Shawn and Joey: A New Life

Chapter Four

Mike was walking from his cottage to the Evaluation Center the next morning, enjoying the memory of Shawn's innocent face, and his beautiful little body sleeping so comfortably in his lap, when Rob's voice disturbed his thoughts.

"Hey Mikey!" the fifteen year-old teased. "Where were you last night, where were your boys? Did they get busted?" Mike felt a surge of panic rush through his body as he turned to his friend. "When I brought Conner home, no one was around, and their door was closed."

"Oh, ah, they were dead tired, they fell asleep right after supper, they were in bed," he answered. Fuck, I hope they were! he thought. Without thinking he quickened his pace. No, Joey, PLEASE don't fuck up, not now.

"Did Doc really cut you off? What did you do?"

Mike's groin tightened as an answer. "Yeah, but, just from Shawn. I didn't get busted or anything," Well, yet, he thought, "They're still kind of freaked. But still it sucks, I almost blew a hole in the shower wall last night."

"How do you think I feel, I can't touch Conner till he's twelve! That's a year!" Rob complained. "But I knew that before I got him, so I, , ," "Dude, look! I told you!" he exclaimed, pointing at one of the side doors going into the Evaluation Center.

"Dude!" Mike exclaimed. "Hi Earl, Sleep Good?" he yelled at the teenager rushing away from the door. The boy turned crimson as he glanced toward Mike and Rob.

"You're fuck'n crazy!" Rob giggled. "If he tells Pop Zack you are Totally Dead! I'm dead just for being with you!"

"I bet he's got stripes by Sunday," Mike chuckled. "Hey, he's not too sore, he still can run!"

They were still laughing and joking as they entered the Evaluation Center. Little Conner was waiting at the door and wrapped his arms around Rob's waist. Mike tensed a little as he looked around the empty recreation room for his boys.

"Hi guys!" Zack said as he stepped into the room. "Can I talk to you for a second Chicken Legs?" he asked Mike.

Oh shit, Joey did fuck up! Oh no, he heard me teasing Earl, that's got to be it. Shit I am dead! God, level one sucks so much! Mike thought. "Yes sir!" he bubbled as he followed the adult into a small office. "Pop, ah, , ," he began.

"Both your boys overdid yesterday, they are pretty stiff and sore," Zach began. "I had to help Joey out of bed, and Shawn isn't much better. Have them take these, , ," he stopped in mid sentence when he turned and held a small envelope toward the teen.

"My God boy, what's wrong?" he gasped, wrapping his arm around the teen's waist. "You are pale! Are you ill? Do you want to sit down?"

"No sir, I was, ah, ah, well afraid they got hurt or something, , , sir" he risked, hoping he could pass enough air out of his lungs to be heard. "Well they just got here and stuff." He tried to ignore the adult's disbelieving glare.

"This is just Tylenol, to help with their soreness, have them take it with breakfast," Zach continued. "They've been in the shower forever, maybe you better go hurry them."

"Yes sir," Mike started out of the room but turned back. "Ah, Coach, maybe it would be better if you give this to Joey, and tell him to be sure Shawn takes his."

Zach looked at the teen for a couple of seconds. "Maybe you're not so dumb," he commented, accepting the envelope. "Despite what everyone says," he added as Mike turned to leave.

"Hi guys!" Mike announced himself as he walked into his boys room. Both brothers were squirming into their tight shorts as he looked around. Wow, he's cuter than he was yesterday. Mike told himself. No, not now, I just took care of you! he told his swelling crotch. Shawn grinned at his mentor, then pushed his bare chest and shoulders against Mike's stomach.

"Is Ben here? Is he coming?" Joey asked. He grunted as he pulled his half shirt over his arms and neck.

"He's not going to come here, we might see him at breakfast. Pop said you guys are a little sore," Mike asked, gently squeezing Joey's thin shoulder with his free hand.

"Yeah, my everything hurts," Shawn whimpered.

"Ohhhh, oh that feels good," Joey groaned as Mike massaged his neck. "We used to just sit in our cells, I mean rooms all day. Can we go look for, I mean go eat?"

"Let's go," Mike agreed.

* * * * * 

Joey froze in mid-step when they entered the recreation room and Zach called him. He glanced toward the man, then to his brother, then tucked himself under Mike's arm. The youngster shuddered when Mike nodded his head, indicating for him to obey. After another longing glance at his brother, the youngster turned and shuffled slowly to the office door.

Mike silently snickered at his charge's lost face as he came back into the room. "Pop said we gotta take these," Joey said as they stepped outside, holding the envelope out to Mike.

"Okay," Mike responded, ignoring the youngster's outstretched hand.

"Well, I think he was supposed to give them to you," Joey countered, pushing the package into his mentor's hand.

The older teen accepted the envelope, then reached down and slipped into the waistband of Joey's shorts. "Be sure your little brother takes his."

Mike tried to suppress his grin as they entered the dining room. He let Joey scan the room for several seconds before putting his arm around his charge's shoulder. "Looking for someone?" he asked, ushering Joey toward the serving line.

The youngster blushed slightly. "Ah, well, just where we could sit." They were carrying their trays toward the tables, Joey still searching the sea of spandex clad youngsters around him, when he added, "Does everyone have to sit somewhere? Ah, I mean, , , well nothing."

Sure, it shows, Mike silently chuckled. "I don't know really! Just about everyone sits somewhere, but do you want to eat standing up?"

Joey's face flashed from confusion to embarrassment. "No, I meant do we always have to eat by ourselves, well cause we're new and stuff?"

"You have to sit with me, just while you are in Eval, like Conner has to with Rob. But no one's gonna want to eat with a bunch of newbies, anyway." Got'ch! he thought as he watched Joey's face melt and shoulders droop.

After giving Shawn his pill and intently watching as he swallowed it, the youngster scanned the room several more times as he began picking at his food, but his teenage appetite quickly took over. He was attacking his breakfast so fiercely he didn't notice a tray being sat next to him as a teenage voice asked, "Okay if I sit here?" His face broke into a wide grin when he looked around and saw a thin, freckle laden arm.

"Hi B, , ,!" Joey began. "Ah, yeah, go ahead," he answered trying to act nonchalant. He let out a whimper when Ben squeezed his shoulder asking how his shooting arm was.

"They both are a little sore," Mike injected. "Well, a lot sore," he added when Shawn let out a soft groan.

Ben crammed several bites in his mouth before grunting and digging in his fanny pack briefly. "I thought you might want to look at this," he said, pulling a paperback book out. "Look, that's the shot I showed you yesterday," he said as he opened the book and sat it between them. "It's all about basketball, you want to look at it?"

"Wow, can I?" He thumbed through the pages with one hand while he stuffed his mouth for a second or so before putting his fork down and turned all his attention to the publication.

"Read it later, keep it as long as you want," Ben suggested after a minute.

Joey glanced at his new friend, then over toward Mike. "You mean I can take it to, , , well what if they find it or stuff?"

"What, at Eval? They don't care, you can have books, of course!" Mike answered.

Joey's face had just started to relax when Ben added, "Just don't let them know you know how to read, then you'll be in big trouble!"

Joey spent more time looking through the book and asking Ben questions than he did eating, and everyone else finished their meal long before Joey and Ben. After a couple of minutes, Rob and Conner excused themselves, and Mike and Shawn chatted while Ben and Joey continued to nibble on their food.

"Joey, I have to be to class early, you should finish eating," Mike finally suggested. "Hurry, we have to go," he said, ignoring Joey's dirty look.

"Hey, can I walk him back?" Ben asked. Joey's mouth dropped open as he looked at the redhead, then to Mike. "You're a four, you can approve it," Ben added.

"You don't mind?" Mike asked. Not waiting for an answer he asked Joey, "Will you stay with Ben, and do what he says?"

"Yes Sir!" Joey hooted. "I mean I will, Mike," he blushed.

"Thanks, Ben. I owe you one. I'll see you at ten thirty, you do what Benjy says," Mike replied as he stood up. The two older teens exchanged knowing grins as Joey slid over in his chair, pushing his thigh against Ben's. That worked! Mike congratulated himself.

* * * * *

I wonder if he's still wound up? Mike asked himself as he walked toward the Evaluation Center that afternoon. He snickered as he remembered Joey talking a mile a minute, even practicing shooting stances during their morning swim, and his pixie little head rotating like a radar antenna around the lunchroom until he spotted Ben. He's got another surprise coming, that's going to be funny, he chuckled.

He smiled when he saw a nose pushed against the center's glass door. A second later the door burst open and Shawn rushed out. He ran a couple of steps toward his mentor before grabbing his neck and letting out a loud yelp, then darting back inside.

The youngster was red faced when Mike entered the room, but recovered quickly. "We finished all our tests! We passed and everything, maybe we get to go to school Monday!" he announced.

"Fantastic!" Mike said, hugging the boy. "Do you get new, , ,"

"Have you seen Ben?" Joey interrupted. "Can we go swimming?"

"We don't gotta do anything more until Monday too!" Shawn proclaimed. "Pop said we don't!"

"Come on, can we leave? Can we go shoot baskets?" Joey asked.

"Hey guys, chill!" Mike laughed. "Yes, its Friday, we have all weekend to enjoy ourselves!"

"You should be very proud of your boys," Hutchinson interrupted. "Both of them, especially Joey, worked very hard today," he added, rubbing Joey's shoulder. "Here boys, these are for you, why don't you go change," he suggested, handing each brother a pair of shorts and shirt.

"But, , , I mean Yes Sir," Joey answered. He gave Mike a quick glance, and left for his bedroom.

Hutchinson draped his arm over Mike's shoulder as Shawn followed his brother out of the room. "I'm not sure what you and Benjy are doing, but thanks, and keep it up. Joey has completely turned around in one day, and Shawn is feeding off his enthusiasm. We reevaluated Joey, and in some areas he jumped up a full grade level."

"Ah, it's Benjy really, sir. Joey is totally nuts over him." the teen blushed.

"Keep it up, both of you, I won't forget it," the doctor replied.

Mike thought for a second, and unconsciously reached up and rubbed his collar. "Ah, Doc, since Shawn is doing so good, well and since he's not worried about Joey so much, maybe you can, well, , ,"

"Sorry, not yet. Let's give it a little longer," Hutchinson said. "You'll make it." You're going to kill me! Mike thought.

"Mike! Look!" Shawn exclaimed, rushing into the room. Oh shit, Mike's groin complained as the thirteen year-old jutted his thin hip and round little butt out, modeling the lime green stripe down the side of his new skin tight shorts. "They're just like Conner's!"

Oh God, I'm going to explode! the older teen thought as he looked at the boy's thin hips and bubble butt. Doc's getting even with us for something, I know it! his boyhood throbbed as Joey stepped next to his brother, running his hands over his thighs. "Let's go swimming," he mumbled.

"Why do we have to wear these now?" Joey complained as they walked down the hill. "These lines look dumb!"

"They tell the teachers and everyone you can cruise around the school building by yourselves, they get you more freedom," Mike countered. "You guys earned them a couple of days sooner than most kids, you should be proud of them," he added, running his hand down Joey and Shawn's outer thighs.

Shawn giggled and pushed more tightly under the older teens arm, but Joey's face said he wasn't impressed. "Wait until Benjy sees them, he's gonna freak you did it!" Mike said. Joey broke into a wide grin and ran his hands over the stripes of his shorts.

After spending an extra minute or so under a cold shower, he gave up and walked with his boys out of the locker room toward the pool. Luke is going to give me hell for this, he thought as his still throbbing equipment bounced like an over inflated balloon. Thankfully Luke was busy talking to someone and he managed to slip into the water unnoticed. He felt a little relief as he swam and played in the water with his boys.

Ten minutes or so later, Mike started to get worried. Damn, where is he, I hope he didn't get busted or somthing! he thought. Shawn distracted him all but demanding to be thrown into the water.

His old roommate joined in, tossing the brothers into the water a couple of times. They were about to throw them again when Joey shrieked, and almost violently wrestled out of Luke's arms. "Ben!" he hooted, darting to the locker room door. "Cool! How'd you know we were here," he began. "Ah, I mean do you want to swim together?" he asked, trying to act calm.

"Okay, you start," Ben answered, cupping his young friend's butt and throwing him into the pool. He ignored Mike's 'where have you been?' glares as he swam with Joey for the next few minutes.

"Where the hell have you been? I'm glad I didn't tell him you were coming!" Mike complained as the brothers waited to go off the diving board.

"Doc called me," Ben answered. "It's cool, I'll tell you later," he added, seeing his friend's frightened look.

No one paid much attention a few minutes later when Ben took a quick shower and disappeared back into the locker room ahead of the others. Mike felt something was different, but didn't think much of it as he and his boys drifted out of the shower and began dressing. He had just pulled his half shirt over his neck when he jerked his head back at Ben.

"Dude, you got it! You're a four!" he exclaimed when he noticed Ben was wearing a darker blue uniform.

"Awesome!" Joey howled. He dropped his shorts and slammed against his new friend, wrapping his arms around the redhead's thin waist.

Ben eyes bugged and his mouth dropped open when he felt Joey's stiff tool slide between his thighs, sending vibrations through his whole body as it rubbed on his shorts. "Ah, thanks," he gasp, rubbing his young friends naked back. "Ah, get dressed, I, , , have to go check in," Before I blast a hole in these new shorts, he silently added.

Joey giggled and blushed even more than his little brother when Ben congratulated them on their new uniform. He squirmed like a two year-old and pushed against Ben as the redhead stroked his hips and thighs. When the older teen turned toward the door a second later Joey tucked himself tightly against his friend's side, slipping under his arm.

"I thought you were going to shoot your load back there," Mike whispered to Ben as they walked toward the cottages, each of them with one of the brothers hugging against them.

"I did too," Ben muttered. "I thought I was going to blast my left nut out the end of my dick. I still might!"

Everyone grabbed a snack while at Mike's cottage, then went to Ben's. While Ben was accepting congratulations from his dorm-dad and cottage mates on earning level four status Joey leaned against Mike and gave him a wishful look. He hesitated, then pushed onto his tiptoes. "Can Ben go sailing with us tomorrow? Please?" he whispered. "Well, if we still get to go."

"We're going to go, and sure, if he wants to, why don't you invite him?" his mentor answered.

Joey hesitated. "Well, but, he's your friend, will you?" he asked.

"He's your friend too, you ask him."

"But, well maybe he won't want to with, well, a newby. Please Mike?"

"If you want him to go, you invite him. Go on, your just part newby now!" the older teen answered, stroking his charge's outer thigh.

He ignored Joey's glares all the way to the courts, and as they shot baskets for several minutes. Yea, he did it! he thought a few minutes later when he saw Joey whisper something to Ben, then break into an ear-to-ear grin and hug his redheaded friend. Ben's grin and subtle nod told him they would need two boats tomorrow.


"I got to go to the bathroom," Joey announced ten or so minutes later. He looked at Mike and Ben for a second until they pointed to a small building at the edge of the courts. He squirmed his hips when they turned away, then asked, "Well, but can I go that far without getting zapped?"

"You don't have to have, , ," Mike began.

"Oh, come on, I'll take you," Ben exclaimed, cutting Mike of in mid-sentence. He shot the older teen a glare as he reached around Joey's bare waist and led him away.

You dirty dog, you know he don't need an escort, Mike chuckled, and continued to shoot baskets with his younger charge for several minutes. "You're getting tired aren't you," he asked the youngster as noticing he wasn't paying much attention to their game. "Come on, you want to sit down?"

The boy slipped under his mentor's arm as they walked off the court. "Sit down here, straddle the bench," Mike told his charge. He sat down behind the youngster and started massaging his bony shoulders and thin neck. "Feel good?" he responded to Shawn's soft groans.

After a couple of minutes he reached around the boy with both hands and began rubbing his flat chest. "What about here?" he asked. Wow, he is so hot, so beautiful, he thought as slipped his fingers under his patient's half shirt and explored his nipples and soft tight skin. Oh shit! he thought as the lad slid back on the bench and leaned against him, pushing his bubble butt into Mike's groin.

He had just begun exploring the boy's flat stomach and thin waist when he heard a long groan, that at first thought came from Shawn. A second later a seemingly more intense moan had just begun when Shawn pushed the back of his head against Mike's chest and softly mumbled something unintelligible. You bastard, you sneaky bastard! He thought as he realized the sounds were coming from the nearby restroom.

Without realizing it he slid his hands down and cupped the youngster's inner thighs. Shit, Doc is gonna kill me, he told himself as he savored the warm softness of the sheer cloth in his fingers.

"Oh, oh Ben, ahhhh! Oh, oh," Joey's voice gasp.

Shawn's giggle broke his spell slightly. "I know what they're doing!" the youngster whispered.

I know what I'm about to do, Mike silently moaned. "Hush, Little Bit," he muttered, wrapping his arms around the boy's waist. "Go put the basketball back in the field house," he told his charge. Before I make one hell of a mess.

I hate you Doc, and your fucking collars, he thought when Joey and Ben ambled out of the bathroom still hugging each other. "I'm hungry, let's go eat," Ben suggested.

"I thought you just did," Mike teased. Bastard! he thought as Ben and Joey snickered then kissed. "Let's go by the store and rent a DVD tonight," he suggested. "I bet we get the rec room to ourselves," he added, slipping his thumb inside the waistline of Shawn's shorts.

* * * * *

Oh well, Mike thought when they returned to the Evaluation Center. Rob and Conner were in the rec room talking to David, another mentor and a new boy, probably a little older than Shawn and Joey.

"Hi dude!" David greeted them. "This is my new boy Dave," he added. The tall, lanky blond haired youngster next to him blushed and modestly put his hands in front of his scantily clad body "He's only been here a couple of hours."

"You guys are going to have fun, another Dave?" Ben teased.

The new boy looked away, but then began to stare at Shawn and Joey as Mike introduced everyone. He looked at his mentor a couple of times, then back at Shawn and Joey and said, "I know who you are! They always showed us pictures of you, all chained up and stuff and said if we screwed up we'd end up like you!"

Ben blocked Joey's lunge at the new boy just in time. He pulled his friend against his stomach and chest and grabbed his wrists, pinning them. "And you did, didn't you!" he told Dave. "Calm down and it will quit, I promise," he whispered into Joey's ear. "Please, just chill. See?" he softly added when he felt his captive's collar stop vibrating.

"Hey, I'm really sorry, Dave is sorry," David exclaimed. "Come here!" he barked, more pushing than ushering his charge out of the room.

"This place is fucked, I knew it was!" Joey cried. He hooked his fingers under his collar and violently jerked, trying to break it, before Ben grabbed his arms again.

"Calm down, you can't break it, just chill," Mike told him. "Benjy got him pretty good, and I promise David is nailing his ass right now."

"Yeah, come on Dude, you don't want to get busted, and he wont do it again," Ben added, pulling Joey into a hug from behind.

"If he does I'm gonna, , ," Joey started to growl.

"Please Joey, you promised you weren't gonna get mad no more!" Shawn begged, pushing against his brother's chest. "Please?"

"Hey, if you guys get the TV ready, I know where Pop hides some popcorn!" Mike said. "It's his secret stash, but he can't catch me!" he snickered.

Zach wrapped his arm around Mike's shoulder as soon as the teen entered the hallway. "Is he okay, do you two have everything covered?"

"Yes sir, he's okay. That boy was a total dickh, , , I mean, rude, sir."

"I listened in for a minute, David is nailing him to the cross," Zach replied. He paused while he punched a code into a keypad, then guided Mike in front of the panel. "You have access, and microwave use until you leave the building," he told the teen. Mike grinned and started into the supply room, but Zach pulled him back. "Don't steal all of my secret stash, Chicken Legs," he chuckled. "One soda each, okay?" he added as he pulled the teen into a quick hug and walked away.

Joey was snuggled against Ben on one of the rec room's couches, looking completely relaxed, when Mike returned. He sat a bag of microwave popcorn on Ben's lap then settled into the other end of the couch. He immediately had a lap full of squirming thirteen year-old.

"You are a good chair," Shawn giggled. I wonder which of my nuts is going to explode first? Mike asked himself as the youngster wiggled into his crotch, the vibration of their shorts resonating through his body. He sat their popcorn between Shawn's upper legs and wrapped an arm around the thin bare waist leaning so tightly against him. This isn't what I wish I was swallowing right now, he thought as he tossed a few kernels into his mouth, but slipped his other hand down onto the boy's inner thigh and leaned back as Ben started the movie.

"You think we should wake them?" Ben asked as the movie ended.

"I don't think we could wake this one up," Mike answered, stroking his little charge's chest. "Let's just put them in bed, can you carry Joey?"

The youngster answered for Ben, shifting in their cuddle and looking around with sleepy eyes. "Come on little buddy, let's get you in bed." Ben said. He kissed his friend's forehead and guided him to his feet. His little zombie melted against his side and leaned his head onto the freckle covered chest of his walking pillow.

"You know I hate you, I'm going to hate you for life," Mike told his friend as they left the Evaluation Center.

"What did I do?" the redhead protested.

"At the basketball courts! I'm so horny I'd fuck an electric plug and I got to listen to you enjoy your after school snack!"

"That wasn't a snack, that was a year's worth of yum!" Ben grinned. "He hadn't done anything all the time he was in jail. That was a Thanksgiving feast!"

"Asshole! My balls are so swollen I could feed the whole damn village and your telling me that shit!" Mike groaned.

The redhead snickered. "What time do you have to be home?" he asked.

"Ten," his friend answered.

"We've got half an hour, I wouldn't mind a snack!" Ben replied with a wide grin. Not waiting for an answer he put his arm around his friend's waist and guided him toward a shadowy area of the campus.

* * * * *

"Okay guys, I promise we are still going sailing! Chill and listen!" Mike admonished his hyperactive charges as they walked together to breakfast. "After we eat you have to clean your room, change your bed sheets and stuff and then we are free for the day. I'll show you what to do, it doesn't take long."

"What about Ben? When do we get to, , , I, ah, do you think Ben will wait for us?" Joey stammered. "I mean he sorta said he would, ah show me how to sail them and stuff."

"I think he might. If we see him at breakfast, why don't you ask him to help you get ready for inspection? He might want to help, so we can finish sooner." Got'ch again, Mike thought as he felt the youngster's concentration radiate off his boy's scalp.

Ben was already seated at their regular table, just starting to eat. "So you did wake up!" he teased when Joey sat next to him. "Still sore?" he asked, squeezing the boy's thigh under the table. Joey giggled and squirmed as he grabbed Ben's hand and held it against his leg for several seconds.

Neither of them noticed two more trays being sat on the table across from them until David asked, "Mind if we sit here?"

No, Joey, please, Ben and Mike silently prayed when Joey jerked bolt upright in his chair and cut a death glare at Dave. Mike reached around the back of Shawn's chair ready to grab him.

Dave darted his eyes to his tray. "I'm, really sorry for what I did, well, said last night." he whimpered. "David said how stupid it was and stuff, I'm sorry."

Joey shot Dave another nasty glare before glancing at his brother, then Mike and Ben. "It won't happen again, maybe give us another chance?" David offered.

"I'm sorry," Dave added, offering his hand toward Joey.

He looked again at his little brother then to Ben. "Do we really gotta do this shit here too?" Joey groaned. He tried another pleading look around and shook Dave's hand. "Chilled, okay?" he added, slapping Dave's palm in a high five as they released their shake.

"We're gonna go ride the boats, you wanta go?" Shawn asked. "Well Mike said we were gonna!" Dave's happy face answered for him.

All eight boys walked back to the Evaluation Center together. None of the new youngsters were overly thrilled when their mentors made them make their beds with fresh linen and cleaned their bedrooms, but finished their chores quickly. "I'll go get Pop," Ben said as he rushed out of the dorm wing.

"Why's he gonna get them? Ah him?" Joey gasped.

"It's just room inspection, it's cool, just say Sir and stuff,." Mike answered.

"Oh fuck! He's gonna find my book! Fuck if Ben gets busted I'm gonna! ! !"

"Joey! Chill!" Mike snapped.

"But, if Ben gets busted, , , ,"

"Good morning!" Zach interrupted them. He walked around, checking their beds, then computer hutches and the rest of the room for a minute or so as Joey and Shawn watched, too frightened to move. "Excellent, very impressive! Shawn, please remove the fingerprints from your monitor," he said as he left.

"But, he didn't search us or our beds or nothing! Is he gonna?" Joey exclaimed. "He didn't search our beds or us or, , ,"

"That's my job," Ben snickered, cupping Joey's bottom. "Do you have anything hidden here, that I don't want?" he teased as he squeezed his younger friend's warm spandex clad biscuits. "Want to go sailing?" he asked the bum he was stroking. Both Shawn and Joey relaxed as their mentors explained that room inspection was not a cell shakedown.

"Hi Doc! We're going sailing, sir!" Mike announced when he saw Hutchinson waiting in the rec room.

"Great, sounds like fun!" the doctor replied. "Joey, I'd like to talk to you for a minute first, would you come with me please?"

Joey froze like a statue and turned as white as ivory. "It's okay, go on we'll wait for you," Ben whispered. "Go on, he's cool," he added, pushing his younger friend toward the doctor.

"You are not in any trouble, you didn't do anything wrong, but I want to ask you a few questions," Hutchinson began. "You became very excited, and climaxed while you were with Benjy yesterday. Is that what you wanted to do? Do you understand what I am asking?"

"We didn't do nothing, we didn't!" Joey whined.

"You didn't do anything wrong, or bad. What you and Ben do is none of my business, IF I know it was what you both wanted, if it was consensual. Do you understand what I am asking?"

"We didn't do nothing, we didn't!"

"When you did not do anything, was it because you wanted to? Did Benjy threaten you, or promise to help you with favors, or anything else to make you?" "Let's cut the shit son, your neckless told me you had sex with Ben, and him with you. I think that is great, if he didn't force you or promise you things if you did. Did you do it because you really wanted to?"

"What are you gonna do to us, please don't hurt Shawn!" the youngster whimpered. "He didn't do nothing, I always screw it up, please?"

"I'm not going to do anything to you, or your brother except be sure you are safe. If you answer my questions, Benjy isn't in any trouble. I don't care, I know boys experiment, and have fun with each other. All I have to know is did Ben force, or well promise you things?"

"No sir," Joey whimpered. "But we didn't, , ,"

"Give Benjy a hug for me, and have fun at the lake," Hutchinson cut him off. "You better go before they leave without you!" he added as he shooed the bewildered lad out of his office.

"What did Doc want? You look scared," Ben asked. He draped his arm around Joey's shoulder and guided him out the door. "What's up? If you were in any trouble Mike and I would have, I mean Mike would have known it."

Joey hesitated then guided his friend away from the others. "He knows," he whimpered. "He knows what we did yesterday."

"He's not mad or anything, is he?" The redhead squeezed his younger friend's shoulder when he didn't get an answer. "I bet he asked you if I made you do it or stuff didn't he? If we both wanted to, he don't care, he really don't!"

"Remember what I told you on your first day here?" Mike injected, tucking Joey between himself and Ben. "There's a lot of kids here that don't want to do anything, and nobody better force them. But if you want to, it's okay."

"You know too?" Joey gasp.

"The way you were grunting and groaning everyone on the court knew!" Mike chuckled. God, did I ever, his groin added. "I should have warned you but I forgot. Doc always asks after your first time."

"But, what's, , ,"

"Wow!" Shawn's high pitched voice interrupted. Awesome!" he screeched, jerking out from under Mike's arm and darting toward the lake shore. Conner took off right behind before Rob could react.

"Wait, come back here!" Mike yelled. "Shawn, Conner, stop, now!" he barked. Conner turned back toward the group, but Shawn ran several more steps. "I told you!" Mike chastised as the youngster grabbed his collar.

"You guys have to stay with us, especially until we get ready," Rob said as he pulled both boys next to him. "Come on, let's get changed," he added as they walked toward a nearby changing room.

"Here guys, put these on," Mike said, handing Shawn and Joey white thong style bikinis.

"Why do we gotta wear these? Why can't we just, well like when we swim?" Shawn asked trying to keep from giggling.

"Whatever you want," Mike answered as he pulled his tight shorts off. "The sails have riggings, some ropes to work them, and well it really sucks when one of them get tangled up with the wrong thing!"

"And he means ouch, ouch!" Ben added, grabbing his crotch. All the new boys wrenched, and jerked their uniform spandex shorts off and climbed into the thong bikinis. Slurp! Mike thought as he looked at their bare bottoms.

"These are like life preservers, and keep you from falling overboard," Mike said as he wrapped a webbing shoulder harness around Shawn's and adjusted it. "It inflates if you fall in the water."

Shawn, Joey and Dave gawked as they started out of the room. Like everyone else Conner was wearing a thong bikini and inflatable chest harness, but also had a webbing strap attached to the front of his harness that Rob was holding the other end of.

"Why's he got a leash?" Joey whispered to Ben. "I'm not gonna do that shit!"

"It's just a safety line, because he's too young," Rob answered to the group.

"I don't mind, cause Rob's got me!" Conner squeaked, tucking his body under his mentor's arm.

"You just made it, you have to be on one until you are thirteen," Mike told Shawn.

"Come on, I want to go ride a boat!" Conner's puppy voice barked, pushing Rob toward the door.

Shawn stayed glued to Mike as the mentors spent a couple of minutes at a computer terminal just outside the changing room to check out the boat and scan everyone's collars to say who was going out on the water. Mike began to worry a little as he watched his young charge pull on his harness and cast curious gazes at Conner.

"It's okay, they're just so we're safe," he finally risked to Shawn. "It's not like, well, where you were I promise!" he tousled his little friend's hair and hugged him.

Shawn looked up at his mentor then back at Conner. "Ah, can I get one of those?" he asked in a soft voice.

Mike glanced between the two boys a couple of times. "You mean the leash, I mean safety strap? But, you don't need one, you are old enough to just stay close to me, and that's just until you learn to sail."

"What about if I want to? If I want one?" the youngster more pleaded than asked.

Mike felt his groin stir as he considered the boy's request. "Are you sure? Once I put it on, we can't take it off until we go back to the locker room."

"If you promise to hold it! Please?"

Wow, is this real? the older teen asked himself. "If you are sure. But you go tell your brother it was your idea. I'll be right back." Shit Doc, you are fucking killing me! he thought as he rushed back into the changing room.

Fuck, if I cum now I'll swamp the boat, please not now, the sixteen year-old silently groaned as he watched Shawn's naked little body climb into their two man Sunfish style boat and he clipped the boy's leash to the mast. Think sailing, think of something else, he begged his brain to do as he clipped his safety line to his harness and his boy squirmed tightly next to him.

The four boats sailed fairly close together for an hour or so, the older teens teaching their boys the basics of sailing and steering the boats. They had just finished an informal race across the lake when Ben navigated next to Mike's boat. "I'm going to show Joey the cove, we'll see you guys later," he shouted. You son-of-a-bitch! Mike said with his eyes as he watched them sail away from him.

Trying to keep his mind off his bulging crotch he worked with the thin little body pressed against him and finally gave Shawn control of the boat. He was daydreaming, and enjoying his charges cuddle a little while later when his boy stiffened and pushed against his chest.

"Mike! Mike, that's Joey's boat but they're not there!" Shawn exclaimed. "And where's their, well, that thingy?" he added, pointing up at the sail.

You little shit, how did you find them? Mike groaned. "They are okay, I bet they leaned back, and are just talking," he tried. "See, watch the boat, see it roll a little?" he added as he took the controls and turned his boat away. "I'm sure they are just resting, and talking."

A brief reflection of red hair appeared above the boat's side as the boat rolled side to side again. "Joey's got a boyfriend! Yea!" Shawn giggled.

Oh God, I'm going to kill myself, it's the only out, Mike thought as his boy planted his naked bubble butt into his groin.

To Be Continued. . .