pulled the youngster against his back as Rob made his way to the door.

"You're nice, sir," Conner chirped in his little boy voice.

"Good night, Buddy, Sir Mikey," Rob teased as he closed the door.

I'm dead, so dead, Mike told himself. That shit is going to be EVERYWHERE by tomorrow, he silently groaned.

The rest of the evening went quickly, probably faster than any of the boys wanted. While Mike did his homework, Conner bounced around like a hyperactive bunny as he gave Shawn and Joey lessons on using computers, then how to operate the video game equipment in the Evaluation Center's Recreation Room. His face beamed as brightly as a Hollywood spotlight as he instructed his older students.

Mike joined them after finishing his assignments, and stuffed the cartridges that were his textbooks and assignments back into his fanny pack. Conner was comfortably tucked between Shawn and Joey, playing a game a few minutes later when he stiffened and reached up to his collar. He twisted around and looked at the clock, and groaned, "Yuck, I have to get ready for bed."

He let out a soft giggle as the brothers hugged him when he started to stand up. He started toward the hallway door, but turned back to Mike and hopped into his lap. "Good night, sir, you're nice," he bubbled.

"Thank you, you're neat too, I'll see you tomorrow," his living chair answered. Conner giggled and rushed out of the room.

Mike was still gazing at the hallway door, enjoying the memory of Conner's cute little body, so wonderfully accented in his skin tight shorts, when another thin body climbed into his lap. Without bothering to look he reached down and cupped the thin outer thigh he was sure belonged to Shawn. "We don't have to, do we?" Shawn whined. "Please?"

"Not yet," he answered, stroking the smooth fabric covering Shawn's thin, firm thigh. "Not for, a half an hour." Yes, oh yes, he thought the youngster leaned against him, shifting his backside up his legs and against his crotch. Shit, and you told Doc you didn't want two boys at once? his groin asked him as Joey wrapped an arm around his neck and pushed against his side. Yeah, he thought as he relaxed and closed his eyes.

Mike wasn't sure if Shawn stiffening in his lap or his collar vibrating a short pulse snapped him back from his utopia. "Oh shit!" he exclaimed when he looked at the clock. "I have to be home in five minutes!" He gave each of his boys a quick hug before he pushed Shawn off his lap and sprang to his feet. "I HAVE to go or Pop will kill me! I mean ground me. I'll see you in the morning, you guys go get in bed.

"We'll eat breakfast with Conner and Rob, okay," he more stated than asked as Shawn pushed against him, wrapping his thin arms around Mike's waist. "I'll be back," he assured before he grabbed his fanny pack and rushed out the door.

Joey studied the doorknob, then looked out into the hall as he started to close their bedroom door. "Do you think I should? That I have to?" he asked his little brother behind him in the room, without taking his eyes off the door.

"Well, Mike said to," Shawn answered. Joey operated the knob a couple of times, and was studying the door jam when Shawn joined him, now only wearing his string bikini underwear. "Whatevers I guess, I guess we gotta," he said, pushing against his big brother.

"What if it won't open?" Joey asked. "We could go for it, so what if these things quiver and stuff, Mike said they can't hurt us. If those other doors still open, they gotta quit sometime, and we, , ,"

"No Joey, PLEASE NO! I don't wanta again, well, and it's sorta, sorta neat here! Please? Mike, and even Conner and Robby are all, , ,"

"Shawn, don't you see! This shit isn't real, its not gonna last! Why do you think we gotta wear this shit! So they can, well, Mike's gonna fuck you until you cant walk, then give you to that Zach asshole, just like Dad made us, , ,"

"NO! Mike won't! He's not like that Joey, he's NOT! He's cool, he makes me feel all safe and stuff, sort of like you used to before, well before everything. PLEASE Joey, everyone's all happy and stuff here! I don't wanta run again!"

Joey took a deep breath as his little brother's tears dripped onto his bare stomach. "Did you see what they did to that kid, they beat him worse than Dad ever did, his back and everywhere. You want that again? All over instead of just on the ass?"

"But they are old, just like our's are," Shawn countered. "Please Joey, they don't do that here, I know they don't!" "Please Joey, please can we stay, for a little?" he whimpered as his big brother again tested the knob on the still half open door.

"If anyone tries to hurt you I'll kill them, I mean it," Joey replied, pulling his brother tightly against him. Fuck it, he thought as he pushed the door closed. He cuddled Shawn for a second or so before reaching back toward the doorknob. His mouth dropped open in surprise when the door opened each of the several times he tested it.

* * * * *

"Morning boys, time to get up," a voice drifted into Joey's sleepy mind as a hand gently shook his shoulder. He managed to focus enough to recognize Zach's face as the voice added, "Time to rise and shine, you guys have a busy day! You too, Little Bit!" he said as Joey felt his chest being shaken. Oh shit, we're busted, Joey told himself as he realized his little brother was tightly glued to his chest in the same bed. "Go get in the shower and make your beds, well bed, Mike should be here soon," Zach's voice instructed from the hallway door.

"Yeah, whatevers," Shawn mumbled, after Joey's repeated prods and pleas to wake up. He pushed his forehead against Joey's chest briefly, then stumbled out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He stumbled across the room, brushing his chest and stomach then crossed his wrists in front of his thin waist. "What? what the, , ," he mumbled, slowly looking around. "Wow! Yea, Wow!!!" he hooted, dashing to the bedroom window, tripping over his own feet as he started to wake up. I don't never want to wake up from this dream, he thought.

"Hi, Bro," Joey interrupted his thoughts. He jerked around only have his older brother pull him into a tight hug.

"Wow, I'm not dreaming, am I? Joey?" Shawn muttered as he looked around the room, and out the open hallway door. "You're still here even," he whimpered. "We're not in jail, it wasn't a dream, are we? Well was it?" he sobbed into his brother's chest.

Joey tried to catch his breath enough to answer as he hugged his brother. He managed to draw in a deep breath, and was about to attempt an answer, when Conner's angelic voice shrieked, "Come on! Mister Zach said we gotta get dressed! And Rob's coming and I'm hungry!"

Both of the brothers gawked as they shifted their gaze toward their bedroom door, and saw the golden haired eleven-year-old, stark naked, standing in their doorway with his hands on his hips. "And so is Sir Mikey, COME ON!" he demanded, with all the authority his soprano voice could muster, before disappearing down the hall toward the showers.

"I don't think even you could dream that up!" Joey laughed.

After showering, the brothers were standing at the bathroom sink when Shawn started rifling through the small grooming kit each of them had been given, his face getting more frustrated by the second. "I don't have any of that stuff we're supposed to put on our hair," he complained.

"Whatever, we don't really need it, ask Mike later," Joey replied.

"But Mister Lang said we gotta! What if we gotta go see the judge or stuff? Or the jury, Mister Lang would be pissed!"

"Shawn, we don't have to do that anymore. We came here so that all that shit would be over, remember?" Joey reminded his little brother.

The youngster thought for a second. "Do we still gotta comb it like that? That stupid old man looking way?" "Wow," he uttered when his brother said he didn't. He looked in the mirror for a few seconds before bending toward the sink and wetting his hair again, and attacking it with his new comb.

"What do you think?" he asked a minute or so later.

"Yeah, that's neat!" Joey exclaimed. "Yeah, we don't have to do all that stuff, do we," he said, his face breaking into a smile as he surveyed his little brother's light brown hair, now parted down the middle, with short bangs that sat off his little boy face and bright emerald eyes. "Yeah, you look like my little brother again." Shawn blushed, then pushed his thin body into his brother's hug.

They started out of the bathroom together, and we almost into the hall when Joey stopped and looked back into the mirror. "Go on, go get dressed, I'll be right there." he instructed.

Mike and Conner were already in the recreation room Shawn walked in. Conner was leaning against one of the windows, staring wide eyed outside, while Mike was equally absorbed in a video game.

"Hi Dude," Mike mumbled as he felt a thin body push against him. "Hey, you look great!" he added as he turned. He dropped his controller, abandoning his game as he looked over Shawn's thin tight body, the morning sun glistening the boy's skin tight shorts and half shirt. His groin stirred as the youngster blushed and ran his hands over his thin thighs and backside.

Mike pulled the boy against him, giving him a quick hug. He opened his mouth to ask where Joey was, but Conner's little boy voice cut him off. "Please sir, can't I go outside, just a little to see if he's coming?"

"How many times have I told you, you are allowed outside without your mentor. And DON'T call me Sir!" he snapped. When he looked Conner was standing in front of the exit, his hand on the doorknob.

"But please sir? I mean Mikey."

Mike didn't realize how harshly he was squeezing Shawn's neck until the boy whimpered. He took a deep breath and stroked Shawn's shoulders before turning back toward Conner. "Will your collar allow you outside? And DON'T CALL ME MIKEY!" Your dead meat, Rob. So dead, he silently added when Shawn giggled softly.

Conner was looking at Mike, his little face wrought with fear, when the doorknob jerked out of his hand, making him all but jump out of his own skin. "Hi Buddy!" Rob hooted. "Did you get into trouble? Are you acting up?" he asked, glancing between his boy and Mike.

"No, I don't think he is," Mike answered for both of them. "Are you?" he said toward the eleven year-old.

"No si, , , ah, No Mike," Conner whimpered. When Mike flashed him a grin he slammed into a tight hug with his mentor.

"Hey, what about me!" Joey asked. "Good morning, Joey!" he quipped, throwing his arms across his chest as if hugging himself.

"Come on guys, I'm hungry!" Mike said, tucking Shawn under one arm and extending his other toward Joey.

"You're not going to believe what I just saw!" Rob told Mike as the group walked toward the dining hall. "I saw Earl coming out of Pop Zach's apartment!"

Mike stumbled over his own feet. "Earl? You mean, , , Earl the, , ,"

"Yeah! I freaked!"

"Was he walking funny?" Mike chuckled. "Did he have stripes on his shorts?" "That's why Pop wasn't around this morning! "Wow, Earl?" They arrived at the cafeteria before Rob could answer.

Joey looked down at his clothes, or lack of them, and blushed as everyone else went through the door. He sighed and unconsciously covered his crotch with one hand before stepping through the door. Weird, he thought as he looked around. What had to be at least a hundred boys and teens were scattered around the large dining hall, some waiting their turn in the serving lines, more chatting quietly as they sat at different tables, eating. Everyone was dressed like he was, in skin tight spandex shorts and sleeveless, close fitting half shirts, showing much more skin than the uniforms covered.

Most of the uniforms were matching green shirts and shorts. Quite a few were ski blue like Rob's and there was a spattering of light, almost lime green and even fewer royal blue ones identical to Mike's. Everyone also wore thin gold chokers like Joey's.

His nose quickly overpowered his modesty as they neared the front of the line. Without noticing his hand moved from in front of his privates up to rub his impatient stomach as the aroma of freshly cooked bacon, ham and a dozen or so wonderful scents attacked him.

He started to follow Conner and Rob into one of the lines, but Mike stopped him. "Remember Doc put you on a special diet, you have to get in this line," he instructed as they walked.

A WHAT! His stomach complained. All that food and I'm stuck on some fucking diet? he started fuming as he watched Mike guide Shawn to a counter and instructed him to stretch his neck straight.

"Good morning, Shawn," a muscular voice behind the counter said. The boy gave him a meek grin as he looked up the six foot tall cook, probably in his late teens or early twenties. He was wearing fairly tight white coaching shirts and white tee-shirt with gold trim around the neck opening, and also had a gold neckless on.

"Wow!" Shawn exclaimed as the man loaded his tray with several plate and saucers. "All this is for me?" No shit! Joey thought as he looked over the mountains of sausage, fruit, scrambled eggs and toast on Shawn's tray.

Some diet! Joey thought as tried to steady his overladen tray toward a nearby table.

* * * * *

Shawn and Joey's morning became fast paced immediately after Mike walked them back to the Evaluation Center, each of them taking test after test to evaluate their academic level, along with several personality and psychological evaluations.

Whatevers, I knew he wasn't gonna, Shawn told himself as he finished a test and looked up at the clock, noticing Mike was almost ten minutes late to take him swimming.

"Whatevers, sir," he answered when he turned the papers in to his evaluator, and was told he didn't have to do anything more until after lunch, and could go to the Rec room. Whatevers, maybe just go back to my cell? he told the floor tiles as he shuffled down the hall. He paused briefly, then turned and went to his bedroom instead. Whatevers, Joey was right maybe. Maybe we still can run. he decided as he buried his face in his pillow.

"Hey, do you feel okay? Why are you in here?" Mike's voice interrupted his sobs a couple of minutes later.

"Are you okay, did one of the others fuck with you?" Joey added. "Just tell me who, I'll, , ,"

"What's wrong, why are you crying?" Mike cut Joey off as he twisted Shawn around and pulled him against his chest.

"You didn't come! You said we were going to come get me to go swimming and you didn't," Shawn whimpered. "You was gonna take us at 10:30 and I waited and waited and you didn't come! And you promised! Whatevers. I don't care. You're like, well, , , leave me alone! I hate you!" He jerked out of Mike's arms and dove back into his pillow.

"Shawn, I was waiting for you, you were late! I have been in the rec room waiting for you. We got a little worried and asked the computer to find you."

"He was, I got done early and was waiting too, and Mike was here, well there," Joey added.

"Whatevers," was Shawn's only reply, muffled as by the pillow he was speaking into. "Just go away, go fuck off!"

Mike jerked upright as he felt a big hand cup his neck. He shook his head side to side toward Hutchinson after following the hand to the doctor's face. When Hutchinson didn't move he snapped his head backwards, toward the bedroom door, and shot a glare to Hutchinson and Zach, standing next to the doctor. GO! NOW! he silently lipped, ignoring their concerned faces.

Mike took a deep breath and held it as he thought. What did Doc teach us about this? Was I ever that freaked, that scared? He answered his own question as he thought back to his time in the Evaluation Center. He felt his butt cheeks tighten as the memories of the time he spent in Reform School, and his life before Boy's Village. No, he's too little, they wouldn't, he thought as he remembered how much it hurt each time the guards, and older Reform School inmates raped him.

"Come on bro, chill," Joey's voice interrupted his thoughts. "I don't trust them too, but Mike didn't do anything. He got a little scared when you didn't show, I did too. You made me promise to try it here, but you won't?" he continued, rubbing his little brother's back and shoulders. "I didn't run last night, like I think we should have, now it's your turn." He gasp when he realized what he had said in front of Mike.

Shawn's sobbing slowed, then he lay motionless for a minute or so as Mike and Joey stroked his back and shoulders. "I'm sorry," he whimpered to his pillow. "I guess I screwed everything up, I'm sorry!"

"Well, you screwed up going jogging, but we still have time to go swimming, if you still want to," Mike responded. "Go wash your face, and we'll just jog to the pool, no one will know!"

"I still get to? I'm not gonna get, , ,"

"You just 'gotta' go wash your face, and comb your hair, JUST like you did this morning!" Mike cut him off. "Go on, hurry, if you still want to swim!"

Zach and Hutchinson just had time to duck from the hallway into the snack room before Shawn rushed out of his bedroom, toward the bathroom. "Mike is amazing, your mentor program has taught him, well, better than I ever thought." Zack whispered.

"He has progressed so very much while here," Hutchinson softly answered. "Before you were hired, when I brought him to the Village, he was much more frightened than either of those two. He even tried to stab us with pencils a couple of times while we evaluated him!" he answered. "Now he's one of the most outstanding, loyal residents that has ever lived here."

"Thanks Joey, thanks for cutting me slack," Mike's voice, clearly just outside the snack room, silenced Zach before he could respond. "But please don't run, you cant, and it really sucks when they catch you. Come on dude, it's a bunch better than the street."

"Are you going to bring me, to the guards?"

"They are not guards!" Mike chuckled. "But no I wont. Don't worry about the staff, if you play their games, and suck up a little, they're a bunch of wimps. Shit, I have all of them, even Doc eating out of my hand!"

Zach had to put his hand over his mouth to keep from snorting as he watched Hutchinson face flash crimson, the veins in his neck and forehead bulging out so far Zach was sure they would burst any minute. They both shuddered when they heard Mike add, "You want some juice or something?"

Mike was about to step into the snack room when Shawn's high pitched grunt distracted him. "Walk! No running inside," he chastised. "That looks great, we need to get you some styling gel," he said. He ran his fingers through the boy's short bangs before he guided them to Shawn's thin frame between Joey and himself. "Let's go get wet," he suggested.

"Come on," he said as they stepped outside. Both brothers followed as he started trotting down the hill.

The brothers were more out of breath than they expected by the time they reached to pool gate. "Wow, it's been a long time since I've gotten to run like that!" Joey panted. They followed Mike's lead and stripped and took a quick shower. Joey, Shawn right behind him followed Mike back into the locker room, somewhat wondering what to do next.

"Ready?" Mike asked as he opened a nearby door.

Joey gawked when he saw the sun's bright light reflecting off the pool's water through the door. "Well, but what do we wear? What about, like, , ," he asked.

"Oh, you can wear suits if you want to," Mike answered. "But almost everyone wears their birthday suits!" he added as he turned back toward them, his teenage equipment flapping freely between his legs. "There are some over in that cabinet, you have to wear the white ones, but almost no one wears them!"

Shawn and Joey continued to hold their towels in front of them as they glanced between each other and Mike, still standing by the door completely unembarrassed, several times. Shawn giggled a soft laugh, then proclaimed, "You got wood!"

Joey's face blushed every color of the rainbow when he looked down and saw the lump in his towel. "Yeah, but so do you!" he countered, pointing at his little brother's towel draped crotch. It was Shawn's turn to blush.

"Come on guys, try it, it feels great!" Mike bubbled, trying to keep from laughing. "Try it, if you feel embarrassed put some suits on." "Just try it," he added, gently pulling or their towels.

The brothers glanced at each other again before Shawn, then Joey let go of their towel, both of them blushing bright red as they covered their privates with their hands and Mike tossed their towels into a nearby hamper. They were breathless as Mike led them through the door, but calmed a little as they looked around and saw ten or so more boys swimming and walking around the outdoor pool, all but two of them stark naked. The other two were wearing tight fitting lime-green lycra string bikinis. Shawn giggled and darted to ahead, jumping into the pool with his brother right behind.

They relaxed quickly as the refreshing warm water and bright sunlight rejuvenated them, their modesty disappearing as they frolicked in the water. Five minutes or so later Shawn remembered Mike, and looked around for him.


he thought when he saw his mentor next to the lifeguard stand, laughing and squirming as a well built, deeply tanned older teen, wearing a white string bikini trimmed in gold, and with a whistle hanging around his neck, hugged him.

"Come here! Come on, I want you to meet someone!" Mike bubbled toward his charge as his and Shawn's eyes met. Before Shawn could respond Mike let out a loud laugh when the older teen kissed his neck.

"This is one of my new boys, Shawn," Mike began after Shawn swam to the edge. "Well great, and my other boy, Joey!" Before Shawn could look around Joey wrapped an arm around his little brother and pushed against his side. "Guys, this is Luke, he was my roommate last year, now he works here."

"Hi Shawn, Joey, is he being too much of a dick?" the lifeguard said, pulling Mike against his chest and grabbing Mike's stomach. "Let me know, I'll whip his skinny little ass," he added, poking Mike in the ribs.

"You and your fuck'n army!" Mike giggled, "DON'T! That tickles!"

"Welcome to Boy's Village, do you like it here so far?" Luke asked.

"Ah, Yes Sir," Joey answered.

"See, you are getting old! You're a Sir now, you old fart!" Mike quipped, poking his elbow back at his captor.

"At least I'm not a Sir Mikey!" Luke countered. "Well, MIKEY?" he teased as Mike turned crimson.

"I'm gonna get Rob, sooooo bad, I'm never going to live that down!"

"Yes Sir Mikey! But I better get back to work. I'm off Saturday, do you want to come to the apartment?" he asked the back of Mike's neck.

"We're going sailing," Mike answered.

Well, if you think you can talk Doc into it, come Saturday night! All of you can come if you want to," he suggested. "Call me, but I have to go before I get busted." Not waiting for a reply he kissed Mike's neck, then grabbed him between the legs and around his chest, and tossed him ten feet or so into the pool.

"Who's Luke? Do you really get to go to his apartment?" Joey asked while they were getting dressed an hour or so later.

"He's old, does he still gotta stay here too? He's got one of these," Shawn chimed in, pointing at his collar.

"Luke was my roommate for, I think two years, he goes to college now," Mike began. "He's like, ah, I can't remember his name, the dude that served our breakfast. If you graduate from Doc's program, you can go to college in town, and get to go to work here. They have their own apartments the Village gives them, and they get paid too, Luke just bought a car! It's pretty neat, I got one more year and I can do it."

"But, they got these things? They still get zapped and stuff?" Joey asked, rubbing his collar between his fingers.

"They do, but they can take their's off. They have to wear them at work so the computer can call them, sort of like paging them, but they wear them most times anyway. Come on, I'm hungry!"

"YEAH!" Shawn exclaimed. "They got real food here even! Collars are neat for that!"

"He is easy to please!" Mike snickered toward Joey as they ran behind the thirteen-year-old toward the dining hall.

* * * * *

Mike's collar pulsed as soon as he stepped out of the Evaluation Center's door after dropping Shawn and Joey off. No, I have a quiz next class! he thought as he went back into the center and to the closest computer. His throat tightened so much it was hard to swallow as he read the message awaiting him, directing him to report to Doctor Hutchinson's office.

To be continued. . .