Shawn and Joey: A New Life

Chapter Three

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What did I do? Mike wondered, Or what did they find out I did? Fuck, I don't want to get busted, please, I hope he's not pissed, Mike prayed, looking at Hutchinson's open office door. He looked down at his blue, level four shorts and ran his hands over his thighs checking for wrinkles. Goodbye, it was fun while it lasted, he thought. He took several deep breaths, trying to relax.

"Hi Doc!" he bubbled as he stepped into the doorway.

"Hi to you, thanks for coming," Hutchinson answered. "I need to attend to some matters at the school building, will you walk with me?"

"Sure! Sir," he attempted a happy smile.

"I'm worried about Shawn, how do you think he is doing?" Hutchinson asked as they started across the courtyard.

"He's, , , well, still kind of freaked, but I think he's doing okay."

"He scared us earlier. The computer fired red flags like an atomic meltdown. His anxiety level was read so high I was sure I was responding to a full breakdown," the doctor said. "Do you want some help? I'm thinking about assigning one of them to another mentor."

"No Doc! You cant!" You're NOT gonna take him, no fucking way!, the sixteen year-old thought as Shawn's cute little body and warm cuddles flashed through his mind. Come on brain, use some of the shit he taught you! "He, I mean Joey and him are starting to trust me, and, I promised them I would be there. You cant take one of them, well, , , because then they won't trust anyone again!" Yeah, good one! "And, they are really close to each other, and now they can be together again, they're really starting to bind again. The binding process you taught us."

"Thank you Doctor, but it's BONDING," Hutchinson snickered. "But very good, you weren't sleeping through Monitoring Class, I guess you just looked like it."

"Doc, I swear I only fell asl, , ," he cut himself off when he realized he was digging his own grave.

"You are cute when you turn that bright a red!" the doctor chuckled. He put his hand on the teen's bare shoulder and pulled him close before they started walking again.

"You have an excellent point, I'm proud of you for being so intuitive," Hutchinson said. "I need for you to answer a question, honestly. I hope you can trust me enough to. I know you like him a lot, both of them, but are you in love with Shawn?"

Mike stiffened, his mouth dropping open. "Come on Son, I've been your psychiatrist for three years. And Pop Zach has told me how much your face lights up when you are with him."

"Ah, I don't know, sir," Mike whispered after a long pause.

"Thank you for being so open with me." He squeezed the lad's arm before continuing. "I have my first session with Shawn, with each of them in a few minutes. Let me see what comes out of it, and think about this. Would you mind stopping by my office before you take them swimming this afternoon?"

"Yes sir, I mean no sir, I'll be there."

"I already changed your schedule, you can leave school at two twenty. You better get to class, we'll talk soon." he gave Mike's shoulder a final squeeze and turned away.

Am I in love with him, or his cute little body? Mike asked himself as he walked away.

* * * * *

"Hi Mike, come in, close the door," Hutchinson instructed. He moved from behind his desk to a nearby couch, gesturing Mike to sit next to him.

"You were correct, it would not be wise to move either of them to another mentor, they both worship you as a hero, their savior," he began. "I would like to make a couple of changes in their program," he said, ignoring the teen's blush.

"I would like you to pick another mentor, someone that is not sponsoring a boy right now, and bring him into your little group. Not as a mentor, but as a friend. I'll leave it up to you what rights he has with each of the brothers. Pick someone that you are good friends with, and tell me who you want before supper."

"Yes sir," Mike answered, knowing that the doctor's suggestion was actually an order.

"Also, no sex, just for Shawn," he added. Mike's mouth dropped open before he continued, " Not forever, but for short while, until he's more stable. I want him to become comfortable with an emotional relationship before a physical involvement complicates things for him. I've already adjusted his parameters on the computer."

"Yes sir," the teen mumbled. "But, what if, well, if he wants to? I mean if he, , , comes on to me, ah to someone?"

"I knew you were asleep during that part of class!" Hutchinson tittered, squeezing the boy's knee. "Remember those little key words, like 'let's go slow', and 'I want to wait until it can be really special'? But, as I said, I've programmed the computer, your necklaces will warn both of you if anyone starts getting too excited. You better get going, you damn sure don't want to be late to meet them."

"Yes sir," Mike groaned more than said. He walked to the door and started to open it, but turned back. "But you didn't, well I mean if I'm not with him, you didn't, well," he stammered.

"As long as Shawn isn't there, you can dream as vividly as you wish, just don't stain the ceiling," Hutchinson interrupted him. "GO!"

Sometimes I hate these damn things, he thought, rubbing his collar between his fingers. His groin and stomach tightened as if in agreement.

"MIIKE!" Shawn's high pitched shriek snapped him out of his self pity as he turned into the hall leading to the Evaluation Center's recreation room. "Yea, YEA!" the boy hooted as he darted toward the hallway door. "Shit!" he said a couple of steps later, grabbing his collar.

"You know better, you'll learn," Mike grinned as the boy wrapped his arms around him. "Are you done, ready to go swimming?" he asked as he hugged the youngster.

"Yeah! But they still got Joey in there, can you make them let him out?"

"I'm sure he, , ," he stopped when he saw a door start to open behind Shawn's back. "Okay, I can," he said, hoping it was Joey. "Pop, get my boy out here, RIGHT NOW!" he barked. "See, they listen to me!" he bragged as Joey walked up to them and tousled Shawn's hair.

Mike's knees almost buckled an instant later when Zach barked, "Yes sir, Chicken Legs, right away sir!" from behind. Oh God, I'm so dead! he almost fainted when he felt a large hand cup his shoulder. "Don't you want to take your boys swimming, while you are still breathing?" the voice asked.

"Yes sir," Mike blushed.

"Have fun," Zach snickered, swatting the older teen's tight butt with his hand.

"Let's jog," Mike told his young charges as they went out the door. Let's get the hell away from here, he silently added, trying to ignore Zach's laughter, ringing through the closed door.

Shawn and Joey seemed to start to get more comfortable swimming in the nude after a few minutes in the pool. They let Mike toss them into the air several times, and began diving off his shoulders. When Mike went to talk to Luke a few minutes later they began mingling with a couple of the other boys in the water, only feeling slightly shy about the nudeness.

Joey watched a little longingly as several other kids climbed out of water and walked to the diving boards. After ten or so kids calmly scurried around on the deck, he took a deep breath and climbed out. After watching his brother dive several times Shawn shrugged, and joined him.

"Look at your little guys," Luke commented. "They're coming around."

"Yeah, they are," Mike replied, surveying Shawn's firm little body. "Fuck look at his butt!"

"I know, perfect little melons, I sure would like to squeeze them and see if they are ripe," Luke chuckled.

"No, the scars, holly shit, look at them. I'd love to find the fucker that did that to him," Mike growled.

"No, no dude, you don't do that anymore, remember? Besides, I think the older one already took care of that for you." "You couldn't see it in here, but their trial was on TV."

"What do you mean? I know they were in jail, grownup jail, but Doc didn't tell me much more."

Luke looked away for a few seconds. "We better not talk here, I'll tell you later. I know you have the hots for the little one, but don't cross his big brother." He ignored Mike's prying glare. "It's going to get out anyway, I'll bet half the kids that come in here after them know who they are."

"I know who would be perfect," Luke said, hoping to change the subject. "For what Doc wants, for your helper. What about Benjy?"

"Yeah! Yeah, he'd love it too!" Mike answered. "Hey, you're not a complete dumbass!" he proclaimed, poking the nineteen year-old in the ribs. "Be right back,"

Mike walked about half way to the locker room, but turned back and returned to his older friend. "Fuck, I forgot, I can't get that far away from them. Will you go send Doc a message?"

As Luke walked away Mike noticed Shawn's thin body in the corner of his eye, walking behind him toward the diving board. Why not? he asked himself. Shawn had no idea what was coming until Mike grabbed him from behind, scooping him up into his arms.

The youngster screamed and jerked around, trying to break free, until Mike turned him around to face him, cupping his firm little butt in one hand. "Ready to go flying?" he asked. "Take a deep breath, and hold it!" he cautioned, twisting to keep his little cargo from wrapping his arms around his neck. "One, , , Two, , ," he counted as he twisted his hips, upper body and Shawn's completely rigid frame side to side. He indulged in another gentle squeeze of his boy's round, firm boy butt before yelling, "THREE!" and launched the youngster out over the water.

Shawn flailed his arms and legs, letting out a giggle that seemed to echo off the fence surrounding the open air pool, as he flew into the air and landed in the water. "YEAH! That was awesome!" he hooted when he resurfaced. "Go on Joey! Throw Joey, please Mike?"

Mike looked around for Joey right before Luke's voice caught his attention. "Do you want to try it, do you want Mike to throw you, or me?" When Mike turned to his friend's, voice Luke was holding Joey in almost a death grip, pinning the younger teen's arms across his thin chest.

"Do it Joey, it's awesome!" Shawn streaked, hopping in the water toward the deck.

Luke whispered something to his captor before letting him go. Shawn answered Luke's question when he scampered out of the water and climbed up Mike's legs. "You call it, roomie," Luke told Mike as he scooped Joey into his arm, cupping his butt.

"ONE! TWO!" Mike yelled as he rocked his brown haired boy back and forth toward the pool. "THREE!!!" he thundered, throwing his boy high into the air. He laughed so hard he grabbed his abdomen as the two brothers catapulted out over the water, screaming with joy.

"Man, those little melons are ripe for picking," Mike chuckled at his friend as they watched the brothers splash around. "After two wonderful squeezes, they are!"

"Be careful too, what you do with the younger one," Luke replied in a taught voice. "Joe, or whatever his name is, was about to nail your ass when I grabbed him."

"No dude, he was just worried about his brother," Mike countered.

"And his kick was about an inch from making you a tenor, for life. And what the fuck did you get me into!" he added in a soft voice as Joey pushed against him, reaching up at his neck. "Okay, one more time," he said, scooping the youngster up. "You're too heavy!" he told his giggling squirm-worm.

Shawn and Joey only halfheartedly complained a few minutes later when Mike informed them it was time to leave the pool. "Down boy!" Luke quipped as he and Mike watched their tight round backsides rush off toward the shower, pointing down at his friends crotch.

"Shit, Doc's getting even with me for something," Mike groaned before joining them in the dressing room. Fuck, I don't know if he is hotter dressed, or naked, he thought as he watched Shawn squirm into fresh white spandex. Shit, both of them, he decided as he watched Joey bend over to put his shoes on, his skin tight shorts riding deep into his buttcrack.

"Do we gotta go back to Evac, ah, to Mister Zach's?" Shawn asked as they left the locker room.

"Not unless you want to," Mike answered. "I have to go check in, to my cottage, you want to go? Then we're going shopping, how's that sound?" Shawn tucked himself under the older teen's arm as his answer. Joey pushed against Shawn's other side, wrapping his arm around his little brother's waist as they walked.

Several groups of other kids were scattered about the grounds, more streaming out of the school building when the trio exited the pool area. "Wow, everyone does have to wear this stuff," Joey commented as he looked around at the sea of shiny spandex.

"Whatevers, it's comfortable! Well, I think so," Shawn said, rubbing his hand over his thigh.

"Where are the guards? There's just kids everywhere," Joey asked.

"There aren't guards here, no one is guarding us, are they?" Mike countered.

"What about them?" Joey asked, pointing at a group of boys in lime green shorts and shirts, seemingly being herded by a couple of teens in blue spandex uniforms.

"They are level ones, most of them just got here. The higher your level the more freedom you get." "That's where you don't want to end up," Mike said, pointing at another group wearing lime green uniforms with red stripes running the side of their shorts, and red trim on their half shirts, walking in a double file line. Two teens wearing uniforms identical to Mike's were escorting them. "That's restriction, if you screw up."

"Hey dudes! Check it out!" Conner's high pitched shriek interrupted. He darted in front of them, seemingly modeling his skin tight shorts and shirt.

"Wow, congratulations!" Mike exclaimed. He bent slightly rubbing his hand over the green stripe on each side of the pre-teen's white shorts. "Is there homework in there?" he asked, poking the lad's fanny pack.

"His first day back in school," Rob added. Conner blushed and rushed next to his mentor.

Pop Sammy was standing on the front porch of his cottage, greeting boys as they arrived. "Hi guys, you haven't worn him out yet!" he teased, tossing Shawn and Joey's hair. "You guys hungry?" The brothers glanced at each other then down at their shoes. "That was a dumb question I guess."

"Ah, Pop, I forgot my books at Eval, can I do my homework there? Sir?" Mike risked.

"You can pick it up when you drop them off after supper too, can't you?" the man countered.

"Ah, well, but, , ," Mike stammered.

"Not two nights in a row. Tomorrow's Friday, you can stay out late, and you guys have all weekend."

"Well, but, Pop, maybe if, , ," Mike began. "I mean Yes Sir," he said when his dorm-dad glared at him. "Come on guys, let's go munch. We're going to the store, Pop!"

The boys were walking back toward the Administration building when a when a tall, wiry teen with fire engine red hair yelled, "Hey fool, where you going?" "Oh I'm sorry, Sire Mikey, your highness," he added, bowing toward Mike.

"Fuck off, Bow-wow," Mike groaned. He closed his eyes for an instant trying to ignore Shawn and Joey's giggles. "These are my new boys, Shawn and Joey. Guys, this is Benjy, , , I mean Ben," he quipped. "Or just call him Spot!"

"Stuff it bitch," the red head countered. Both brothers giggled again as they looked at the millions of red freckles covering the boy, as many on his bare torso and arms as were on his face.

"Hey dude, I'm up for four! Doc told me today!" he announced.

"Cool, you better get it this time!" Mike proclaimed. "What level is Ben?" he asked his charges.

"Ah, whatever Rob is," Shawn mumbled.

"He's three!" Joey proclaimed.

"Great! How do you like it here so far?" Ben responded. "It's a little crazy, but pretty cool."

"It's okay, I guess." Joey said. "I wish we had clothes, sort of, , , well but it's lots better than where we were, where we used to live."

"Yeah, me too. Hey, you want to go shoot some hoops?" he suggested toward Mike.

The pleading looks Shawn and Joey shot Mike answered for them. "You wanta get your ass whipped, again!" Mike quipped toward Ben. "We have to go to the store first, want to go with us, then go shoot?"

Shawn and Joey were unprepared for their latest discovery when Mike and Ben led them into the Village's Student Store. They walked through several isles of merchandise ranging from books, Music CD's and rental DVD's to toiletry items until Mike stopped at a display of hair conditioners and treatments. "That stuff is pretty good, but get whatever you like," he told Shawn. After a second he pulled his petrified little charge in front of him. "You need it if you want to wear your hair like this," he said, brushing Shawn's short bangs.

"But we don't got any money," Joey answered for his little brother.

Both brothers stared in disbelief as Mike explained that anything they need for grooming, or school was free. "Has Doc given you an allowance yet?" he asked. Assuming their lost expressions to be a no, he explained that they could buy anything else in the store with the credits their allowance would provide. "Here, try this, I think it will make your hair look great! Oh, and here, you definitely will need some of this," he told Shawn, handing him the hair conditioner and jar of suntan lotion.

"Do you want some?" Ben asked Joey. When the boy didn't move he gently guided him in front of his chest, pulling the boy's back against him.

Joey squirmed as Ben wrapped his arms around his thin spandex clad frame, and felt his eyes widen as he felt his tightly fitted shirt softly vibrate against Ben's. He started to pull away, but instead leaned back against Ben's warmth.

After their mentors showed the brothers how to check out their purchases by displaying their collars, then the purchase, to a computer terminal, Joey didn't resist when Ben draped his thin, freckled arm over his shoulder as they walked out of the store. "There was no one in there but us, why can't you just take what you want and leave?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Mike answered, reaching over and slipping a finger under Joey's collar.

Joey was digesting Mike's comment, wondering just what else the collars did, or kept him from doing, when Shawn's whimper interrupted his thoughts, "But, we don't get to go play? Please, you promised!"

Joey looked up and noticed that they were approaching the door to the Evaluation Center. "Whatevers," his little brother sobbed.

"We are! Go put your stuff in your room, then we will, okay?" Mike replied. "Go on, we'll be right here!" he added, gesturing the youngster inside. "Thanks for helping dude, they are so scared," he said toward Ben after closing the door behind his boys.

"Shit! Thanks for picking me! I thought I was going to rip my shorts when Joey squirmed against me! And Shawn, he's the little teddy bear everyone wishes they could sleep with, every night!"

"Yeah, and Doctor Asshole cut me off. My balls have been so sore all afternoon I know they're going explode," Mike told the Evaluation Center door, staring inside waiting for his boys.

* * * * *

"Do you think it's a cage again?" Joey asked as he looked around their bedroom for a place to hide his new purchases.

Shawn stiffened as he snapped to his brother's reference. He pushed his way under his big brother's arm and leaned his head against Joey's chest. "But if it is, maybe we don't gotta be in it alone," he softly cried.

"Or wear those fuck'n chains," Joey told his brothers hair, in a soft voice. "Go get some exercise Brat, and don't trip TOO much!" he teased.

"I don't trust any of this shit, that they got here, too. This ain't real, they're just getting us ready for something. But come on, before they zap us or something." He ran a finger over his little brother's collar.

Shawn walked with his brother to the bedroom door, but pulled away and slammed the door. "I sorta like it here. Please chill Joey, everyone's happy here."

"What if they, , ," Joey turned away from his brother. "When they want to, when they turn these things on, it's gonna be just like that cow thing Dad's friend had! We can let them fuck us until we can't walk, or, , , well, you remember!"

Shawn rubbed his back and side, then reached up to his collar. "But, they don't hurt, they just jiggle. Mike said they won't hurt us."

"Until they want to make them hurt. Dad's belt didn't hurt till he got drunk. Fuck it, the next time this thing zaps me, or you, I'm gonna rip it off. I'll kill anyone that tries to stop me."

* * * * *

"I'm sorry Mike, but I have to step in, Joey is out of control," Hutchinson told his two young mentors from the other side of the door.

"No! No PLEASE Doc!" Mike gasp. He paled when he realized how tightly he was grasping the doctor's wrist, forcing it away from the knob. "I'm sorry sir, but, well you said, , ," I'm dead, I'm back to level one, Restriction level one, the teen thought as his eyes followed the doctor's to his hand. "Excuse me, sir." He counted the floor tiles as he followed his doctor and friend into the snack room.

"Mike, I know you want to help, and you like them, but you heard what he said, Hutchinson said. "I'm moving him to the Re-socialization, for his safety, and yours. Joey is dangerous."

The teen clenched his jaw and glanced to Ben for support. "So were a lot of us, sir," he answered. "You, you didn't send me to RS when I tried to burn down my cottage, sir." Or for grabbing you, well yet. Screw it, I'm dead anyway, he told himself. "Or when I set fire to Luke's bed," he added. Here it comes, he thought as Hutchinson's seething eyes seemed to drill holes in his forehead.

"Ben?" Hutchinson growled. "How do you feel," he added when the redhead failed to answer.

"Ah, , ," Ben began, but looked at his friend for an instant. So much for level four, he decided. "Ah, sir, you always said to judge someone by their actions. Has he done anything yet? Sir?"

The doctor took a deep breath as he studied his young helpers' faces. "Maybe I trained you guys too well," he grumbled. "Okay, you get a chance. But be careful boys, don't get hurt,"

"Thanks Doc," Mike almost whispered. "I'm sorry I grabbed and stuff, sir,"

"Don't worry about it," the man answered. He pulled the teen against him before adding, "Oh, but Mike, the only reason you didn't go to Re-Socialization is because Luke covered for you, remember? I always knew you did it, but I couldn't prove it, until now." He gave the ashen faced statue leaning against him a cagey grin. "Go get your boys," he said, rubbing the teens back before walking out of the room.

Mike leaned against the wall and put his forearm on his head. "Wow," he muttered.

"You really set Luke's bed on fire?" Ben asked. "There's no way, you cant get matches or shit in here!"

"But they provide electric cords for us," Mike tittered. "Let's get out of here!"

Both mentors panicked a little when they saw Shawn and Joey's door open, and their room empty. "Where'd you go? We thought you left us!" Shawn exclaimed when he saw them enter the recreation room. "We looked everywhere for you!"

"Did you look in the bathroom?" Mike risked. "Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!"

"Come on, before all the courts are full!" Ben added before Shawn could answer. "You and me, we'll kick their ass!" he declared, slapping Joey's arm. Joey lunge at his assailant as he rushed out the door, but the tall, thin redhead was already twenty feet away, sprinting down the hill when Joey got outside. "Race ya!" Ben yelled.

"Don't bother, he's skinny, but he can out run a jet," Mike said and chuckled as he and Shawn walked next to Joey.

Shawn and Joey exchanged wide eyed glances as they looked over the outdoor basketball compound. Four full sized courts were lined up next to each other, with a cyclone fence surrounding them. There were no gates in the fencing, just evenly spaced openings in the fence with a backstop style fencing on the outside of each opening to keep the game balls inside.

Ben was waiting in one of the courts shooting free throws. "Come on, two-on-two, half court!" he hoots, tossing the ball to Mike.

The boys played for the next ten minutes or so. Ben and Joey quickly took the lead, but only because of Ben's shooting skills. Mike scored the majority of points for he and Shawn, with Shawn scoring a couple, but Joey's long incarceration had taken its toll on his skills, and only a few of his shots even touched the backboard.

Their countless days of sitting in their tiny cells also resurfaced, wearing Shawn out before Joey. "I'm tired, I want sit down," the youngster told Mike. His flushed face verified his fatigue.

"Yeah, fuck it, I can't hit shit, I can't do shit no more," Joey groaned as Mike walked Shawn toward some benches.

"Yeah you can, you just need to practice, and your stance is all wrong," Ben countered, earning a dirty glare from Joey. "For real! When your arms are shooting at the basket, your body is shooting over there!" he continued, pointing off to the left.

"Line up before you shoot, point your feet at the basket, like this," he said. He lined his body up with the backboard and dropped a twenty foot or so shot into the basket, never touching the backboard. "You're shooting like this," he said after retrieving the ball. He pointed his feet and torso off to the left and shot, his ball missing its mark. "Try it," he ordered.

Joey shot his carrot topped instructor another glare, then took a shot, glancing off the edge of the backboard. "No, Dude, you're still doing it. Well, you're twisting, you are shooting with your leg!" Ben exclaimed. How did coach say it, his way we could understand? he asked himself.

He stepped in front of Joey and gave him the ball. "Hold your legs still, well and your butt," he directed. "Shoot with your arm, and swing your shoulders, and chest is all, well push with them," he said, grasping Joey's shoulders and twisting his student's upper body. "Try it," he suggested, stepping out of the way.

"No, you're still doing it!" he complained as Joey's shot missed its mark. How did coach do that? He somewhere between thought and prayed as he retrieved the ball. Yeah! he silently added before stepping behind his pupil.

Joey stiffened and started to twist around when he felt Ben's long thin fingers wrap around the sides of his scantily clad pelvis. "No, dude, I'm just going to hold your hips still," Ben reassured him. "Go on, shoot, use your shoulder and arm."

Joey felt his butt and leg muscles tighten as Ben's hands slid over his tight spandex shorts, then tighten their grasp on his thin body. "Use your chest when you shoot," Ben reassured him.

"Wow," the younger teen muttered as he watched his shot bounce off the backboard, then the basket rim. He didn't argue when Ben sent him to retrieve the ball. His hips involuntarily squirmed slightly when his young instructor again grasped him, but gasp as his shot hit the backboard, then bounced of each side of the basket rim.

"Come on, you're there, Dude!" Ben reassured him as he clutched Joey's hips again.

"Yea! ! ! Yeah Joey! Yea!" Shawn's high pitched howl rang as everyone watched the ball drop through the rim into the basket. Joey took a quick glance toward his brother, now perched in Mike's lap, before rushing to retrieve the ball. He somewhat automatically lined up and waited for his red headed coach to cup is thin body. He was sighting his next shot when he saw some motion below, and cracked a wide smile noticing Mike and Shawn below the basket.

He fired shot after shot for the next few minutes, his little brother and his mentor retrieving his balls. When he sunk two baskets in a row Ben let out a cheer and wrapped his arms around Joey's ribs, hugging him. "Thanks, thanks for, well thanks!" Joey exclaimed, squirming around in Ben's grasp to return the hug.

"Hey, guys," Mike interrupted their cuddle a few seconds later. "I'm getting hungry, and Little Bit is getting grumpy, I think he's gonna start chewing on my arm if we don't feed him something, quick!"

Joey looked at his little brother, then back at Ben. "Can we shoot some again, I mean will you, well thanks for your help."

"Want to tomorrow, right after school?" Ben asked. He didn't wait for a reply, but tucked Joey under his thin shoulder.

* * * * *

"You're not gonna leave, well right now, are you?" Shawn whimpered into Mike's chest as they approached the Evaluation Center after supper.

"I have to soon, you heard Pop, but we can play a couple of games or something first," Mike answered the almost limp youngster leaning against him.

"Well, maybe if I can watch you? I'm sort of tired."

Tired he was, or they were. When Mike and Ben settled onto the carpet in front of the wide screen monitor, Shawn squirmed against Mike's side and leaned against his chest. A minute or so later the youngster twisted and lay his head and shoulders into Mike's lap, sound asleep.

"Your's too," Ben commented. When Mike looked over to his mentoring partner, Joey was cuddled under Ben's arm, snoring softy into his freckled pillow.

"Let's put them to bed, I think you wore them down," Zach's voice injected from behind. The dorm-dad gently scooped Joey into his arms. Mike struggled a little, but followed behind with Shawn. "Get them undressed and under the covers," Zach instructed as he lay Joey in his bed. "I'm going to my apartment, you guys show yourselves out, okay?" He didn't wait for an answer and left the room.

"I gotta go," Mike whimpered as he looked down at Shawn's little button nose, and forehead a couple of minutes later. "My balls have to be as big as basketballs," he groaned.

"Yeah, I want to hear you explain that to Pop," Ben snickered, pointing to Mike's shorts.

"Hey Dude, I wasn't sure if you were coaching baseball or basketball with him," Mike countered. "Your bat was sure pushing against your shorts. Well, is!" he chuckled.

"God, I feel like I brought a big bat, and a couple of bowling balls," Ben replied, squeezing his crotch between his long legs as he looked down at Joey. "We gotta go."

To be continued. . .