From Hell To Aunt Marge's

Chapter 2

"You two better get some clothes on before Margie gets home, she'd skin you alive if she saw you like that. She'd skin all three of us!" Uncle Walter chuckled. He dropped a couple of towels next to our clothes and started into the house. He was almost to the patio door when he turned back.

"Tommy, you are as red as a Lobster! Dry off, put on your shorts, and get in here!" he ordered before stepping inside.

When I built up the nerve to look over at my friend he looked embarrassed, but nowhere near as scared as I expected, as I felt. "I'll, I'll tell him it was my fault, that I made you do it." whimpered. "He's gonna send me back anyway, I bet the cops are here already. Maybe..."

"He's not going to send you back." Roy cut me off. "He didn't' even look mad, maybe we're not in too much trouble." his face told me wasn't convinced. "Come on, we better get inside."

As much as I dreaded going into the house and facing my fate, I followed Roy's lead, quickly toweled off and jumped into my bikini underwear and shorts. I took a deep breath, what I was sure would be one of my last, and followed my friend into the house.

"Tommy, please come over here." made me shiver. Uncle Walter was sitting in the den, now wearing Bermuda shorts and a pullover shirt.

I managed to force a little air into my lungs when I saw there were no cops in the room, no shackles or handcuffs next to my uncle, and shuffled, head down, to him.

"Turn around," he said as he put his hands on my hips and guided me so my back was toward him. "Lower your head, and close your eyes." he instructed.

Oh shit! No, no not Uncle Walter. I groaned when I realized he was going to beat me. I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and stiffened my back waiting for the first blow. I didn't have to wait long, and let out a yelp as something sharply bit into my left shoulder. I clinched my jaw to keep from screaming as it spread across my back toward my other shoulder. It wasn't until I felt it continue down my back that I began to realize it felt different from the beatings I had gotten at the hands of my mother's boyfriends. Instead of the burning pain of a belt or wire cutting into me it felt, ice cold, very sharp but almost soothing. As I felt the sensation on the back of my thighs and legs a weird, medicine like smell drifted into my nose.

"Turn around, and tilt your head back." he instructed. I risk a glance out of one eye as I did, and he had a little white aerosol can in his hand instead of a whip. "Tommy, I asked you to go slow." he began.

He sprayed about half my chest before continuing, "If you had stayed outside another hour or so, you would have had a very serious burn, you could have ended up in the hospital.

"Close your eyes really tight, and take a deep breath." he ordered as he gently pulled my head down so I would have been looking straight ahead. As scared as I was I couldn't help but giggle and twitch my nose as he gently wiped some of the medicine on my face with his fingers.

"Okay, all done." he said. I had just opened my eyes when his face developed a small smile, little more than a grin. "If you're sunburned anywhere else I'll let you and Roy treat those areas." he snickered.

"I'm sorry Uncle Walter, I'm the only one that was bad, I made Roy do it!" I blurted out. "I made him take his clothes off, and, and I pushed him in the pool. He didn't wanta, he..."

"Yeah sure, and I'm the Queen of England." he cut me off. "I'm disappointed that you two swam against your mother's wishes, that was irresponsible.

"Does this mean you are too young to stay at home alone?" he asked his son. He seemed to accept a quiver from Roy's lips as an answer and continued, "You are not the first boys to go skinny dipping, and I'm sure you won't be the last. But if you tell Margie I said that I'll deny it!" he grinned.

"Roy, you better get those wet towels in the laundry room before your mother sees them, and Tommy, I want you to get a bottle of Gatorade out of the refrigerator, and drink the entire bottle.

"No, wait." he added. "The way you two were acting out there maybe I better cool down one more area." I was still trying to figure out what he meant when he grabbed the front of his son's shorts, pulled them out and sprayed a blast of the can into them.

"Dad!" Roy screeched. "I'm, I'm going to beat you up, I mean it!"

"Just be sure to bring your lunch when you do, Squirt!" his dad snickered. "Shoo, before I check for any more sunburn!" he chuckled, and gently popped both of us on our butts.

"Oh, and boys," he called after us. "If anyone asks, Tommy got sunburnt while you were playing shirtless in the backyard. You wouldn't be lying if you didn't say what part of the yard."

* * *

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, really relaxing. Roy and I, somewhat deciding to cool it and not risk getting in any trouble, and somewhat because I was a little tired, laid down on the carpet in the den and watched some TV, then played some video games.

Aunt Marge even didn't seem to mind that we were both bare chested, she was more upset that I hadn't kept my hair combed than anything else. Roy and I had to dodge glances to keep from bursting into laughter when she struggled down on her knees next to me and primed my locks for what seemed like forever, and even presented me with my own hairbrush.

We did have to get back into our tee-shirts for supper, but it was worth it. I wasn't too sure what was in about half of the serving bowls and platters passed to me, but it was better than a Thanksgiving feast to me. I moaned when Alexis sat a huge slice of cake topped with about a gallon of whipped cream in front of me, but somehow my already bulging stomach found a place to put it.

After another trip upstairs to brush our teeth I followed Roy into the family room. The TV was already on, and Uncle Walter was leaning back in the middle of the couch. Aunt Marge came into the room right behind us and settled into a rocking chair. Roy hopped up on the couch and snuggled under his dad's waiting arm, as if it was a nightly drill. I looked around the room, and decided the best place for me would be on the floor out of the way.

"Please come here Tommy." Uncle Walter instructed. "We like to watch a movie together on Friday nights." he told me before he picked me up and perched me next to him on the other side. I didn't resist when he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulled me against his side and into cuddle.

I don't remember much about the movie or the evening. A few seconds after leaning my head against my uncle's warm chest I drifted off into the most comfortable slumber I had enjoyed in a very long time. I fought to keep my dream alive so that the fingers brushing my bangs off my forehead, and the voice softly calling me didn't end it, and thrust me back into the isolation of my steel walled cell. After I'm not sure how many tries I gave up, and slowly cracked one eye open a little. Yeah, I did it, I'm still dreaming! I congratulated myself when my eye focused enough to see Uncle Walter's smiling face.

"Tommy, it's bedtime." his voice amplified my fantasy.

"Come on Tommy, wake up." Roy's wonderful voice asked. What I was sure had to be his warm touch gently shaking my shoulder made me wonder if I it might be real. "Dad, can Tommy sleep in my bed? Please Dad, like we used to!" his voice continued.

"I don't think that is a good idea." Aunt Marge's best snob voice told me I was either having the most realistic dream ever, or this was real.

"Yes, he may, but only for a few days." my uncle answered. I could feel tension in the room rise like it was being pressurized as he lifted me to my feet. "You two go brush your teeth and get in bed, I'll be up in a minute to tuck you in." he said as he hugged my waist.

"Cool! Thanks Dad!" Roy hooted. He tucked me under his shoulder and beamed, "Come on Tommy!"

"Boys, may I have a good night hug?" his mother's voice barked. I wanted to bolt and run upstairs, but allowed my friend to usher me over to his mother. I stared at the carpet and only heard her whisper, "Good night Son, I love you.

"Tommy, never go to bed with your hair in a ponytail, it will give your hair a horrible wave." she continued as she pulled me into her arms. I felt a gentle tug on my hair before she pulled my head against her chest and ran her fingers through my hair as it fell over my shoulders. "Sweet dreams Tommy." she whispered into my ear. "You are a very pretty boy." she said as she pecked a kiss on the end of my nose.

Still trying to believe everything that had just happened, that Aunt Snob had not only hugged me but even praised me I followed Roy to the stairwell. We were about halfway up the stairs when my bubble was burst.

"Walter, I don't approve of THAT little vagabond sleeping in the same bed with our son." Aunt Marge's voice snarled from below. "He's behaving right now, but you don't know what they taught him in that place. He is NOT a good influence on Roy, what if our son picks up on his criminal ways.

"We worked too hard to have street tramps pollute our home, our lives. What about Roy, what if he hurts him, or perverts him?"

"Back off Margie, NOW!" Uncle Walter barked, Even after it echoed up the stairs it thundered like it was God speaking from above. "I made a promise to our son, and I'm GOING to keep it. Everything that is wrong with Tommy is because of what has been done to him. Cut the shit, if you'd pull your nose out of the stratosphere you'd love him too. How can you be so artificial? And, remember what Doctor Frost told us, do you want to risk losing Roy again?"

"Roy would never do anything like that again unless we let him down again! He was just..." Roy cut off the rest of her statement when he slammed his bedroom door behind us.

He ignored my mumbling queries about what was going on with his parents. The sweet taste of his toothpaste as I followed his lead and scrubbed my teeth distracted me from what I was sure was a war going on downstairs, a war that I had caused. His kiss on my lips made me forget there was a downstairs.

"I don't like wearing anything when I sleep." he told me as he peeled his shorts then his underwear off and jumped on his bed. "Come on, Dad's going to be here soon!" he demanded.

He hopped back out of bed, removed my tee-shirt then my shorts and underwear before I could protest.

"Come on Pretty Boy, before Dad gets here!" he giggled, holding the blankets open for me.

I started to say something, but what I was sure were footsteps outside his door made me jump into bed next to him, but the warmth of his arm wrapping around me, and his warm soft body molding against mine told me it was a good choice.

"You two look comfortable!" Uncle Walter chuckled.

As frightened as I felt, knowing he was going to bust us, and his wife would come storming in any second, jerk the covers back then kill me, the security of Roy's snuggle, his warm soft body pushing against mine, even our privates bumping together kept me from losing it.

When Uncle Walter pulled the bed's soft, warm blankets up, tucked it under my chin and around my shoulders, then kissed my forehead I leaned into Roy's body even more and passed out, or slipped into a wonderful slumber, I'm not too sure which.

* * *

Something brushing across my forehead made me squirm a little and pull the blankets over my head. Blanket? When did D Wing get blankets? I asked myself. A soft groan, and a thin body pushing against me told me it was part of my dream, it had to be my pajama top covering my eyes.

Uncle Walter's voice whispering, "Good morning Sunshine, time to rise and shine!" made me smile, this was not only this a brand new dream, but a wonderfully realistic one. "Come on guys, wake up." made me worry a little, was the morning bell about to ring?

"Morning Dad." Roy's sleepy, high pitched voice mumbled. Yeah, a fantastic dream, I hope it comes back a bunch. I thought. If it's a dream, my cell is still dark, why not! I told myself, and risked pulling my pajama top down from my forehead enough to sneak a peek.

"Well, he has risen from the dead!" Uncle Walter chuckled. Roy's soft giggle, his dad's smiling face and the kiss he planted on my forehead made me wonder if it was a dream.

"Time to get up guys. I am going to go play a round of golf in a few minutes with Doctor Frost, and he is coming by for coffee beforehand. You two take a shower and come downstairs." earned a groan from his son. "And, Alexis is going to start breakfast shortly." made Roy's arm disappear from around my back.

"Wow." Roy mumbled as he sat up in bed. He looked down at me and flashed a wide smile. "I was a little afraid I was dreaming, that I'd wake up and you weren't here."

I guess my smile was enough of an answer, and he lay back down on top of me and pushed his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and let my mouth fell open when I felt his tongue probing it, and felt my head starting to spin as our bodies, and boyhoods rubbed against each other.

"Doctor Frost is coming soon, we have to get dressed." he grumbled I'm not sure how much longer. "Let's go shower."

"You go first." I suggested.

He flashed one of his best impish grins and kissed my nose. "Let's go together." he breathed. "It's fun!"

"But, well, what if your parents..."

"Hey, Dad told us to take A shower!" he giggled. I started to say something, but after I watched his naked, tight little butt bounce into the bathroom I jumped out of bed and chased after him.

From my time in D Wing showers were a special treat to me, but the one we took together was something out of this world. Roy grabbed a soap bar as soon as we got under the water spray and began using his long thin fingers to scrub my body for me. I started to get scared when he scrubbed my stomach then my privates, but relaxed and let him.

"Do you ever, well..." he began as he soaped between my legs. "Well, never mind, not today." It felt wonderful when he began shampooing my hair for me, then spent what seemed like forever rubbing some creamy stuff into it.

I was a little disappointed when he handed me the soap, until I began sudsing, and exploring his lithe body, I wished I could spend all day enjoying his soft, wet skin. I was sure I discovered heaven on earth a couple minutes later when we began toweling each other off, our bodies bumping and rubbing against each other's, and thought I was entering heaven itself when he grabbed my now rock hard shaft and dried it - the surge of panic I had experienced in the pool turned into a wonderful wave of heat flashing through my lower body.

"Hurry and get dressed, remember we're having company." he told me as he started back into his room. He stopped a couple of steps later when he glanced back. "Come on." he said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and ushered me into the blue room.

I found myself so occupied watching Roy's nude body bouncing around the room I didn't pay any attention to the garments he handed me as I climbed into them, except for the several tries it took to stuff my stiff tool into those tiny bikini briefs.

That's me? I gasp when he led me in front of a mirror. I was wearing a pair of fairly snug fitting white tennis, or walking shorts that went about halfway down my thighs, and a really preppie looking green polo shirt with a little alligator embroidered on its pocket.

"Here, put these on." he told me. "And brush your teeth, and fix your hair." he added as he rushed out of the room. Okay, whatever. I snickered at the white ankle socks, with a green band around the top that matched my shirt, then a pair of sandals.

"I can't wear these, everyone can see my... this thing on my ankle!" I cried out when I discovered the socks didn't cover my monitor.

"It's chilled, Doctor Frost won't care." he was already dressed, giving me a rather impatient look from the bathroom door. "Come on, we're going to get into trouble!"

"Who's Doctor Frost?" I tried.

Roy kept brushing his teeth, but from the way he stared into the bathroom mirror I could tell he was thinking, maybe even stalling. "He's, he's a Doctor. That we know. He's cool, you'll like him.

"You look great, Mom's going to be happy!" he said before I could ask anything else. I forgot my question as he pulled me into a tight hug and cupped my butt.

"You smell good." I mumbled as he pulled my face into his chest with his other hand.

He let out a soft giggle, then licked the side of my neck. "You taste good!" He gave me another lick, then a kiss. "Come on, we have to get downstairs!"

I wished I had kept up with Roy when I walked into the kitchen, it felt like every pair of eyes in the neighborhood were drilling into me.

"You chose your apparel well, Tommy. You look quite - presentable." Aunt Marge commented. Her expression told me she approved of my clothing, but not the person inside them. Her expression changed to a disappointed glare as she turned to her son.

"Oh, uh, Doctor Frost, this is Tommy." Roy blushed.

A middle-aged, rather casual looking man flashed me a warm smile. "I have heard so much about you it's a pleasure to finally meet you." made a knot form in in my stomach.

Thankfully Alexis distracted me by setting a huge glass of orange juice in front of me. A mountain of pancakes, little sausages and an even larger glass of milk quickly gave my stomach other things to think about. I started to attack the feast with the furor it deserved, but forced myself to pace my assault with Roy's. Thankfully from my seat I could even see enough of Roy's plate to tell which of the three forks in front of me was a pancake fork, and which was a sausage eating fork.

Oh great I silently moaned when the maid set a bowl of sliced bananas next to my plate. Well, it could be worse, I decided when she sprinkled some sugar on them, then filled the bowl with milk. After I waited for Roy, and learned which spoon was proper for bananas, I took back all the bad things I had called the fruit back at Spring Ridge, and silently sang praises to Alexis when I discovered the bowl was full of thick, sweet cream instead of milk.

"What are you guys going to do today?" Uncle Walter asked as we finished eating. I shrugged and looked over at my friend.

"Can we go to the Arcade?" Roy asked.

"No Son, Thom... your, your cousin is under house arrest." his mother quickly injected as she flashed me a distasteful look. "He can not go anywhere without an adult to guard him."

I died a thousand ways and fought off the urge to crawl under the table. When I risk a glance around Doctor Frost seemed unmoved, Roy and his dad were giving her matching death stares.

"Not exactly." Uncle Walter snarled. He tossed his napkin on the table and glared at his wife for a second then walked away from the table.

"The agreement states if Tommy leaves the house, one of us is suppose to carry this thing." he said as he walked back into the room.

"You two have to stay together, and if you lose this thing we're all in a world of hurt." he continued as he sat the pager looking box in front of his son.

"Walter, I don't think that's legal." Aunt Marge snapped. "I don't think Thomas should..."

"Gee, would you like to call a lawyer and check?" her husband quipped. His face was anything but joking. He pulled a money clip out of his pocket as he turned back to his son and I. "You guys have a good time." he grinned as he dropped a twenty-dollar bill in front of each of us.

"Doctor Frost is having lunch with us, we would like you two join us. We might talk a little too." he added.

"Walter! I think they should stay here, where he, they can be..." his wife snapped.

"Don't go there Margaret, don't even think about it!" my uncle barked, cutting her off. The fire hoses sticking out of his forehead, and the fire in his eyes told me someone was about to die. Since I was closest to him I was fairly sure it might be me.

"Well, thank you Sir." I told the money in front of me. Without realizing I had I pushed it away from me on the table. "Maybe if we can just..."

"Thom... Tommy, please change into long pants before you leave. You don't want to sunburn." Aunt Marge hissed. She threw her napkin on the table and stormed out of the room.

"Go do as your aunt asks." Uncle Walter smiled at me. He picked up the twenty-dollar bill and stuffed it into my shirt pocket before continuing, "If you wear long pants this morning, you can spend more time in the pool this afternoon without getting too burned! Go change, and we'll give you a ride."

I was trying to think of how to fix the mess I had created, somewhat wishing I could just go back to my little cell, when he picked me up out of my chair and perched me on my feet. I didn't resist when Roy grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. I was still on automatic, fairly sure I wouldn't make it the rest of the day before I was sent back at best to the detention center as I climbed into the jeans and sneakers Roy chose for me, and of course put another mile or two on my new tooth brush.

Not bad! I thought as I looked in the mirror and my designer jeans. Lots better than orange! I snickered. Well they do cover THAT thing! I decided when I looked down at my pants legs, my convict bracelet was well hidden. Not bad at all! I thought as I followed my friend down the hall, his jeans set off his tight round butt even better than his shorts had.

No Roy, don't push! I groaned when my friend announced to his dad that we WERE going to ride his bike. I knew I was about to get stuffed into the trunk of his car and taken back to jail as Uncle Walter looked us over. When he reached out and wrapped his big hands around our shoulders I knew it was all over.

"Okay, just be careful." he grinned. He kissed the top of our heads and turned us toward the garage. He paused at the door for an instant, and pulled us into a quick hug.

"Alexis, please tell my wife I have to pick something up, and I'm taking her SUV. She can take my car if she has to go anywhere." he all but groaned.

"That must be something really important, Dad NEVER let's Mom drive his Mercedes!" Roy proclaimed as we watched the two men drive away. "Mom likes to wreck cars, it's one of her best things!" he giggled.

Roy had an all but unbelievable mountain bike, I was pretty sure it cost as much as either of his parents' cars. Despite the stupid little helmet he made me wear, it only took a few seconds standing on its back wheel foot pegs, holding onto his thin firm waist to hypnotise me. The wind blowing on my face and through my ponytail, him shifting his hot little body side to side as he leaned the bike to steer it made me feel free, carefree, more than I ever remembered.

When he stopped at an intersection to wait for a couple of cars I reached back and pulled the tie out of my hair, and as soon as he blasted us back to cruise speed I closed my eyes and soaked in the wonderful feelings zapping my scalp, and body.

I didn't open my eyes again until I felt him slowing down, and I guess smelled what I was sure was a car parking lot. Oh great. I thought when I realized he was riding toward a building with at least a couple dozen bicycles in front of it, and even more kids hanging around near them. A glance through the windows, and what looked like a hundred more kids inside, sent a flash of panic through my body.

"Roy, please Roy, I can't go in there, please?" I begged.

"It's awesome, you're going to love it!" he exclaimed. His happy face and big smile as he looked back didn't reassure me. "It's chilled, there's a bunch of my friends here, I want to show you off!"

"Please Roy, please? I wanta go, I wanta go back, I don't belong here!" I whimpered. Please God, send me back to Spring Ridge, where ever! I begged.

"Tommy, chill, it's..." his face tightened, and he reached around and put his hand on my hip. "I know where we can go! Hold on, tight!" he said a few seconds later.

He meant the hold on part. He blasted out of the parking lot, cramming gears on his bike like he was in a race. I'm not sure which took in a bigger breath of air, my lungs or my rectum when he dove off the road and down a grassy, suicide steep embankment a few minutes later, but somehow we were still alive when he skidded to a stop at the bottom.

"It's neat here, no one knows about it but me!" he hooted.

Okay. I thought. We were below a very tall highway bridge, and at the edge of a narrow stream, water bubbling over the bed of rocks under it.

"I like to come chill here, when I don't want anyone to find me." He dropped his bike from beneath us and pulled me against him. "What's wrong?" he asked a few seconds later when we broke our kiss.

"Your mom's gonna send me back, isn't she. They yelled each other out and everything. I'm sorry!" I whimpered. "Maybe, if I tell them I'm sorry and stuff, do you think she'd let me stay till tomorrow?"

"Mom's not going to send you away. She's just, well..." he drifted off, and pulled me against him again. "Dad won't let her anyway, and I bet Doctor Frost is going to talk to her too."

"Who is Doctor Frost?" I tried.

"He's, well, he is..." Roy cuddled more tightly against me, leaned down and pushed his face into my chest. He took a couple of deep breaths and seemed like he was trying to say something, but didn't.

"I'm sorry!" I gasped. "I don't wanta talk about some stuff, I guess you don't too." I whispered as I closed my eyes and enjoyed his warm breath on my chest.

"You want to see something totally neat?" he softly asked. He didn't wait for an answer, took off his helmet then gently removed mine and took my hand.

We walked down a path next to the stream for a minute or so before coming to a bend. Wow! I thought as I looked around. We were standing on top a fairly steep hill that offered a view of Phoenix and what had to be a million miles beyond. The stream turned about ninety degrees just before it fell off the edge and raced down the hill bubbling and frothing like a miniature set of rapids that seemed to go on forever.

"This is totally neat, take off your shoes." he told me as we walked onto a large, flat rock that hung over the stream.

Following his lead I pulled my sneakers and socks off, then rolled my jeans legs up to my knees. Yeah! I thought after we sat down and dangled our feet and ankles into the stream's cool, refreshing water. As he squirmed against me and reached over into my lap. I gasp a little, until he plucked my hand off my thigh and cupped it in both of his hands. I had just began to really relax and soak in the beauty above me, and Roy's hand holding mine when I felt something sort of tickling my toes, then the bottom of my feet.

Roy started giggling when I pulled my hand out of his and jerked my feet out of the water. "They're minnows! They are my buds, they won't hurt you or anything! They just like to nibble!" he laughed.

After he giggled and snickered a couple of more times I leaned forward and watched what had to be a hundred tiny fish schooling around his feet.

"It's chilled." he tittered as he pushed my feet back into the water.

At first I was scared, but after I watched another million or so little fish poke at my feet and toes, and realized it felt a lot like when Roy and I used to tickle each other, but now with a zillion little fingers. I couldn't stop myself from giggling as much as Roy was. I didn't argue when he took my hand back into his, and guided me to lay down on the rock next to him.

"I love clouds, look at that one, he looks like a scarecrow." he mumbled I'm not sure how much longer. "And that one, don't he look like a big hot dog?"

I was so mesmerized by the little fish still massaging my feet, and how wonderful my world felt right then I just groaned and closed my eyes.

"He's, he's a, a Doctor." Roy whispered what I guessed was several minutes later. "He's a head Doctor, a shrink." he added as he squeezed my hand. I looked over at him, but he was staring up at the sky.

"When, when they told my dad that you were... well, when we thought... He's a good Doctor, he understands and stuff. And helped me." he told the clouds. I didn't know what to say, but felt my stomach crunching into mush as I tried to think of something.

"When they told my dad you were dead I... I ate all of Mom and Dad's pills I could find, and a bunch of other stuff... so I could go be with you. I was gonna jump off there, but..." he nodded his head back toward the high bridge behind us. "I love you Tommy."

We both lay motionless for what seemed like an eternity. I tried to digest what he had told me. He had everything, was always so completely happy, and had lost it over a worthless street bum like me? A jailbird?

"They made me go talk to Doctor Frost. I hated him at first, but he, well, he understood and everything." By now my eyes were glued to his beautiful face, I kept hoping he would open his eyes and look at me, or something.

"He even told me how it's okay if boys fall in love with other boys and stuff. He even told my parents it was okay, and Dad even believed him."

He gasped a couple of times and added, "That's when Dad promised he'd find you and help you and... well that's only, well only why I didn't try to do it again."

"Uh..." I tried to respond, but didn't know what to say. I pushed my body against his, and closed my eyes instead of trying.

A soft kiss on my cheek made me open my eyes I'm sure how much later. "We have to go home, Dad said we have to be there for lunch." Roy's wonderful voice rang into my ears. "I love you Tommy" made me lean my head back.

I smiled, then opened my mouth and enjoyed his tongue exploring my teeth and tongue. Damn, damn. I groaned several seconds when he broke our kiss and climbed to his feet.

When I finally gave up on reviving my dream and sat up Roy was nowhere to be found. Well, it's not Spring Ridge, not D Wing! I thought as my eyes blinked and focused.

I jumped up and started off the rock to go find him, but my bare feet offered several painful reasons not to, and I sat back down and crammed my socks, then sneakers on. I gave the little box locked on my ankle a dirty look before pulling my pant legs down over it, and looked around wondering which way to go to find my friend.

He reappeared in the clearing before I could decide what to do, pushing his bike with our helmets hanging off its handlebars. I resisted the urge to kiss him as he fitted my helmet, then hopped on his bike and told me to get on behind him.

"Hang on, real tight!" he smiled back at me.

It didn't take me very long to realize he meant it when he, instead of turning back to the path launched our ride off the hill's summit and into the rock lined stream. Oh shit, he's gonna kill both of us! I'm going to die! I thought as the wheels ricocheted from rock to rock, I think they touched the ground about every five or ten feet as we crashed dove down the rapids.

A few seconds after we quit bouncing and flying I risked a glance through one eye, I guess wondering if we had ended up in heaven or hell. Whichever it was looked a lot like a grassy field, and we were now racing toward a street and a few big houses lining it, still at break-neck speed. Oh well, whatever. I thought a minute or so later as Roy turned into his parents' house's driveway - Except for D Wing, probably the last place I wanted to go to.

The paradise I had somewhat hoped Roy had crashed us into looked a lot more like the abyss when we went inside, and were greeted by his mother's face. She looked us up and down for what seemed like an eternity, than called me over to her. I glanced at Roy, and the back door a couple of times wondering if it might be an escape route, but shuffled over to her.

"Your hair is completely a mess!" she exclaimed. She turned me by my shoulders and guided me to a footstool in front of her chair. I was about to sit down when she snarled, "Look at you, where have you two been? Don't sit, you'll ruin the furniture! Turn around, Roy!"

"We went to the park, Mom!" her son whined. "We were... wrestling."

"Upstairs, both of you!" she barked. "Wash up, and get in some clean clothes, and quickly, we want to talk to you."

When Roy took off toward the stairs I was right behind him. "You may wear play shorts, and Tommy bring me your hairbrush!" her voice roared up the stairwell.

As scared as I was I had to smile when Roy climbed into legless running shorts and sleeveless tee-shirt identical to the ones he picked out for me. My mouth started to water a little as I followed him down the stairs, and enjoyed watching the bottom of his round, firm butt cheeks peep out the bottom of them with each step.

I was sure my brush was about to be applied to my backside instead of my hair when I picked it up, but gave it to my aunt when she extended her hand. I was a little surprised when she ushered me to sit the footstool. I was sure she was going to use the brush to yank my hair out at its roots, but instead she began gently stroking it.

"Did you enjoy the park?" she asked. I waited for Roy to answer, positive she wasn't asking me. "Tommy, did you enjoy visiting the park?"

Roy! Help Roy! I silently begged, I knew where we were wasn't a park, and was sure we weren't suppose to be there. "Um, yes Ma'am" I risked.

"Besides, wrestling, what did you do?"

"Tommy really liked the creek!" made me fight off an urge to hug Roy for coming to my rescue. Think fast stupid, say something! my survival instinct told me.

"Yeah, those little fishes chewing on my toes was weird." I realized it was completely the wrong thing to say before my lips closed. "Uh, yes Ma'am." I tried. When she stopped brushing my hair I knew I was dead.

"He means the minnows, if you take your shoes and socks off and put your feet in the water they nibble at them. It tickles!" Roy again saved me, I hoped.

"Indeed!" she exclaimed. "Roy, you didn't..." she stopped in mid-sentence, and began stroking my locks again. "I'm glad I wasn't born a boy!" she proclaimed. "Stand up and turn around." she told me. I shuttered, knowing the end was near, but did as she asked.

"You are a beautiful boy." she smiled as she brushed out my bangs. "When you take care of yourself you really are a pretty child. Go get something to drink, I'm sure Walter will be ready for you soon."

"Did your mom smile?" I whispered to Roy as soon as we got into the kitchen.

He poked my ribs, flashed one of his impish grins then pulled me against him. "She does like you, sort of, Pretty Boy!" he giggled. "Not like I do, but..." a wet slurp across my neck finished his statement.

He poured each of us a glass of Coke, but instead of going back into the den he finished his and sat it in the sink. Okay, whatever. I thought when I figured out he was waiting for me to finish mine.

Uncle Walter was standing next to a door I had never seen open before when we went back into the den. His face was so businesslike, so serious it worried me when he invited us to join him.

The knot in my stomach grew tighter and tighter as Roy and I followed Uncle Walter into what looked like an office, with a big desk, bookshelves everywhere and a computer that Doctor Frost was using.

I don't like this, the cops are on the way. They don't want me to escape. I thought when I glanced back. Aunt Marge had closed the door behind us and sat down right next to it. Roy led me to a leather couch as Uncle Walter sat in an overstuffed leather chair facing us.

"Tommy, I started working on what I want to talk to you about yesterday right after you got here, and now we have to do some things that involve you. We are not going back to the Detention Center Monday, as I had told you. Instead..."

"No please!" I blurted out before I realized I had. "Please don't send me back now, I'll be good, and, please, I'm sorry, I promise I... please can I stay, just till Monday. I won't..."

"Calm down and listen, please." Walter cut me off. At first I thought he was going to hold me down or something when he hopped out of his chair and next to me on the couch. I didn't realize how badly I had lost it until he began wiping tears off my cheeks, and Roy and he both tried to pull me into a hug at the same time.

"We are not sending you anywhere, I promise! Blow." my uncle told me as he put his handkerchief under my nose. "Will you calm down, and listen to what I have to say? And not interrupt?"

After a few sobs, I guess my head nod was enough of an answer. "Instead of going back to the center Monday, you have a court appearance, you and I are going to go talk to a judge. I filed briefs yesterday describing errors in your sentencing, and the cruel and unusual punishment that has been..." he stopped and smiled at me in a sort of condescending way.

"I am asking this judge to grant you, to give you a new trial so we can prove you didn't, that you weren't being bad, and that you be are released, well that you will get to live with us until the new trial happens. But..."

"Dad! DAD! Thanks Dad I love you!" Roy screeched. I felt like my already skinny chest was being flattened paper thin as he threw his arms out and hugged his father, crushing me between them. A peck on the top of my head, and I guess Roy's made my friend relax his vise like grip just before I passed out.

"But, we need your help, and Doctor Frost's help to make this work." my uncle continued. "Doctor Frost is a Psychiatrist, and..."

"He knows, Dad." Roy injected.

"Good!" Frost exclaimed. He walked over and sat on the coffee table in front of our couch. "I would like to write a report for the judge, about where is the best place for you to live. Before I do, I'd like to do what we call an evaluation, to ask you a few questions, maybe get you to play a few computer games I brought with me. Would you mind? Why don't you and I have lunch together, and talk for a few minutes."

His face told me to trust him, but my gut said I was history anyway, Aunt Marge hated me and there was no way I'd get to stay in her perfect house the rest of the afternoon, much less until Monday. I flashed a glance at Roy hoping he had a way out, but his face told me he was on Doctor Frost's side. I risked a glance back at Aunt Marge, but she was gone.

"Can I talk to Roy first? Just for a little, please?" I asked my sandals.

"Not right now." Frost answered. "We won't be very long, and I wont bite, I promise."

I was trying to think of another way to beg for my friend, my last hope's help, when Aunt Marge pushed a wheeled cart next to the coffee table and unloaded a couple of plates of some really thick, inviting sandwiches, a big platter of chips and a couple of huge drink tumblers, milk for me and some clear liquid for him. Roy and I managed to exchange a frighteningly brief glance at each other before his dad led him out of the room and the door closed. As wonderfully inviting as the sandwiches looked, I realized they very well could be my Last Supper outside prison walls.

It didn't take long for Doctor Frost's casual conversation, and some of the most wonderful sandwiches I had ever tasted, to make me feel more comfortable. I kept waiting for him to begin asking his questions, but he never did. His computer games were really a little silly, but since it was the first time I had ever used a computer sort of fun. I knew I had blown any chance of getting to stay even that afternoon when he cupped my arm, thanked me and escorted me toward the door. It was clear he had given up on me before he even started asking any of his questions.

I was a little surprised when Roy was waiting right outside to door instead of some cops and handcuffs. His smile told me to chill, and I even managed to grin back despite Aunt Marge's condescending glare from across the den.

"What do you want to do now?" my lanky friend asked me.

"Uh, well, can we go swim?" I tried, hoping to get out of the adults' microscope, maybe get in a quick dip before I was locked back up.

"Not right now, you must let your lunch settle." Aunt Marge replied before her son could.

"Why don't you guys play some video games for a few minutes, then you can swim." Uncle Walter suggested. "Oh, before you do, I left something in the back of your mother's SUV, would you mind getting it out?" he told his son. He held out a key-ring and added, "Tommy please go with your cousin and help him."

That's it, they got the cops waiting in their garage. They don't want to risk messing up their pretty house, I'm history! I thought, but followed my friend out of the room, my last walk as a free kid. I stared at the concrete floor while Roy opened the back of his mother's big Lincoln, sure that a squad of cops would come bursting out of it and drag me away.

"Dude! Check it out!" my friend screeched.

That many? I thought. I put my hands behind my back and waited for the cuffs to be slapped on my wrists.

"Tommy! Check it out! It's, it's even a Maverick!" he hooted.

I knew it was all over when a big hand cupped my shoulder. I prayed I wouldn't loose it, but decided to try for one more look at Roy's beautiful body while I waited to be locked in shackles and led away.

"Yeah well, hope you enjoy it." I groaned at the bright purple mountain bike he was holding.

"It's for you Tommy." the cop, that sounded just like Uncle Walter said. "Enjoy it, and be careful." I dropped my eyes and a glance around told me it was either my uncle, or a cop wearing golf shorts. After taking a deep breath I risk looking up, it really was my uncle.

"Dude! An ML7! Disk brakes, mono-link gears and well, well and everything!" Roy hooted.

I tried to say something, that it was some sort of mistake, it had to be for Roy, but my lips refused to move. My brain went into overload as my uncle tried to coax me onto the bike, then picked me up and perched me on it. You have lost it, your going to wake up back on D Wing any minute! I decided as Doctor Frost, Roy and his dad rushed around, adjusting the seat, handlebars and God only knows what else. Aunt Marge stuffing my head into a helmet, then carefully arranging my hair told me I had completely lost it.

It wasn't until they launched me out the garage door and down the driveway, and my body tried to balance and keep from crashing snapped me back and told me all this was really happening. I probably could count the number of times I had ridden a bike on one hand, but the sight of what looked like very hard concrete, then the street in front of their house's dark, menacing asphalt below me quickly refreshed what few skills I had.

"Come on!" Roy's excited, high pitched voice made me risk a glance off the pavement. Not! I thought as I watched him jam the gear levers on his bike and dart ahead of me on his back wheel.

Thankfully Roy stayed on their quiet street and fairly near their house, and after a few minutes I began to believe I might not crash and burn, and scratch the bike before I had to give it back. Soon my legs and my lungs began to register their objections and suggest we not ride much longer. They seemed to long for the quiet inactivity they enjoyed when I was locked in my tiny cell, and informed me this bike riding stuff was going to end, and soon.

"Tommy! You are all, you are PERSPIRING terribly!" Aunt Marge snarled as I struggled to dismount, her tone made it clear perspiration was just short of obscene. She took my helmet off for me and looked me up and down with one of best disapproving glares. "And look at your hair, get yourself upstairs and in the bathtub immediately!"

"Boys sweat, Margie!" Uncle Walter countered. He pulled me against his side and brushed my bangs out of my eyes. "They are made that way. The same with messy hair, it's a design feature!" he chuckled. "Why don't you guys go jump in the pool and cool off. You can swim in your shorts if you like."

My shoulders and neck stiffened, but the look on his face told me our secret from yesterday was safe with him, his wife's glare told me she had admitted defeat, again.

"Yeah, come on dude!" Roy hooted. He was back in the house so quick all I saw was a thin blur of bubble butt flash past me.

"Uh, thank you for letting me ride your bike, sir. It was fun and it's really a cool, I mean a nice..."

"Tommy, that is YOUR bike, a present from your aunt and I." my uncle cut me off. "I'll park it for you, you go hop in the pool!" He bent over and whispered in my ear, "Before Margie puts your hair in curlers or something. And, yes, you have to wear shorts!" His evil grin made my face flush.

I didn't believe him about the bike, but wasn't about to risk losing my chance to swim, and get out of Aunt Marge's clutches. I was almost to the door when my hopes were dashed by her snarl calling me back.

"Thom... Tommy!" she barked. "Please let your hair down before getting it wet." I wondered if I should believe my eyes when she flashed me a slight grin, but I didn't stick around.

* * * It didn't take my sore legs to fall in love with the warm, refreshing water as Roy and I played around in the shallow end. My body chimed in its approval, at first from the warm sunshine beaming down on it, then from the feel of my friend's wet soft skin brushing against mine.

At first I didn't really pay any attention when Roy wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my back against his body, until I felt his long fingers touch my ribs. Before I could react he had turned my tickle box onto high speed, and had me squirming and squealing like a baby. An instant later my feet were flailing in the water as my butt involuntarily wiggled around. Despite being about to burst I was laughing so hard I felt my eyes bulge as I felt his boyhood flopping across my butt crack, but after a second or so began enjoying it as much as his tickling.

But, as good as it felt, it also didn't take the months I had sat, or laid on the mattress in my cell all day to take its toll, and again my body demanded rest, I even began gasping for air. Roy seemed to notice right away, stopped his tickling, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to a corner of the pool that I thought was some kind of kiddie pool or something.

"Wow!" I gasp as he guided me to sit in the water and currents of warm water began massaging me from every direction.

"It's a whirlpool, sort of like a hot-tub!" he giggled as he sat next to me. I tried to say something, but my lungs were too busy trying to catch up to cooperate. I don't care what it is, it was made in heaven! I thought.

I am in heaven! I decided shortly after I closed my eyes and he squirmed against me, and pulled me against his side. I gasped a couple of minutes later when I felt his hand push into mine, and into my lap, but when he ran his fingers between my thighs then pulled my hand away and planted it on his lap I relaxed. A second later I pulled his hand back into my lap and cupped it with both hands before I realized I had.

"You're not scared?" he whispered. I tried to answer a couple of times, but gave up and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"This is too cool." I sighed a couple of minutes later. "I wish I didn't have to go back Monday, you are SO lucky."

"I am now." he breathed as he squeezed my hand. "You're here, that makes me the luckiest kid there is. Besides, they're not going to put you back in there, Dad won't let them."

"Yeah sure." I sobbed a couple of times, then held my breath hoping I could keep from crying. "Even if he could, your mom don't want me, and, and Doctor Frost blew me off. He gave up on me, he didn't even do any of his examination stuff or whatever he called it."

Roy snickered softly. "Doctor Frost is cool, you'll see. And Mom is chilling, she was pretty nice today." "Well for Mom she was." he tittered.

"Hey Dude!" an alto voice rang from behind us.

Oh great. I groaned as two boys about our age came into view next to the pool. From their preppie haircuts, shorts and shirts about like the one's we had to wear earlier I was sure they were some of Roy's friends, the kind of boys Aunt Marge would approve of.

"Hi!" Roy hooted. He flashed me a smile and stood up.

When I looked back up both of the boys were stripping out of their clothes at lightning speed. But, but there are adults home! I tried to say, but my lips refused to move when they dropped their shorts and I saw their identical, strange underwear. They were both wearing bright red, skin tight and very skimpy briefs, but without the opening in front. The fabric they were made of had a sheen to it almost like it had been polished or something, and both pair had wide gold strips on each side. Before I could recover they jumped into the pool still wearing their strange underwear.

They both seemed to be about our age, and had deep tans like Roy's. One of them, with blond hair a little darker than mine, was about Roy's height and build, and pretty good looking. The other one was, well stunning. As Roy made his way over to them and greeted them I couldn't take my eyes off him.

He was at least three inches taller than Roy, but his waist and shoulders seemed to be the size of my friend's. Except for his almost gangly long arms and legs, and an even perkier, more well rounded pair of butt cheeks, they had identical builds. Besides his body, that had so many bright freckles on it he looked like he had been spattered with paint spray, his face and hair made him an eye-magnet. His hair was fire engine red and was cut in sort of a pageboy style, combed straight down on all sides. It almost touched his eyebrows and covered about half his ears, but seemed to be at least an inch thick almost like a red mop. His thick lips were as red and bright as his hair.

"Tommy, come here I want you to meet my buds!" Roy called out. One side of me wanted to crawl into one of the pool jets and hide, but the other side took in another peek at the red-head and ordered my legs to get into gear.

"Yeah, who's your little friend?" the blond sarcastically quipped as I stood up. I wanted to turn and run out of the pool, but my legs continued toward the red-head.

"Guys, this is Tommy!" Roy proclaimed. "He's Don," he said pointing at the blond boy, "And this is Val, they're on my swim team."

The red-head waved, and I wanted to melt into the water when the blond snickered, "Hi Squirt!"

"Chill Don, you don't have to be your dick-head self ALL the time." Roy snarled.

"Hi Tommy." Val said - His voice seemed to crack through about three octives in two words. "Do you live around here?" he asked Roy more than me.

"Yeah, how old are you squirt?" Don sneered.

I was about to make a break for the pool jet when Roy answered for me. "He's fourteen, same as us. Val, this is TOMMY Tommy!" he exclaimed.

The red-head's mouth dropped open so far it almost bounced off his chest. As much as I wanted to get away from Don and his embarrassing cut downs all I could do was stare at Val - at first his teeth looked like they were made of steel. I had seen a few kids with braces on their teeth from a distance when I went places with my mom, but had never been close enough to any of them to see what they really looked like. It took me a second to snap that's what he was wearing and somehow they fascinated me.

"No way!" the blond roared. "He's ten, or twelve! Does your mommy still hold your hand when you cross the street little boy?"

"Shut UP Don!" Val snapped. His face turned almost as red as his hair as he turned to his friend.

Don gave the red head a smirk and continued, "What's that thing on your foot?" I tried my best to die right then and there as I realized he was looking down at my prisoner monitor. "I've seen them on TV, that's a..."

"SHUT UP DON, NOW!" Val screamed. He jumped around, and bent down enough to stuck his face in his friend's. "Unless you're totally stupid and you want to die, shut the fuck up!" he barked.

"Come and get it!" Alexis' voice rang from behind us. When I turned around she was setting a pitcher of some pink liquid and several glasses on one of the patio tables. "And, Mrs Benton asked all of you to put some sun tan lotion on, especially you Tommy." she added as she held up a plastic jar.

I still wanted to crawl up and die, but was a little thankful the situation was at least somewhat resolved and let Roy walk me out of the pool. I could hear Val whispering to Don as they followed behind us but couldn't hear what he was saying. The taste of Alexis' Pink Lemonade distracted me after the first sip, and a glass-and-a-half later it was the center of my world.

"What's that thing on your leg?" Don asked.

Before I could convince my heart to stop, and end all this, Val asked, "Where's your Speedos? Coach would kill you if he knew you were swimming in THOSE things!"

"Yeah, we..." Roy started to answer. "Yeah! I better go change! Come on!" he hooted.

I almost dropped my glass when he grabbed my wrist and started dragging me toward the patio door. We only made it about ten-feet before he reversed directions so quickly I thought he was going to dislocate my shoulder, but before I could object he dried both of us off at hyperspeed with the same towel, then jerked me back toward the door.

He rifled through a couple of his dresser drawers before tossing me a tiny piece of red cloth. "Here, put these on! They're mine from last year."

The little rag he tossed me as another pair of briefs identical to what Val and Don were wearing. When I looked at them closer they were way too small for me, even if they were stretch fabric there was no way I could fit into them.

"I can't get in these! Well and what about if I just wanta chill back up here. I'm tired and stuff." I tried. That argument was quickly diluted when Roy pulled another pair that were way too small for him, dropped his shorts and pulled them over his butt and hips. They fit like a second skin, and looked even better than Don and Val's did.

"But, I don't think your friends like me, and well, Don's being mean and stuff and I think he wants to pick on me, and what am I gonna tell them about THAT thing." I whined, pointing at my ankle monitor. "I think he knows, and, well and I..."

"Don's going to be all different when we go back down." he cut me off. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my back against his stomach. "I promise he will, Val's going to talk to him." I started to argue, but his fingers pulling on my short's drawstring distracted me. I again started to say something, but gasped and forgot what it was as he pulled my shorts and underwear over my hips and let them slide down to my ankles.

I barely heard him add, "I promise everything's going to be chilled, or I'll tell them to leave." as he knelt down, slipped my feet out of my shorts and pulled the skimpy garment up my legs. I tried to think of another argument, but my brain drifted into a completely different thought pattern as I discovered how soft and wonderful the briefs felt, and he dug into the front of them and tied their drawstring.

"Besides, I want to show you off!" he giggled as he guided me in front of a mirror.

"But, you can see my butt and stuff!" I cried.

"Yeah!" he hooted. "That's what's neat about Speedos!"

I felt my back involuntarily arch and my thigh muscles tighten as he ran his fingers over the sheer fabric. A surge of heat flashed through my groin from the soft vibration of our suits rubbing against each other. One of his neck licks and I was all but comatose, he could have ushered me out his second story window without argument, but led me down the stairs instead.

Don and Val were sipping on their drinks and talking when we stepped back onto the patio, but fell silent when they saw us. Don gave me quick look that I couldn't read before lowering his eyes. At the same time Val flashed me a wide grin that made me squint, but I couldn't convince my eyes to look away.

"Do they have swim teams in, I mean where you live?" Val asked what seemed to be my belly button. His grin and his eyes widened as he slowly surveyed my lower body.

"They're mine, my old ones." Roy snapped. He turned me sideways and began smearing some thick cream on my chest and shoulders.

"Yeah." Val mumbled. He started to walk behind me and reached for the jar. "Um, want some help? I can do your..." He stopped in mid-sentence when Roy jerked the jar away and gave him a dirty look. He gave Roy a disappointed glance and walked behind him instead. "Here, I'll do your back." he groaned, and began rubbing the liquid on my cousin's shoulders.

By the time Roy finished my back and began smearing my thighs and legs all I could do was close my eyes, roll my head back, try to keep breathing, and pray he'd keep his gentle massage up forever. I gasped what I was sure was my final breath when he ran his fingers under the waistband, then the bottom hem of my Speedos, but all to soon he stopped. When I gave up and opened my eyes I felt a ping of jealousy when I saw Val running his lotion soaked hands over my Roy's beautiful body, but just sighed.

I sort of wished we would keep massaging each other's bodies all afternoon, or at least until I got my turn to run my fingers over one of their tight bodies and soft smooth skin, but when everyone jumped back into the pool I decided it was an inviting alternative.

I wasn't too sure what a swim team was, but it sure taught them how to move around the pool at lightning speed. We played a loose game of tag and I tried to keep up, but as soon as any of them took a stroke in the water they were long gone.

My legs, really my body announced it was time to rest a few minutes later. My back and shoulders quickly agreed and all but demanded a few more minutes with those wonderful water jets, and my legs switched to autopilot. I had just gotten really comfortable and relaxed when a shadow appeared over me. When I looked up I was my eyes were attacked by a mop of bright red hair and freckles, and an even more blinding set of silver teeth grinning down at me.

"Um, well, can I sit down, maybe for a minute?" Val's alto voice cracked. "Please?"

Oh Yeah! I thought, but he looked so huge towering over me my lungs refused to cooperate. One side of my brain was stunned helpless by his beauty, the other side realized I was about to get pulverized and decided to enjoy the massage for the last few seconds of my short life before this big kid began beating me up. Well, get it over with. I prayed when he sat down next to me instead of on top of me.

"Don didn't mean what he said earlier, well, I mean he's sorry and stuff, an well..." he stammered. His voice had quit cracking and was as high as an opera singers, his eye-candy face looked as frightened as I was sure mine did.

"Uh, Don can be a dick-head sometimes and he was all rude and stuff but he didn't mean too, and he's sorry and stuff and, well, uh, I like him some and, well, please don't hurt him or anything!" he blurted.

Hurt HIM!?! I asked myself. My mind flashed back to what kids Val, even Don and Roy's size had done to me in Spring Ridge, for an instant I was sure it was another setup to get me alone. No, Roy won't, Uncle Walter won't let them. I tried to reassure myself. You're the runt, again. the darker side of my brain warned me.

"Well, but we are going to leave, but I want to be your friend, and, well Don does and he wants to say he's sorry and stuff." he whimpered. "But please don't beat him up or stuff!"

My head spun a little as I tried to figure out if this was real or a bad dream, a glance at his very frightened face confused me even more. After I replayed his statement, I was pretty sure he was teasing me to, or prepping me for something.

"Tommy?" Don's voice interrupted my bewilderment. When I looked he was standing next to Roy staring wide eyed at us. "I'm sorry, well I didn't mean what I said, well..." He took a step toward Val and I, but bolted out of the pool to his clothes.

"Please don't be mad!" Val whimpered and sprang out of the pool. They both patted a single towel around their bodies for a second and climbed into their clothes. "See ya' tomorrow!" Val hooted as they disappeared into the house.

I was still staring after them when I felt Roy's soft body snuggle against mine. I tried to ask what on earth was going on, but his cuddle felt too good, and l leaned back under his arm. I forgot what I was going to ask him when he grabbed my hand in his and tucked it between his bare thighs.

"Don's going to chill, thanks for being cool and everything." he said a couple of minutes later. "He really is sorry, he's a butt-head sometimes but he isn't too awful once he quits his bad dude shit." He paused for a second, then added, "But he's not going to mess with you, any more, no way." The titter in his voice made me look over at him, one of his impish grins made me wonder what was going on, was he teasing me too.

"What about what Val said?" I asked. "They know I can't win if I tried to fight them or stuff, was he teasing me, or ..." I wasn't sure how to finish.

"No they don't!" Roy snickered. "They're both sort of scared of you, but Don really is now!"

"Yeah sure." I mumbled. I felt my stomach tighten as I realized Roy was probably in on whatever they were doing. "They're both lots bigger than me, Val's even bigger than you! I think Don just wants to, well, to ..." again I couldn't finish my statement.

"Val told Don you were in Juvi." made my heart sink. I wanted to die as I realized all of Phoenix was about to know I was a jailbird, and that who I thought was my only friend had sold me out.

"No! You told them?" I cried. I tried to pull my hand away and stand up, but Roy held on and pulled me back in the water.

"I told Val is all, no one else!" he exclaimed. "I told him when Dad found you, I was so happy I had to! Listen, please Tommy?" his normally captivating, but now distraught face told me to.

"Val is sort of my, well was sort of, well I love him like I do you. Well almost. He knows that I tried to, well, what I tried to do when I thought you were dead, and when my dad found you I was so happy I had to tell someone!" In a way I was pissed, but didn't know how to react, especially to his overwrought expression.

"He's cool, he's just happy you're okay and stuff." he added, I'm sure seeing the lost expression on my face. "But, well, no one around here has ever known anyone that his been in Juvi, and, well, they, well they sort of look up to you and stuff. Val is sort of afraid of you a little, well maybe a lot. That you can fight and stuff like they do in the TV shows and stuff. I told him you weren't bad or anything, my dad and Val's mom even told him, it's cool."

Afraid of ME? I wondered. Look up to me? I'd have to jump in the air to reach Val's face! "But, I don't know how to fight or nothing, all they ever let me do was get beat up!" I said, my voice more whiny than I wanted.

"Well, don't tell anyone else that!" he snickered as he flashed me an impish, all but evil grin.

A splash interrupted our stares at each other, followed by Uncle Walter calling us to him. I tried to digest what Roy had said, but getting tossed in the air and play wrestling with my uncle and Roy distracted me, it was too much fun to pass up.

* * *

Even though my legs, really my whole body, was getting angry, demanding some rest, I was a little disappointed an hour or so later when Alexis stepped outside and announced supper would be ready soon. I think everyone else was too as we climbed out of the pool, and I couldn't help but wish the long, warm hug my uncle gave me before sending us upstairs to shower and dress would have lasted forever.

Our shower was nothing short of wonderful. I felt a little embarrassed after Roy led me under the water stream and untied my Speedo's drawstring and the head of my boyhood peeked out the top of it, but his silly giggle as he slid the skimpy garment down my thighs calmed me. All I could do was close my eyes and enjoy as he lathered and scrubbed my upper body with his hands, and I leaned back against him and gasp as he began washing my crotch, I wondered if my boyhood was about to explode. I'm sure I would have collapsed if I wasn't leaning against his thin body as I felt his rock hard shaft pushing into the small of my back.

He stopped scrubbing me, and just held my tool in his hand and whispered, "Do you ever, well, jerk off?"

One side of me started to panic, but the other half of my confused brain told me not to move, not to do anything to make him let go. Memories of the bigger, older kids at Spring Ridge forcing me to rub their penis, or sticking it into my mouth flashing back pushed the panic side to the front.

"Please Roy, I, please don't hurt me, please?" I begged. He instantly let go of me and wrapped both arms around my waist.

"I won't Tommy, I won't ever hurt you, I promise I won't." he whispered. "But, if you ever want to try it you'll love it, it's the neatest feeling there is.

"But, I'm going to HAVE to, soon." he groaned.

We were toweling each other dry when, without realizing I blurted, "If it feels so good, why does everyone scream and stuff when you do it to, I mean when they do?"

He didn't answer, but his soft giggle and impish grin left me dying of curiosity.

Supper was out of this world. I wasn't too happy about the clothes he chose for both of us to wear, baby blue walking shorts that were even a little shorter than the ones we wore this morning, white polo shirts and socks, but they did earn a compliment from Aunt Marge as did, to my complete disbelief, my table manners.

As soon as we finished eating both of Roy's parents disappeared, returning a few minutes later wearing dress clothes. After announcing they were going to a party we got a brief lecture about behaving while they let us stay home alone, that Alexis would be in her apartment if we needed anything, and be in bed by ten o'clock, they started out the garage door. Just when I thought they were gone Aunt Marge stepped back inside.

"Tommy!" made me cringe, as she walked toward me I had to fight off panic. "Please remember not to sleep with your hair in a ponytail." she barked. I was sure she was going to rip my hair out at the roots as I felt her hand on the back of my head, but instead she gently leaned my face up toward her and kissed my forehead. "And sleep good." She kissed her son and rushed off.

Roy's face developed one of his mischievous expressions as he asked what I wanted to do. Swimming sounded tempting, his suggestion that we sneak out scared me, but my tired bones demanded something more restful, and on something very soft and comfortable.

"Let's go upstairs and look for a movie." he suggested. "I have Show Time and Pay-Per-View and stuff on my TV, we can chill in bed!"

I wasn't too sure what pay-per or whatever he called it was, but the movie part did sound good, kicking back on Roy's soft bed sounded even better.

At first I gasped a little when Roy stripped out of his clothes and crawled under the covers naked, but memories of last night made me grin as I followed suit.

His warm, soft body as we snuggled against each other felt so good I didn't notice that he had turned his TV set on until I felt his arm slip behind my neck and his hand cuddling my shoulder. Automatically I rolled over and lay my cheek on his chest. I stiffened for an instant as my hard boyhood pushed against his thigh, but closed my eyes and melted into him.

"Don't you want to watch the movie?" he whispered. The only answer I could offer was to wrap my arm around his waist and squirm against him even more.

To Be Continued…