From Hell To Aunt Marge's

Chapter 3

The next thing I knew I was laying on my stomach, alone in bed. I had to fight off panic as it occurred to me that this was all a dream, that I was alone again, locked back in my cell. When I risked a couple glances out from under the blankets and my eyes began to focus I realized I was in my Roy's bedroom, but no Roy. I was trying to convince my body to get out of the wonderfully warm comfort and safety of his bed and go find him when I heard a door open.

"Hi guy!" he smiled as he stepped out of the bathroom.

"I was afraid you were gone or something!" I whined.

"I had to, well, take care of something." he giggled as he walked toward the bed. His hand moved to his naked crotch as he did, and I noticed his boyhood was limp, I'm sure the first time I had seen it that way. "But, I'm here!" he added as he climbed back into bed and snuggled against me.

"Well, I was afraid you ..." he pressed his lips to mine and pushed his tongue between my teeth before I could finish my statement. I felt my eyes bug as I felt his tool stiffen and push its way between my thighs, and his tongue probe my mouth - all I could think was I hoped it went on forever.

"Well, what are you two doing awake so early?" a voice rang from across the room. I died a hundred times when I realized it was Uncle Walter's. "Sorry boys, but it's time to get up." he added as Roy broke off our kiss.

"Hi Dad." Roy groaned. From his calm, maybe resigned tone I was sure he, like I, realized we were both dead meat, and he had accepted his fate.

I knew everything was all over when I saw my uncle's big hand moving toward my head, and closed my eyes hoping he would make my death painless, or at least quick.

"Tommy, I know I'm ugly before I shave, but I hope I'm not THAT ugly!" he snickered. I couldn't believe it when he brushed my bangs off of my forehead and kissed it instead of crushing my skull.

"Margie is starting breakfast, you guys jump in the tub and get dressed for church." He kissed his son nose and started out of the room.

"Mom's COOKING!" Roy cried. "Can we have cereal?"

"I'll be sure to tell her you said that!" his dad tittered. He gave us an evil grin and was gone.

All I could think of to do was pull the blankets over my head. "What-what, what's he gonna do?" I whimpered. "He's gonna kill us then send me back, I'm sorry." I sobbed.

"Dad's chilled, he's not going to do anything." Roy answered.

"But, he saw us, well, kissing!"

"Like this?" he giggled and pushed his head under the covers, planting another one on my lips. "But, he's going to be really pissed if we make him late for church!" he added. "Come on, Pretty Boy, before my mom comes up here to brush your bangs!"

I wanted to stay where I was, to enjoy the comfort of Roy's wonderful bed until the cops arrived to drag me away, but he all but jerked me out of bed. He was all business as we lathered and washed each other, and soon I found myself climbing into a pair of dark charcoal dress pants and white shirt. I was so numb with fear I barely noticed him cinching a tie around my neck then brushing my hair, and was sure the end was just ahead as he draped a suit coat that matched my pants over my arm and led me downstairs.

"Tommy!" Aunt Marge's barking voice made me all but jump out of my skin. "You look, absolutely wonderful! Please come here!" I was so sure I was about to die I felt like everything was in slow motion as Roy took my coat and led me to his mother.

I couldn't believe it when she, instead of slamming me on the floor and locking me in handcuffs, she straightened my tie and rearranged my shirttail and belt briefly. "You are such a pretty boy!" she bubbled as she checked the ponytail Roy had put my hair in. "We are running a little behind, go and eat your breakfast. Walter, I hope you remembered to charge the camera battery!" she barked as she rushed out of the room.

"Yeah, come on Pretty Boy!" Roy whispered, the impish, better put evil, grin on his face told me that having his parents kill me might be the easy way out.

After a wonderful breakfast, another bout with my toothbrush and climbing into our suit-coats, Roy and found ourselves posing for a super-model level photo shoot. A little different than the mug shots I had grown accustomed to having taken, with many more angles and poses. I almost felt like we were to blame for taking the extra time to shoot them as my aunt hustled us into the garage and the back seat of Uncle Walter's big Mercedes, but as my eyes realized they were not going to continue to be bombarded with the camera's flashes, they said to chill.

As comfortable as the car's back seat was, my neck challenged the idea of relaxing during the short drive to their church. It had endured food being forced down it despite the cloth hangman's rope cinched around it, but began hinting that enough was enough. When my uncle turned into the parking lot of a huge, probably million year old building that looked as much like a medieval castle as it did a church my entire body told me this was not even a place I belonged.

Each step toward the church's entry doors made the knot in my stomach, and the rope cinched around my neck tighten even more. As we approached the zillion-year-old building's massive stone steps, panic began to set in as badly as it had the first day I was free and went out in public. The best escape route looked to be between the huge building and a row of hedges planted a couple of feet away from it. A glance at Roy, then Uncle Walter told me I might be able to disappear around the building before they would react. I glanced down at my pant leg, and wondered if what they said about the thing locked on my ankle would let them find me, but a glance at all the Aunt Marge level snobs staring at us told me an escape attempt was worth the risk.

That hope was short-lived, a split second before I was going to make a break for it my uncle wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me next to him. An instant later we were walking four abreast, with Roy and I tightly tucked between Aunt Marge and Uncle Walter. Roy had his hand around my waist from one side, his dad cupping my shoulder from the other.

Oh well, I almost made it! I thought as a middle-aged man handed each of us folded pieces of paper and told us to follow him. I didn't have much time to look at it, but the entry hall was at least twice the size of any house I had ever been in except Uncle Walter's.

"Wow!" I gasp as we followed the man into this absolutely huge room. Except for being stuffed full of heavy wooden benches, it was so big a couple of basketball games could have been played in it at the same time. What had to be several hundred people were crowded onto the benches. Instead of people's voices echoing around the stadium waiting for the game to begin, the room was filled with soft music that seemed to come from everywhere.

Uh, that looks like a good spot! I thought when I saw an empty spot on a bench two or three rows from the back. No such luck, the man escorted us all the way to the front of the room, not too many feet from this huge, even majestic stage that I was fairly sure was an altar. Oh shit. I groaned when he stopped next to the second row of benches from the front. I was too numb to resist as Roy all but shoved me into the row, his parents right behind. Oh well, at least I didn't have to sit next to Aunt Marge. I decided after we all sat down, Roy right next to me.

"Do we gotta sit here?" I whispered to Roy.

"Yeah, it's Dad's pew, shh." he whispered in my ear. I relaxed a little when I glanced at him and realized his head blocked my view of his mother's face.

That relief only lasted a second or so, until I glanced to the other side and noticed the woman sitting next to me. She was somewhere beyond huge, a giant! A very flabby giant at that, fat rolling off of layers of fat; I don't think she had a neck. Her legs were thicker than my chest and were pushing against the back of the bench in front of us, several rolls of flab wrapping around a little cubbyhole and all but covering the books in it. I was at a complete loss when she smiled down at me, her face was exactly like Miss Piggy's.

Her face tightened an instant later. She glanced toward the other side of the mountain of fat she was, then back at Roy and I with an even wider smile. I'm dead, but please don't hurt Roy! I prayed as she rolled her massive body toward me. I tried to tell my friend to run for it as I watched the mountains of blubber shift back and forth, but somehow she managed to struggle to her feet without crushing us. God, she's as big as a truck! I thought.

I almost jumped out of my skin when something slammed against my side. Roy's silly giggle made me risk a glance, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Val next to me, his bright metallic smile hurting my eyes even in the dim light. I was still trying to digest what had happened, if it was real or if I had lost it when Miss Piggy sat back down, rattling not only our pew but the entire building.

"Thanks Mom!" Val whispered as he squirmed against me.

An instant later the room exploded into some of the loudest music I had ever heard, even louder than what they used to play at my mother's parties. At first I was sure Miss Piggy had collapsed the building and we were all going to die as she and everyone else jumped to their feet - I was sure the loud music was God's doorbell and he was going to appear and judge us. After a second I realized all the noise was coming from what had to be a thousand tall pipes behind the altar. This is going to be weird, totally weird! I told myself as I watched several boys dressed in white robes, followed by a ancient man swinging a smoking bucket walk down the isle and onto the alter.

After everyone knelt down on this little rail in front of us, that even supported Miss Piggy, to pray then jumped back to their feet a couple of times I learned that the books in stashed in front of us were Hymnals that we were suppose to sing from. I held one for Roy and Val and enjoyed their high pitched, absolutely perfect voices on each side of me, but just moved my lips.

The weird old man with his smoking bucket chanted a bunch of things that sounded like what some of my mother's old boy friends mumbled when they were totally stoned, then the old man started a long lecture to everyone. At first I just wished there was some way, any way out of all this, but the closer Roy and Val wiggled against my sides, the more I began wishing the weird old man would talk forever.

What seemed like way too soon we had to bounce up and down as everyone said more prayers, then sang then dropped back on our knees for another prayer. The first couple of times I just groaned and wondered why everyone didn't just sit down and do their thing, until Roy, then Val began grabbing my arms, even Roy's arm around my waist a couple of times as they showed me what to do next. I wondered how the floor, even the padded rail we had to kneel on even held up to Miss Piggy's repeated abuse but it did.

Finally the boys in white robes started back down the isle with the old man, still swinging his smoking bucket, right behind. If you're trying to get us high, you gotta burn more shit than that! I silently snickered.

The people in the pew in front of us followed right behind, a bunch of old men, some of them wearing priest's collars, along with some old ladies in penguin suits. Wait! No, wait til everyone else leaves! I groaned when Aunt Marge and Uncle Walter stepped into the center aisle, and Roy and Val led me out of our pew. Gulp! I though as I noticed the same man that had ushered us in standing in the isle, he reminded me way too much of the guards that used to march us from place to place when I was in the Dorm at Spring Ridge.

Things seemed to go from bad to worse as my young friends lined up with me in front of my aunt and uncle and started toward the back of the church. It looked like it was about a hundred-miles away, and every eye in the massive building was staring directly at me. I stopped counting at about a million of them, but I was sure half of them were snickering at my size and girlish appearance, the other half glaring through my pant-leg at the prison monitor thing locked on my ankle. By the time we reached the doors I was a little glad I had gone to church, I had died a thousand deaths from embarrassment, maybe it would help decide if I was going to go to heaven or hell.

As soon as we stepped outside I tried to make a break for the parking lot and the safety of Uncle Walter's car, but right after I broke away from Roy and Val a my uncle's big hand grasp my shoulder and pulled me against his side. The next thing I knew I was pinned between him and his wife, and being stared at by the couple of dozen adults that greeted and shook hands with them.

After a couple of minutes they loosened their grip enough that I could glance around for Roy, and maybe an escape route. As scared as I felt I felt sorry for Val when I saw him buried between the fat folds of Miss Piggy's massive arm. I couldn't tell if his toothy expression was a grin or grimace. I fought off panic when she pulled my Roy under her other massive arm.

"Mom, this is Tommy!" Val bubbled. I was so relieved that he was still able to breathe I didn't say anything.

"Wanda, let me introduce our, our nephew Tommy. Tommy, this is our dear friend Governor Clarke." Aunt Marge sparkled. I had to swallow to keep from vomiting at her false pride.

"Hello Tommy! Your aunt and uncle have told me so much about you I feel like I know you!" Miss Piggy said as she flashed me a grin and extended her huge hand. I felt a little relieved when she gently shook my hand instead of crushing it, until she added, "And I'm only the Lieutenant Governor. And, you are every bit as cute as Val and your aunt said you were!

"Well, shall we?" she continued to my aunt and uncle. "Roy always rides with Val and I, would you like to come along?" she said to me.

Before I could recover, much less answer my friends grasped my arms and started to half-drag me toward the parking lot.

"Where are you taking me?" I whispered.

"Lunch!" Roy bubbled.

I instantly quit resisting and picked up the pace. That was until I realized we were walking toward what looked like a block long black limousine parked on the curb, and two evil-looking men in black suits stand next to it. My time on the streets with my mom told me they were cops.

"Madam Governor." one of them greeted us as the other one opened the limo's rear door.

"They, they're cops," I whispered to Roy.

"Yeah, it's Mom's protection detail," Val whispered back.

I was trying to think of a way to get to go back with my aunt and uncle, or escape, when I was distracted, and learned why big limos had such huge rear doors. Governor Piggy somehow began stuffing her huge body, and even wider backside into the door, completely filling the opening. After a few wiggles her gigantic butt and hips popped inside, jiggling like a huge bowl of Jell-O even through her flowing dress. I was still trying to believe what I had just seen, that this five-foot wide lady had somehow forced her way through a four-foot wide car door when my two friends hustled me in the limo behind her. They parked us on a soft rear-facing seat, facing what looked like Miss Piggy's throne.

Despite her size she was much more friendly, much nicer than I expected as the cops whisked us out of the parking lot. Although Roy did most of the talking I managed to get out a few short answers to her questions about how much I was enjoying myself, and what I had done this weekend. After a couple of minutes I began to wonder if she knew my dark secret; that I was an evil criminal and jailbird. If I didn't know better, that everyone knew I was a worthless hoodlum and convict, I would have sworn that she was treating like just another kid her son had just met.

I was just starting to warm up to her a little when the limo came to a stop and one of the cops jerked the door open. After I followed Roy out the door, Val all but pushing me from behind, I unthinkingly extended my arms out to my sides so I could be frisk and shackled, but my two friends saved me, tucking their bodies into my arms. Uncle Walter appeared out of nowhere and cupped my shoulders from behind at the same time.

"Chill Dude, it's cool," Roy whispered as they guided me off to the side of the limo's door.

I felt my mouth drop open when we turned to face the limo's door. As soon as Miss Piggy's huge body appeared the two cops offered an arm toward her, and as soon as she grasped them they seemed to pop her oversized butt through the doorsill like pulling a cork out of a bottle.

The restaurant my two friends escorted me into was fancier, plusher than anything I had ever seen. A man dressed in a bow tie and a formal waist length jacket with tails, and that looked as stuck up as Aunt Marge, ushered all of us to a large table. My neck was begging for release from the tie trying to choke it, but a glance around at the other diners told me not to even think about it.

I was looking over the place setting, slightly relieved that there seemed to be a couple less forks, knives and spoons than the Benton's always had on their table when another stuffy waiter stuck a huge leather-bound menu in front of me. I scanned it for a few seconds, hoping to find a hotdog, maybe even a hamburger, when I heard Roy ask for Roast Beef.

"Yeah, me too!" I blurted out before I realized it. "Uh, Roast Beef for me too, please." I groaned.

The waiter gave me a quick glare. "May I suggest a child's plate for the youngest lad?" he said toward my uncle, prompting a soft giggle from Val. His face flushed white when I glanced over at him.

"You haven't seen that young man eat!" Uncle Walter chuckled.

"Please bring my nephew a full-sized serving." Aunt Marge snarled. The icy chill in her voice scared me even though I was fairly sure I wasn't in trouble, right then anyway.

It was probably a good thing that my neck was tightly cinched by my tie. After one bite of the delicious meal I doubt I would have been able to contain myself, and eat at the same polite rate everyone did; all I could think of was to wolf it down before it disappeared. I had to clench my jaw to keep from laughing at the bewildered look on our waiter's face when he served me a big slice of pie topped with a scoop of ice cream, but forgot all about him after the first bite.

* * *

"What are you guys going to do this afternoon?" Uncle Walter asked as we went into their house.

Get this hangman's rope off my neck, and spend all afternoon rubbing it! I thought. I was still trying to believe both of them had kept their necks cinched up in theirs after we left the restaurant, but knew better than to undo mine until Roy released his.

"Can we go to the arcade?" Roy asked. I felt a lump that I was fairly sure was my stomach pushing into my throat, and I think survival instinct made me reach for my tie before I choked. Roy's glance made me stop.

He took a minute to explain to his dad that we went to the park instead yesterday and started upstairs. I fought off the urge to race after him, but managed to walk across the room, and even look a little calm. I thanked the stars above when we walked into Roy's room and he pulled his tie off. That was all I needed, and I stripped down to my skimpy briefs in a flash.

"Uh, maybe we can go swimming or something instead?" I suggested. "I don't want'a go to the arcade or stuff."

"Hey, it's chilled!" he answered. He wrapped his arm around my bare waist and pulled me against his side before adding, "Besides, I want to show you off!" He slid his hand down and cupped my butt and grinned, "Val's going to be there, he does too!

"It's Sunday, we have to wear Bermuda shorts," he instructed as he walked me to the bathroom door. I'm sure seeing my lost face he ushered me into the Blue Room.

I felt there might be some hope when he pulled the Speedos I had worn yesterday out of the chest of drawers and tossed them to me. But not for long, an instant later a pair of blue walking shorts landed next to me on the bed. "Wear those as underwear, so we can jump right in the pool when we get back." he told me as he moved to the closet.

I had been trying to think of another way to talk him out of going, but the memory of how wonderful the speedos felt, and how hot he looked in his sidetracked me. When I looked up after slipping them on he had already laid a red polo shirt, a pair of ankle socks and a Nike's on the bed and was walking out of the room.

Is that me? I asked myself as I walked through the bathroom and glanced over at the mirror. I couldn't resist turning and studying my reflection from several angles. Wow, you almost look like one of those rich kids! I congratulated my image. Well, but everyone knows what I really am anyway. I silently groaned. I lowered my head to give the prisoner bracelet locked around my ankle but was a little surprised at how well my high-top shoes hid it.

"Yeah, you look hot!" Roy's voice rang from his doorway. I just had time to glance toward him before he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my back against his chest.

From what I could of him on each side of my skinny body so did he. He was wearing a gold-colored polo shirt that seemed to exactly match my hair, and a pair of dark tan walking shorts that only covered an inch or so of his golden tanned thighs.

"Even if I get outed I don't know if I can resist telling everyone you're my boyfriend!" he bubbled, then planted a kiss on my neck.

I leaned back against him for several seconds as he straightened how my shirt was tucked into my shorts until he guided me to the sink and handed me my toothbrush. They have gotta spend more money on toothpaste than Mom did on food! I thought, but gave my teeth another scrubbing.

I hadn't even stepped off the bottom step before Aunt Marge called me over to her. Oh great, which fork did I use wrong this time? I wondered when I saw the scowl on her face, but shuffled over to her. I decided it had to be a 'do what Roy says and don't get arrested again' lecture when she took the pager half of my electronic leash out of her purse and hand it to her son.

"Tommy, you look stunning!" she smiled as she grasped my hips and guided me in front of her. She picked at my shirttail for a second and added, "I am amazed at your good taste, you are picking your clothes much better than I could have ever imagined!"

I started to tell her Roy was telling me what to put on, but before I could she continued, "And I wanted to thank you for your behavior at church, and lunch, everyone was very impressed at what a fine young man you are!"

Gee, I thought I was street trash, I silently sneered. Well, really, I am street trash. I reminded myself. Her fingers arranging my hair snapped me back.

"Tommy, I'm afraid I misjudged you, inside you there is a fine young man." made my head spin a little. "You two go and have some fun, and remember to check your hair when you take your helmet off." Just as I began to wonder if I really heard what it thought I had the kiss she pecked on my forehead told me it couldn't be.

"What time will you guys be back?" Uncle Walter's voice interrupted.

"Um, three hours?" Roy whined.

"That is a little too long, what about, say..."

"Three hours will be fine," Aunt Marge cut her husband off. "Just be sure you don't tire, Sweetie." she said toward me. I flashed an embarrassed smile at her and started to follow Roy into the garage.

"Wait a minute boys." Uncle Walter called out.

I almost freaked when we turned around and I saw the money he was holding out toward us, and I remembered that I had forgotten to return the money from yesterday. "Uh, I forgot to give the other stuff back, sir." Panic sat in when I snapped that I didn't know where it was. "I, ah gotta find it sir, but I will!."

"Alexis put it on your dresser." Roy injected.

"Hang on to it, you'll find something to spend it on," Walter answered and stuffed a twenty dollar bill in my shirt pocket, then another in his son's.

"Walter, I don't think that is enough, what if they get thirsty?" Aunt Marge injected.

Her husband grinned slightly and stuff a ten-spot into each of our pockets. "Shoo, before I think of some chores that need to be done to earn all that!" he quipped.

After we put our stupid helmets on I started to climb on Roy's bike behind him but he stopped me. "Ride yours!" he exclaimed.

I looked over at the bright purple beauty. As much as I wished it was mine, I knew better than to even dream that it was. "Well its your dad's, it's not mine." I mumbled. When it seemed to call me toward it I whimpered, "Do you think he'd get mad if I asked him to borrow it?"

"Tommy," he began, but just stared at me for a second or two then stuffed the handlebars into my fingers. "Come on!" he instructed as he took off down the driveway.

I glanced back toward the house's door, the down the driveway toward my friend. Whatever, they can only send me back once. I decided, and took off on what I was fairly sure was a stolen bike.

* * *

After watching my friend for a couple of blocks I risked moving the gear levers a few times, and found a gear that let me keep up with him without getting too tired. I felt like I was in paradise as the wind blew through my hair. A few glances down at the wonderful steed I was on, and up at Roy's tight little backside swinging back and forth as he pedaled made me wonder if it was paradise, or heaven.

We were waiting for a traffic light to turn green when I blurted out, "What was with your mom? She was totally weird!" before I realized it.

"Maybe there was some happy juice in her wine." he snickered. He developed one of his impish grins and giggled, "Sweetie!" The light turned and he took off before I could grab him.

I was having such a good time I forgot where we were going, and what lay ahead of me, until we turned into the parking lot. Although it wasn't as crowded as yesterday the number of bikes outside, and the kids milling around near them told there was far more people there than I was ready to face, and get picked on by.

"Roy, I, uh, let's go see the little fishes." I tried. I stopped my bike in the middle of the parking lot. He gave me a dirty look, but circled back and stopped next to me.

"It's chilled, come on," he said.

"But, I, uh, let's ride some more first!" didn't work either.

"Come on dude, you can’t hide forever."

"What if, well if they find out I was in prison and stuff? What if..."

"If they do you won't have to stand in line to play anything!" he snickered.

"What if they want to beat me up or stuff?" came out before I realized it.

"Tommy, they are my friends! Come on." he rode off before I could answer. I thought about riding back to his house, or even just running away, but remembered the thing on my ankle and followed behind him.

"Wait here, okay? I won't be long, I hope." I whispered to my purple steed as I pushed her into the bike rack.

I didn't realize I was petting her frame until Roy chuckled, "She'll be right here, she promises she won't run off."

I kept my head lowered as I followed Roy toward the arcade's door, but I could feel what seemed like a million eyes drilling into it. I heard several boys say hi to Roy, but there seemed to be a hush in the air.

We were about to go inside when a thin pair of legs stepped in front of us. It starts already, I groaned. When I risk a glance up it was Val, and from his serious expression I was sure I was about to be pulverized. He sure is different when his mom isn't around. I told myself.

"We got to talk, right now," he whispered. No, not Roy too! I groaned as they led me toward the corner of the building.

"Tommy, well please don't get mad at me or anything, I promise I didn't do it!" Val whined. His voice cracked a little but stayed somewhere above high C. "Please Tommy don't hit me or nothing?" he seemed to beg.

Yeah, what am I gonna do, bite your ankle? I thought as I looked up at him towering over me. Well, he's a good actor, let's get it over with. I silently groaned at the frightened expression on his face.

"What? What's going on?" Roy barked.

"Well, I think, I think everyone knows. About Tommy, that..." he took a deep breath and put his hand in front of his chest and stomach, then whimpered, "That, that Tommy was in Juvi.

"Please Tommy, I didn't tell anyone I swear! Please don't hit me!" he begged.

They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. I felt my stomach turn inside-out as I realized what I knew was going to happen, and was my worst nightmare, had really happened. I was about to be passed around not only between who I thought was my best friend and the big kid I thought might be another friend, but all their friends.

"Don." Roy groaned. "Don." they moaned in unison.

"I wanta go home." I whimpered, hoping against hope they really were on my side.

"No." Roy snapped. "If you're going to live here you can’t." His pixie, freckle laden face looked more like an Army General's than anything else when I risked a glance.

"I don't wanta live here no more, I wanta go back to Spring Ridge. No one hurts me in D Wing." I cried.

"No! You are NOT going back there, you are not going back to Juvi!" he barked. "My dad said you're not and YOU ARE NOT!" He glanced between Val and I, then behind him toward the arcade and shook his head.

"Okay, this is what we're going to do." he proclaimed. His voice told me it was more an order, not a suggestion. "We are going to go inside, get a coke, and play some games.

"Do you remember how you used to ignore Mom when she was being a Bitch, when you were here before? You have to be tough like that now! No one here has ever known anyone that was in Juvi so they're afraid of you. If they screw with you, do like you did with Mom, got it?"

"But..." I whimpered.

"No buts, you are going to! You can do it!" he cut me off. He licked his finger and washed the tears from below my eyes. "Yum you taste good!" he snickered. "Let's go!" he added as he cupped my elbow in his hand.

"But, please don't hurt anyone, please?" Val whimpered.

I felt like the sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter as they escorted me toward what had to be a million teenagers staring at us. Just when I was sure their attack was about to begin they stepped out of the way, parting in the middle of their group like a sea from the old Bible stories. Someone even opened the door for us.

This is it, I'm about to die. I decided as I glanced around. The mob of kids crowding inside behind us made it clear there was no escaping back outside, and I was sure they were rushing inside to take their turns with me. I wanted to break down and cry, but all of the liquid in my body had rushed into my bladder, it took all of my concentration to keep from wetting myself.

Things seemed to calm down a little as we made our way to the refreshment counter. After Roy ordered drinks for all three of us I noticed the noise level in the building rising. When I risked a glance around most of the other kids had began playing different video games, or had moved of into smaller groups and were talking and joking.

I darted my eyes to the floor when I saw three boys about Roy's size approaching us. From their preppie clothes and haircuts I was fairly sure they were some of Roy's clique, and knew that my dark secret.

"Hey Roy!" one of them bubbled.

"Hey Regan!" Roy smiled. "What's happening!" I saw the kid shift his feet and squirm his toes in his open-toed sandals, the only part of him in my view. "Oh, this is my cousin Tommy!" Roy announced. "This is Regan, and Eric and Sterling."

A gentle nudge from behind me, I guess from Val, made me risk a quick glance up. Two of the boys were standing behind the one in the sandals, all of them had kind of sheepish grins on their face. The boy in front shifted his weight back and forth, then timidly stuck his hand out. An instant later the other two did, but stayed behind who I guess was Regan.

"Hi." I managed to whimper. I prayed they wouldn't notice how badly my hand was trembling as I shook their's.

"You guys want to play some Space Command?" Regan whined, his voice was as high pitched as Val's upper scale.

"Yeah!" Roy answered for us. I was about to fire him a dirty look when all three of the other boys illuminated into bright smiles. What more of those things? I wondered as I noticed each of them had at least as much metal in their mouths as Val did.

Thankfully only four people could play the game at the same time, and I begged out of being one of them. I got several disappointed looks, but no one argued with me. Val and Roy did some kind of thing with their hands and Val won, so Roy and I stepped back to watch.

They had played ten minutes or so before Roy cupped my arm and said he would be right back. I started to go with him, but the game was kind of exciting to watch, and I decided maybe Val would keep anyone from beating me up.

"Uh Oh." Val groaned a few seconds later. When I followed his eyes I felt my stomach tighten into a little ball and fall into my groin - Roy was standing next to his dad's big Mercedes and the two were talking.

I found myself fighting off panic was I watched Roy come back inside. I felt a little relief, but very little when I glanced back outside and noticed the Mercedes had left, and that there were no cop cars around.

"It's chilled." he whispered to me. I guess seeing Val and my curious, or frightened faces, he continued, "One of my dad's rich clients showed up and they have to go wine and dine him." Val shrugged and turned back to the game.

"Hey, Roy, isn't your maid off on Sundays?" he asked after he finished his turn.

"Yeah," Roy answered. "But that's cool, Dad said Tommy and I can order takeout for supper," he said toward me.

"Your maid isn't around, and your parents are gone?" Val aked. The weird grin on his face, at least as evil as one of my cousin's best ones made me wonder what he was talking about.

"Yeah!" Roy said. "YEAH!" he hooted as his face broke into an ear to ear smile. "Let's go!" he exclaimed. Val's grin turned into a blinding smile at the same time. "Come on!" Roy hooted, and started toward the door. He took a couple of steps, then darted back to the game and whispered something to Regan.

Whatever he said earned another grin that almost blinded me, but is was so glad to get out of that place I took off behind my friends. I began to wonder what was wrong as they frantically stuffed their helmets on and jerked their bikes out of the rack, but it didn't take me long to realize I had better hustle or get left behind.

I wasn't sure which was going to give out first, my legs or my heart, but somehow I managed to keep up enough that I was only about half a block behind them when they turned up Roy's driveway.

Roy had already gone inside when I rode up, and Val was putting both their bikes in the garage. I had just dismounted when Roy reappeared. "Yea! The coast is clear!" he hooted and rushed back into the house.

"What's going on?" I managed to pant as I followed Val inside.

"No one's home, all afternoon!" he exclaimed.

We rushed onto the patio before I could say anything. Roy had already peeled his shirt off and was wrestling with his shoes. "Pool party!" he proclaimed as he stood up and unbuttoned his shorts.

"But, well what if..." I forgot what I was going to say when I watched his firm, well tanned buns bounce across the patio. Screw it! I decided when I saw Val's tall, lanky naked body jump in the water. I stripped out of my clothes like they were on fire.

At first, I was a little embarrassed, not really with being naked around Roy but around a boy I barely knew. But after we splashed around for a minute or two and I enjoyed his tall, firm body I relaxed, my legs even quit complaining.

We had swam and played around for what I guess was about ten minutes, and I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. Well, until what I was sure was disaster struck. I had climbed out of the pool and was walking around it to jump in the deep end when a noise from around the corner of the house distracted me. An instant later a group of people came rushing around the house at top speed. The glare from whatever each of them were carrying blinded me enough that I couldn't tell who they were, but I was sure the reflection was from guns, and they were cops raiding us.

Please, at least let me put some clothes on before you take me back. I silently begged. Although I knew it was a lost cause, I jumped in the water hoping they wouldn't find me. I had it in mind to stay under water until they gave up their search and left, but it didn't take my burning lungs long to nix that idea.

I found myself totally confused when I stuck my head above water. There was a lot of yelling going on around the pool, but all the cops voices sounded female. After I brushed my hair out of my eyes and blinked a few times to focus, the people I thought were cops were Regan and three other boys. He flashed me a completely blinding grin as he stepped out of his shorts and ran toward the pool, his friends right behind. It took me a minute to snap that the reflections I thought were drawn guns had come from the metal in their mouths.

"Hi Tommy!" he hooted as he bounced across the pool toward me. His smile seemed to shrink into a worried grin as he got closer. "Oh, uh, is it okay if I swim with you? Are you mad at me?"

I was still a little scared, but also tantalized by his looks. Like what seemed like all of Roy's friends, his jet black hair was styled pageboy style, but his covered most of his ears, and seemed to set off his round face and high cheekbones so wonderfully it was like a master artist had created it. His little button nose and soft, warm lips were as much eye magnets as were the strange collections of metal showing through his ready smile. A quick glance down to his flat, trim chest showed an even darker tan than what seemed required uniform wear for everyone here.

"I was, well, kind of hoping I could be your friend." he whimpered. His soft, high pitched voice coming out of those beautiful lips all but hypnotized me. A nervous grin earned me another blinding smile from him.

"Dude, you better get some lotion on!" Roy's voice rang from behind. "You guys want to play some water polo" he yelled.

"I want to be on Tommy's team!" Regan proclaimed. "Can I, please?" he begged. I thought I was going to have to wrestle with my eyes, but after a couple of tries I managed to unlock them from his fascinating mouth as Roy ushered me toward the bank.

Regan and Val were right behind us. From his threatening snarl, I was afraid Roy was going to bite someone when they offered to do my back and tried to grab the jar, but they seemed to give up and painted each other.

I had almost finished coating Roy when I heard another commotion from the corner of the house, and an instant later what seemed like a raiding party came charging toward us, but this time I could see right away it was five or six boys about our age. Okay, whatever! I snickered as they speed-stripped and dove into the water.

Everything was more relaxed and friendly than I could have imagined when we got back in the water. I felt what seemed like a million pair of eyes surveying me, but when I risked glances they were all from friendly faces. I somewhat got the impression they were just looking me over like I was them, instead of the glares of disdain I expected. One of two at a time they drifted over and introduced themselves, and although I was besieged with more new faces and names than I could possibly remember, they all knew my name. I had a lot of trouble believing it, but they almost seemed to be thrilled to get to talk to me.

I joined in the polo game for a few minutes, and, even though it was blind luck, even scored a goal. But it didn't take my legs long to announce it definitely break time, and I slipped away from the game to those wonderful water jets in the kiddy pool or whatever it was.

Over the next few minutes several other kids seemed to lose interest in the game, and several of them broke off into pairs. Some of the couples settled along the pool wall and began talking and laughing, from some of the squeals and giggles I could help wonder what their hands were doing underwater. One couple climbed out of the water and drifted hand-in-hand toward the back of Roy's yard, from the look in their faces as their nude bodies rubbed against each other I had a good idea what they had in mind.

"Can I sit here?" a high pitched voice distracted me. When I looked up Regan was standing a few feet away. I was so distracted by his smooth, well tanned body, and his phone pole straight boyhood it took several tries to move my eyes to his face. I guess my face answered for me and he splashed down right next to me.

My eyes had just recovered from Regan's blinding smile when Val's tall, lanky body appeared. He nailed my eyes with another flash of metal and had bent over as if he was going to sit next to me on the other side when a blur of golden skin shot between us, and Roy slammed against my side. Wow, at least his teeth aren't so bright! I thought. The two of them exchanged fairly nasty looks before Val sat down next to Regan. At first I felt a little trapped, but the feel of the two warm, soft bodies pushed against my shoulders quickly relaxed me.

Roy cupped my hand in his and lay them between our thighs. "You don't look too scared now." he whispered into my ear. His soft giggle made me look over at him, then follow his eyes. I gasped, but snickered as I watched all of our rock hard shafts swaying in the whirlpool's currents like four submarine periscopes.

Over the next I'm not sure how long, my utopia was interrupted several times as the other boys, two or three at a time announced they were leaving, and if I didn't know better sort of respectfully told me bye. I had just settled back into Roy's wonderful cuddle when Val's cracking voice disturbed me yet again.

"Are you guys still going to get takeout?" he asked. "Our maid's off today too, and my mom's cooks totally barfy." he groaned.

Roy snickered, but then chuckled, "Yeah, but you sure can pack it down!" He used both our arms to block Val's swing and added, "Yeah cool if you want to stay. I have to call our dad, but he's going to say okay, he always does."

"Can I too?" Regan whined. "Please, I think my mom will let me!" The even higher pitch of his voice made me glance over at him, he was asking me more than our host.

"Yeah, it's cool if you want to. Damn it sucks it's Sunday, or we could have a sleep over!" Roy snickered. His impish grin made me wonder what he meant. He squeezed my hand and added, "Well let's go call everyone."

He came up with a towel from somewhere that all of us used to dry each other's bodies, and I everyone rushed into the house. Without thinking I followed behind, and was in the middle of the den before I realized what I was doing, I was standing totally naked in the den. If Aunt Marge hates me for using the wrong fork, she's gonna totally kill when she finds out about this! I told myself. Oh well, what a way to go! I chuckled as I watched everyone's buns and bodies bounce around the room.

"Mom said I can!" Regan proclaimed a minute later. "I have to go check in and, well, but she said I can." he grinned.

"Me too. But I got to be home at 9:30, that sucks." Val announced as he handed the phone to Roy.

"Okay Dad, we will Sir!" Roy bubbled into the phone a few seconds later. Everyone's faces confirmed to me it was good news. Regan and Val high-fived and darted back outside and started climbing into their shorts and shirts, but Roy grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "We have to go shower, Dad can smell pool water." he moaned. Have to? Let's go! I thought.

He bolted outside, grabbed our clothes and ran up the stairwell. I ignored my legs objections and raced behind him, I didn't care what it took, I was not even going to lose sight of his wonderful bubble butt bouncing in front of me.

* * *

Although our shower was fantastic as usual, each of us enjoying lathering the other's body and getting scrubbed by his fingers, what he picked out for us felt (well and on him looked) almost as wonderful. Like he had a couple of times before our clothes were identical. Our running shorts were deep blue, almost purple with thin white then red stripes trimming the bottom hem. They just barely covered backsides, but they were made out thin, shiny fabric I think was nylon. At first I thought they were a little tight, until I noticed how perfectly the showed off his cute round melons.

The yellow sleeveless tee-shirts he chose, with red trim around the shoulder and neck openings, not only were eye candy on him but felt better to wear than anything I think I ever had worn - it stopped about half way down my ribcage and was almost as airy as being bare-chested.

It took a couple of minutes to get my smile to fade when Roy bent over to get something out of one of the kitchen cabinets. Not only did an inch or so of his round tight butt cheeks peek out the bottom of his shorts, but his pink nipples snuck out from under his half shirt and seemed to wink at me.

After he poured each of us a glass of Coke we sat down at the breakfast bar. I was completely absorbed in enjoying his beautiful orbs peeking out from under his shorts, and almost jumped out of my skin and swallowed my soda straw when the garage door burst open.

"Hey, where's mine?" Val exclaimed.

What, they got a dress code? I asked myself as my eyes locked on his body. He was wearing a pair of burnt orange shorts that showed probably a little more upper thighs than our's did, and were cut even lower than our's at the top, showing his bony hips and lower stomach. The gold colored shoe laces that replaced their fly, and the skimpy tee-shirt stopping just below his rib cage made my mouth water.

I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head when they scanned up his frame to his face. Besides the mass of metal on his teeth he had a thick steel bow shaped wire sticking out of his mouth, seemingly held in place with a dark blue wide strap wrapped around the back of his neck.

"I knew that's why you had to go home! So mom could put your kissing guard on!" Roy howled.

Val's face flashed bright red. "You had to wear one!" he screeched and lunged at my cousin.

"Yeah, but mine are white again, Chrome Grin! " Roy announced with a wide smile. He jumped off his stool and darted toward the patio door.

Val's long legs closed the distance between them in a couple of steps, and before Roy could get the door open his attacker pinned him against the wall. "I'm gonna kill you, you are so dead!" he declared.

"NO!" I screamed before I realized it. I didn't snap that I had jumped off my stool until I was almost next to them. "Don't hurt Roy!" I yelled. "Please?" I added as I looked up at Val towering over me, and realized I was about to die.

"I won't! I promise I, we were, please Tommy!" Val cried. He let go of Roy and stepped back a foot or so. I knew the end had come when he threw his arms up, but instead of hitting me he jerked them in front of his face. "Please Tommy, please don't hurt me!" he whimpered.

"It's chilled Tommy, we were just, teasing." Roy chimed in. "Chill, okay? Val's cool, please don't hurt him or anything." he added. He took a step toward me, but stopped: his face was tense like I had never seen it. Hurt HIM? I asked myself. What am I gonna do, kick his shin?

"I'm sorry, I sort of, well I was..." thankfully the doorbell interrupted my babbling, I had no idea how to bail myself out of what my mouth was about to get me into.

Regan made me forget that we were arguing, much less what about when he followed Roy into the den a second later. He was wearing a pair of really tight fitting white running shorts that accented his tight body and dark tan like a spotlight, and a white sleeveless tee-shirt that was made of cloth that looked like fishing net. It stopped just above the top of his shorts, but didn't really cover anything anyway, even his pointy nipples were sticking out through the netting. I had to do a double-take when I looked up at his smiling face, he too had a big steel bow sticking out of his mouth, but instead of one strap going behind his neck to hold it on like Val's he had a set of red straps going from it to behind the top of his head - it looked for the world like the bridle they use on horses.

"You guys want something to drink? Some coke, lemonade whatever?" Roy asked. I was fairly sure he paused until everyone had turned to look at him before he held something up and giggled, "I got out a couple of extra boxes of straws, I kind of knew you'd need them!"

Regan blushed red and Val made some kind of hand sign I couldn't see that made Roy giggle even more.

They seemed to know their way around Uncle Walter's house, and by the time Roy and I carried everyone's drinks into the den they had gotten out the controllers and joysticks for the video games and were waiting for us. I didn't notice they had set out a bunch of little round things on the coffee table until I started to set the drinks down and heard Roy gasp, but it didn't take me long to figure out whatever they were that was where you were supposed to set your glass.

I was dying to find out what the strange things my new friends had sticking out of their mouths, but couldn't think of a way to ask without starting another fracas like earlier. Whatever they were I all but forgot against them when everyone lay down on the carpet and I felt Regan push against me on one side, and Roy on the other. I even tried a few of the games they played, but was completely happy just to enjoy the warm thighs and shoulders brushing against mine.

"I'm hungry, what do you want to eat?" Roy asked a while later. "Everyone like Chinese?" Anything but oatmeal! I thought. Whatever a Chinese is, can I get a big one of it? Maybe with fries? I thought.

"Yeah! I want Peking Duck." Val answered.

"Yeah, but I want, uh, Cashew Chicken," Regan added. My eyes bugged a little when he rolled on his side and stuck his hand inside his shorts, but the only thing he pulled out was a couple of bills. "And Stir Fried Veggies. Here, my dad gave me some green stuff."

My stomach tightened as he tossed the money on the coffee table, I didn't think about having to pay for it. Wait! I got the money Uncle Walter gave me. I thought. But, where is it? I gasped an instant later.

"Yeah, I want stir-fry too, and lots of Egg Rolls!" Val injected

"It's chilled, I just charge everything and Dad pays for it." Roy said as he pushed the bills back toward Regan. "What do you want?" he asked me. Do they got hotdogs maybe? I wondered as I felt everyone's eyes locking on my head, better put inside my brain.

"I'm going to get Sweet and Sour Pork I think!" my cousin announced, seemingly directly into my eyes.

"Yeah, me too!" I managed to get out. Roy's warm smile told me he knew he had just saved me from making a total fool out of myself.

When they all huddled around the cordless phone Roy produced I decided it was a good time to slip away to the bathroom - a little to relieve my bladder but more to get some relief from the world I didn't belong in, and was sure I'd never fit into. After I flushed the toilet I stood in front of the mirror for I'm not sure how long. Oh well, whatever fancy clothes you get dressed up in, how hard you try, you're still just street trash, still nothing but a jailbird. I told my image.

I felt a little reassured when the mirror answered, Well, at least tomorrow you get locked back up, where you belong. I sighed, in some ways wishing I could go back right then before I embarrassed Roy or myself anymore, but decided to go tough it out, and enjoy our last evening with each other.

Val and Roy were in the middle of some heated combat, their controllers all but puffing smoke when I want back into the den. Regan was sitting on the couch cheering them on, but flashed me a completely tantalizing silver smile when he saw me. His wonderful face, and the strange horse-bridle clamped in his mouth made me walk over and sit next to him. I couldn't help but relax against him when he squirmed next to me and pushed his body against mine.

"Can I ask you a question?" he all but whispered a minute or so later. "Please don't get mad or anything, I really want to be your friend, but, well..." He didn't finish.

Yeah, I've been in prison, but that's where I belong. I started to say. But it's chilled, I go back tomorrow. And out of your life.

"Does, um, does that thing you have on your ankle hurt?" caught me off guard so much I didn't know what to say. "I've been worried all day, I hope it don't." he whimpered. At first, I was sure he was setting me up for something, to ridicule me for what I really was, but his face made me wonder if I was correct.

"No." I risk. "It sorta bugs me is all." I started to question what he was up to when he flashed a big smile, his already high cheekbones all but pushing his eyes back inside his skull.

"Yeah I'm glad!" he bubbled. His face looked like he had just gotten a big Christmas gift.

"Does that thing hurt?" I blurted before I realized it. I knew I had screwed up any hope of a friendship, even just until I got sent back when he threw his hand over his mouth and the big wire sticking out of it.

"Not really." he answered. His face calmed back into a grin as he put his hands down. "Wow! Thanks for asking, you don't think I look dorky or dumb or stuff?" He stared at me for a second and added, "Everyone else teases me about it, no one ever asked me that before! When you kept staring at me I knew you were going to."

"Uh, uh I'm sorry. That I stared." I stammered. "Well, I just never seen them before. I, well I never knew someone that had braces before." Good show stupid, show them just how dumb you are! I congratulated myself. His smile told me he realized what kind of low life I really was, but the warmth in his eyes and face made me wonder.

"You really don't care!" he bubbled. "I just knew someone like you wouldn't want anything to do with me stuck in all this stuff."

"About half of everyone at our school has them." Roy injected. He gave us a dirty look when he glanced and saw us leaning against each other, but turned back to his game. "And about half of the other kids used to have them," he told the monitor.

"It sucks when they tighten them!" Val's voice rang in. "And if you don't mind walking around with a car bumper sticking..." his voice drifted off as Regan and I pulled each other into a tight hug.

The doorbell rang an instant later, and everyone but I bolted toward the front door. Before I could follow behind all three of them jetted through the den laden with what had to be a dozen large paper grocery bags. Those quickly turned into what seemed like a hundred or so cardboard boxes of different shapes they scattered across the breakfast bar. My nose informed me it was not only supper but something wonderful, and ordered my legs to get into gear.

Although the only thing I recognized as food was a couple of boxes of rice, my nose and now my stomach told me we were in for what couldn't be less than the feast of a lifetime. Well, until everyone picked up a pair of grossly overgrown toothpicks instead of forks and spoons and began attacking their meal. When a few nasty glares at the two sticks sitting next to my feast didn't change them into a spoon and fork I fought off panic, but picked them up. As hard as I tried to imitate what everyone else was doing with their two little wooden sticks the only thing that reached my mouth was a little sauce or rice flakes, and it didn't take my stomach long to declare that enough was enough.

"Why don't you try a fork?" Roy snickered. My face blushed a couple of rounds through the rainbow, but my stomach ordered me off of my stool.

"But, which one do I gotta use? Well, which ones?" it asked. The heat flash through my face told me I again made myself look dumb.

Roy flashed one of his impish grins and dug into one of the paper bags next to him. "The plastic ones!" he giggled and handed me a disposable picnic fork.

As we continued to munch down it didn't take long to figure out I loved this Chinese stuff, whatever it was. I didn't know ducks were supposed to be eaten but the couple of bites Val offered me on what I came to know were chop-sticks was out of this world, as was the Cashew whatever Regan fed me. I even managed to use their strange little sticks to lift a few bites of what Roy had chosen for me into my mouth.

It didn't take long for my meal, and our busy day to take its toll after we ate. We all snuggled on the couch to watch some TV, Regan cuddling me on one side and Roy on the other. The next thing I knew I was in Roy's bed, with he and my new friends looking down at me. I tried to protest, maybe get back up, but their hugs and kisses made me close my eyes and enjoy their love.

* * *

I was into one of the best dreams I had ever concocted, not only Roy but all his friends, Val and everyone else even seemed to accept me, when something, I'm not sure what disturbed it. It took me a few seconds to realize what, that they had opened my Bitch Hole. Whatever, just a bed check. I told the envelope I was snuggling my face into. When it groaned and squirmed I cuddled it, wishing it was real. I love you Roy, I always well. I told my imaginary friend. Maybe I'm still dreaming, I told myself when the envelope wrapped its arm around my chest.

At first I dismissed the shadow above my bunk as part of my dream, until it moved the covers. When I opened my eyes Roy was laying next to me not an envelope. I didn't know how he snuck into my cell, but didn't care. Oh Shit, it's a shakedown! I thought. Dream or not survival instinct reminded me I was supposed to be standing spread eagle when a guard was in my cell. When I tried to jump up the guard pushed me back against my bunk.

Oh God no, they're here to bust Roy! I panicked. The big pair of hands holding me down told me I was right, they didn't want to search me. He said something to me, but my head was spinning so fast as I tried to figure out what to do I didn't understand what.

"No!" I screamed, and bit into his arm with all of my might, only to end up with a mouthful of shirt sleeve. I knew I was dead meat anyway but didn't really care, I was going to protect Roy. "Get away he's My cousin, MY friend!" the automatic side of me snarled. I think I kicked the guard a dozen or so times before he got a good hold on me and held me up in the air.

"Tommy, Tommy!" the guard barked, his face only about an inch from mine. "It's okay, you were having a bad dream." I tried to struggle free, but he had a death grip on me that I couldn't break.

"Dad? Tommy? What's wrong?" a female guard's voice rang from behind.

"It's okay Roy, Tommy was having a nightmare. Calm down Son I'm here, Uncle Walter's right here." my captor answered. Uncle Walter? He and Roy are guards now? They're doing a shakedown? I asked myself.

I knew it was all over when another set of hands grabbed me from behind, but instead of throwing me down to cuff me they hugged my waist. Their soft, warm feel felt too comforting, to wonderful to be a dream. A big hand cupped my chin and pulled my head away from the guard's chest, and I my eyes almost popped out of my head when my uncle's face came into view. After blinking my eyes a couple of times they focused enough to tell me I was in Roy's bedroom, and not my cell.

"Are you okay now?" he asked. I managed to nod my head slightly, and he gently sat me on the edge of the bed. A washcloth appeared from somewhere, and my uncle began wiping my face. "Just try to relax, you're safe, no one is going to get you or hurt you." The warm feel of Roy's body as he cuddled against me and the soft kiss his dad pecked onto my forehead told me I was.

"I'm sorry." I whimpered. "I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay Tommy, just relax, you are not in any trouble." my uncle's soft voice cut me off. "Would you like some warm milk, or something to drink?"

Even though I didn't believe him, sure I was about to be killed and then sent back to D Wing I shook my head no. Afraid to look at him I lowered my head. My problems went from bad to worst when I realized the only thing I was wearing was my ankle monitor.

"Do you want to lay back down, and try to get some sleep?" he asked.

When I nodded my head he gently lifted me onto Roy's bed. An instant later when Roy crawled under the covers and snuggled next to me I began to believe they weren't going to send me back until morning. I closed my eyes as I felt the blankets being tucked around my shoulders.

After he kissed each of us on the forehead I felt the bed shake again, then a big arm drape itself over my waist. "I'm just going to stay a few minutes, until I'm sure you are okay." Uncle Walter whispered. I felt what had to be a ton of tension drain from my body as I felt him lean against my side and tuck the top of my head under what I was sure was his chin.


To Be Continued…