From Hell To Aunt Marge's

Chapter 1

Oh well, so much for 'Uncle' Walter' I thought, as I kneaded a well-worn envelope through my fingers. I gave the heavy steel door holding me in the small drab cell, officially known as my bedroom, a dirty look before shuffling over to the steel bunk mounted on the wall. After fluffing my 'mattress', which was nothing more than a cloth covered two-inch thick piece of foam rubber, I sat down on it and leaned against the wall.

"At least they could open the bitch hole," I told, I guess the steel walls that were my only companion.

Failing an answer I pulled the single paper out of the envelope and unfolded it, as I had done countless times since receiving it a what I guessed was about two weeks ago. It was after all, except for a few letters from my court-appointed lawyer, the only mail I received in what I was fairly sure had been the year and a half that I had been locked up, I had lost all track of time.

'Dear Tommy: We recently learned where you are, and that thankfully you are alright.' I read. How long has it been since anyone called me Tommy I asked myself - in here I was either Watkins, T or Resident Number SR94882.

'I would like to visit you, but to do so you must add me to your visitor list. The ADJC (Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections) has a form that you must complete, and have approved before I can. Enclosed is my business card with all the information you need.' ADD you to my visitor list? I snickered. The only person that had ever visited me was some preacher that didn't know me from Adam.

'Please write us back, we are looking forward to hearing from you.' Yeah sure, to write someone you got to have a stamp, to get a stamp you got to have money. I sneered.

'Please understand it takes a few days to get all the paperwork processed, but I will visit you soon. Looking forward to visiting you, and hearing from you soon. Love, Uncle Walter, Aunt Margie and Roy'

What's soon, when I turn eighteen and hopefully get out of here, in four years? I looked the letter over one more time and languished on 'and Roy' for a few seconds, minutes I'm not sure which, before carefully folding it and putting it back in its envelope.

"I guess whatever, you're not really my uncle anyway. You never even liked me." I told the envelope before setting it next to me on my cot and closing my eyes.

Memories of their huge house, expensive clothes, and cars, even their happy, normal, family flooded my mind like I was there, even though I hadn't been in about two years. Uncle Walter, a successful lawyer, was actually the brother of one of my mother's live-in boyfriends. They lived on the opposite end of the social ladder than we used to. I had no idea who my father was, I don't think Mom did either. She was a drifter and worse, I couldn't count the number of dumps we had lived in, and how many boyfriends she had shacked up with.

While we lived with Uncle Walter's brother, who was clearly the Black Sheep of their family, we visited their big house several times for holidays and weekends. I never fit in at their home, or into their lifestyle. My clothes were always from the Thrift Store and theirs were designer, especially their son Roy's. I didn't know which fork to use when we ate at their fancy table. Aunt Marge seemed to take great delight in correcting my language and manners, flashing me disapproving glares. Everything I did when I was around her was wrong.

I pulled the letter back out of the envelope and reread the bottom line. 'And Roy' made me smile yet again. Despite our opposite backgrounds, Roy and I got along very well, we seemed in some strange way attracted to each other. Each of the times we played together in their swimming pool, fell asleep in each other's arms on his huge, soft bed flashed back into my memory like I was there again as I stared at the paper.

Roy's bright face, dusted with light brown freckles that seemed an exact match to his hair, his trademark impish smile and brilliant blue eyes smiled up at me from the paper. I could feel the same warm feeling, the same attraction we had to each other again. I don't think either of meant it in a sexual way back then, but we spent many a wonderful hour exploring each other's bodies. Many, many nights since I have been locked up the only thing that gave me any hope of sleep was the memories of cuddling with his warm, soft body.

I thought back to the last time I had seen them. The day Walter's brother, Mom's boyfriend at the time was killed. I was really freaked out that day, I barely managed to escape from the men that shot him, I'm sure they would have killed me too if they had found me. Roy hugged and comforted me several times while we were together, and as scared as I was I felt some strange, but wonderful feelings inside my stomach and thighs I had never felt before. Although it had been almost two years ago I could still feel his warm, tight little body, even his wonderfully smooth skin like he was laying next to me, cuddling me right now.

But I never saw him again and was sure I never would. Right after the cops started asking questions Mom pulled off another of the midnight disappearing acts she was so good at, and I woke up on a strange town, again living in the backseat of her car while she hunted for a new sugar-daddy.

If Walter's brother was the Black Sheep of his family, I'm sure I was at least the Black Widow of mine, if I had a family anyway. Mom chose a real winner for a boyfriend this time, he went by so many aliases that I wasn't sure what his name was. It didn't take him long to figure out how to use a boy my age to make a quick buck, and soon he was making me dress in tight shorts and revealing shirts, and walk around the streets attracting men. My thin body, blond hair and my slightly girlish features made me a natural, and after a few beatings, he had me trained to let the men enjoy my body until he showed up to mug them.

I had somewhat fallen into a routine, walking the streets most of the night and sleeping during the day. I even got used to strange men groping me, more than a few of them sticking their big hairy penis into my mouth before their mugger showed up.

Then, late one night or early one morning, the entire world came unglued. Right after I allowed about my fourth or fifth john of the night to lead me into a park's public restroom 'he' appeared out of the shadows and demanded the john's money. But, before he could attack the man what seemed like a hundred cops charged into the restroom and all of hell broke loose. I remember a dull pain attacking the back of my head, and waking up in a jail cell, that I later learned was at a juvenile detention facility.

I learned from the lawyer appointed for me that the cops had set up an undercover operation to catch us, that the john I was with was a cop. With all the cops that were there I could not see how it was possible, but somehow Mom and her boyfriend managed to escape capture, and all the law had to show for their efforts was me.

The cops decided to make the most of what they had, and despite my tries to explain I was forced to do what I did I soon found myself facing a far less than friendly judge. After about an hour hearing, where my lawyer never said a word, I was locked into shackles and carted away to Spring Ridge Youth Reformatory.

I quickly found out that Spring Ridge was for 'violent offenders', the worst of the worst. At not quite five-foot tall and only a couple of pounds heavier than eighty I had the honor of being the smallest boy held in the institution. My golden hair and little boy, almost girlish appearance quickly attracted attention, and the older, bigger teens didn't take long to begin enjoying my body anytime they could.

Not knowing how things worked inside Spring Ridge I told the guards what had been done to me, even which teens had assaulted me when I could. It was right after I reported the third attack two guards pulled me out of my dorm and escorted me to 'D' Wing, which I knew was the disciplinary wing. They ignored my protests as they stripped me of my denim jeans and white t-shirt that everyone else wore, and stuffed me into a set of pumpkin orange pajamas.

I remember a guard's snide comment, "Sorry kid, but it's easier to put you away than everyone else!" as clearly as if he had said it five minutes ago as he shoved me into the isolation cell that had been my home for what seemed like forever. Except for the couple of times a week the guards let me out to shower, occasionally to go out to a wire cage they called a Recreation Area, the only human contact I had was a pair of hands when they stuffed a meal tray through a little slot in the steel door, and when they got in a good mood and opened our Bitch Hole's, a foot by foot window in the door. Sadly it was too high for me to see out of, even on my tip toes, but I got to talk to the other kids in there at least.

A shrill bell interrupted my thoughts, followed by a guard's almost robotic voice as it rang through the thick steel door, announcing lights out in five minutes told me it was nighttime. Although minutes seemed like hours, hours like days in my little cell, as usual, those five minutes seemed like five seconds before the room went dark. Oh well, I groaned as I stuffed the note back into its covering and cuddled with the small envelope next to me, and tried to cry myself to sleep.

Even though it was a rerun, I enjoyed what had become one of my standard dreams, that it was Roy snuggled next to me, holding me in his arms. I had my face buried in the warmth of his flat chest, the one I had enjoyed studying when we swam together. It felt so wonderful it seemed to slow my breathing. His long, thin fingers stroking my back as he whispered for me to relax and go to sleep transported me out of Spring Ridge, and my little hell hole.

* * *

What at first I dreamed was Uncle Walter's big hand brushing my hair began to pull me back from my dream. Oh Well, I sighed when I realized it was our wake up bell attacking my ears, the overhead light in my cell assaulting my eyes.

"Yeah, oh well," I mumbled when I heard the slot in my cell door slam open and my breakfast tray appeared. I took a minute to relieve myself in my stainless steel toilet/chair/sink before retrieving it.

I managed to force down our usual breakfast, a bowl of cold oatmeal, half of a very black skinned banana and a small carton of room temperature milk without gagging, and set the tray back in the slot. I was almost finished carefully smoothing the wrinkles out of my envelope when I heard my Bitch Hole slam open.

"Watkins, show yourself." a guard's gruff voice echoed through my cell. Acting on instinct I rushed in front of the door, spread my legs and extended my arms out to my sides as I had been so well trained to do. I tried to keep from shaking, wondering what was going to happen as a pair of eyes studied me for a couple of seconds. My stomach seemed to crawl up into my throat when the big steel door opened and the guard barked, "Step out."

I stood motionless as he patted his big hands over me, I tried to keep from shuddering as he spent an extra few seconds exploring my butt. "You've got a visitor coming, get your ass in the shower," he grumbled as he grabbed the back of my pajama collar and led me down the hall. He tossed me into one of the wing's locked shower stalls. Okay, whatever, I don't mind! I thought when I saw my toothbrush sitting on the little shelf in the stall.

Visitor, I wonder how they screwed this up? I asked myself, but wasted no time in lathering and scrubbing myself, showers were a rare treat in D Wing. No one comes to see me, but I won't argue! I snickered when I saw a fresh uniform sitting next to the towel they had set out for me.

After carefully inspecting me the guard outfitted me with the standard equipment all D Wing residents wore the rare times they left the cell block: a pair of leg shackles, a wide leather belt around my waist and wrist restraints attached to the belt. Yeah, I'm going to make a break for it! I thought as two big guards, each probably twice my size led me across the compound toward what I vaguely remembered was the Administrative Building. We went through several locked doors before they handed me off to another guard in a long, narrow room, with small wire cages lining the far wall.

"I know how to deal with you D Wing brats," the new guard growled as he walked me to one of the little cages. "You give me any trouble and I promise you will pay dearly, got it?" he barked.

I was too frightened, confused, whatever, to do anything but nod and mouth a yes sir, but it seemed to be enough for him and he released my wrist restraints and shoved me into the cage. I was so shocked I slammed against the wire trying to get back out when I saw what was on the other side of the glass wall opposite the cage door, Uncle Walter. I had to fight to catch my breath as he smiled at me and held up a telephone handset, pointing for me to pick up the one in my cage. A couple of more tries told me the cage door wasn't going to open, that I was stuck with him seeing me in my bright orange prison uniform, restraints and all, what I had really become, and I picked up the handset.

"Hi Tommy, it's so good to see you!" he exclaimed. "We, I have been searching for you for a long time, we are so glad you are safe and okay."

Oh well, this looks okay to you? Whatever. I thought. I just shrugged my shoulders, but couldn't get my lips to move.

"Tommy, I really did try to find you. Your mother used so many aliases, different names, it was very hard." he continued. "At one time my investigators told me that you were dead, but I wouldn't accept that. Thank God he finally let us find each other, and that you are safe."

Yeah, joy, now you know, I bet you know I'm locked up forever, I won't bother you again. I thought. "Thanks sir, I'm okay." I managed to gasp, sat the phone down and turned around hoping my cage's door would open.

"No! Tommy pick up the handset, PLEASE!" a little voice rang into my little enclosure. "Please Tommy, hear me out!" his voice vibrated through the earpiece so loud I could hear it above my rattling the cage wire begging to be let out.

I couldn't believe what I saw when I glanced back toward the glass window, intending to tell him to Fuck Off and Die. His eyes looked almost glazed over, face was ashen white, and rope size veins were bulging out of his forehead. I wondered if the old man was going to explode against the glass he was leaning on. I'm not sure if the tears running down his cheeks, or his pleas still ringing through the earpiece made me pick the handset back up.

"I want to help you, please listen to what I have to say," he begged. I didn't know how to answer, at least I guess I didn't. I just continued to stare at him through the glass. "Look on the counter, there are some papers I asked them to give to you."

I glanced down at a small stack of paper. "The top two I want you to sign, and the officer will give them back to me. The first one says you want to hire me as your attorney, and the other is an authorization to pay me one dollar out of your resident account. That's what is called a retainer, it makes me officially your attorney."

"I don't got no money," I mumbled.

"You do now, I just put a hundred dollars in your account. That's all they will allow, I'll give you more if you need it. Look at the third document, it's a copy of the receipt.

"There also are letters from Aunt Margie and Roy." made my heart jump. Without thinking I dropped the handset and dug through the papers until I found Roy's letter.

A tapping on the glass finally distracted me enough to look up. Uncle Walter was grinning and pointing at the handset. I glanced between the letter and instrument a couple of times and reluctantly picked up the later.

"He misses you too, he even wanted to come with me, he got mad as hell when I wouldn't let him. "he chuckled.

"How, well, is he, um," I stuttered.

"He's doing fine, and he said to give you his love." he answered. "Here." he added as he dug into his pants pocket. "Have a look." he added as he opened his wallet and held a picture up to the glass.

"Wow." I gasp. I only got to stare at the image of Roy's beautiful, smiling face for a second or so before a flood of tears blurred my vision. I couldn't resist putting my hand to the glass partition I guess hoping to feel his soft skin.

"Wait here, I'll be right back." Walter and Roy's picture disappeared from my view before I could react.

I thought my heart was going to break into a million pieces when the man, but no picture returned a few seconds later. "It's possible you guys will get to see each other soon." he told me.

You can't do this to me! I silently snarled. "Please, can I see him, his picture just one more time?" Yeah sure, we get to see each other through this stupid glass.I groaned as his statement sunk in. My heart sank as I lowered my eyes and saw the pant legs of my orange pajamas, and the short chain locked between my ankles. He's really going to be impressed.

I felt a surge of panic flash through my body a second later when I heard the door to my cage being unlocked. "Please, please can I see his picture again before they take me back?" I begged.

"Here Watkins, this is for you." the guard's voice barked from behind. Before I could turn around he dropped Roy's picture on the counter next to the paperwork and locked the door back.

"Tommy? Tommy?" Walter's voice pulled me out of the trance Roy's face had put me in. "I know you want to go read your letters, so I'll leave you for now." I managed to glance away from the picture as an answer.

"But first, sign the documents in front of you, and listen to me for just a minute, okay?" I managed a nod. "I have to go back to Phoenix and file the papers, so I am legally your attorney, then I will be back. No more than a couple of days, I promise."

I just nodded as an answer, but couldn't help but smile slightly when he kissed his fingers and pushed them against the glass.

God, please make them hurry! I silently begged a few minutes later, the guards seemed like they were taking forever to frisk me and remove my restraints. For the first time since I had been there, I was actually happy to hear the big steel door slam shut behind me as I entered my cell.

* * *

I spent the rest of the day reading and rereading Roy's letter. As I read I could hear his wonderfully happy voice as if he was talking to me. It wasn't until after the evening 'meal' that I remembered Aunt Marge had sent me one too, but I could only tear myself away from Roy's long enough to glance at it.

The only time I stopped was when I heard the 'Commissary Wagon', a cart they pushed through the halls so we could buy snacks, magazines and such outside my cell door. As usual, they didn't bother opening my bitch hole to see if I wanted anything, but today I pounded on my door until they did. I got a strange look from the guard when I said I wanted a stamp, but I guess he checked his book and handed me one. It wasn't until after he had left I realized I didn't have any paper, or even a pencil to answer Roy's letter. Well, tomorrow, I groaned.

"Oh well, I'll see you in the morning." I told his picture when the guard shouted the lights out warning. After I gently kissed it I carefully folded his letter and put it and his picture in the envelope, then snuggled up with it when my cell went dark.

I had the letter memorized by then, and as I tried to go to sleep one sentence of it kept ringing back into my mind. 'Dad promised he's going to help you, get you out of there, and Dad's never broken a promise.'

* * *

After enjoying my oatmeal, warm milk and what I was sure was the other half of yesterday's banana the next morning I studied Roy's picture for a few minutes, then decided I needed to find a place in my cell to put it before I wore it out. I was looking around, trying to find the perfect place, when my bitch hole opened.

"Watkins, show yourself." the guard barked. I stuffed my letters under my mattress and rushed in front of the door, extending my arms to my sides as required. A second later the heavy door swung open and I was ordered to step out. "Your lawyer's here." he informed me as he patted me down. I started to tell him was getting a new one and wanted to wait for him, but his hand groping my butt distracted me.

After being fitted with leg shackles, the big waist belt and wrist restraints two other guards escorted me back to the Administration Building. I was a little confused when they ushered me past the door marked Visitor Center, but hobbled hand and foot I wasn't in any position to argue.

My mouth dropped open when I was led into a small room and I saw Uncle Walter waiting for me. He flashed me a warm smile before turning to the guards.

"Please remove my client's restraints." he said.

"I'm sorry sir, but your client is a resident of the Disciplinary Wing. School policy requires D Wing residents to kept in restraints when outside their dormitory." one of the guards all but sneered as he continued walking out of the room.

"Please remove his restraints, immediately." Walter snapped.

"Sorry, SIR, no can do." the guard grinned. He flashed me a satisfied look before turning away from us again.

"I would like to speak to the Warden, ask him to join us immediately."

"The DIRECTOR only sees people by appointment, call his secretary." the guard sneered.

"I think he will see me." Uncle Walter snickered as he held out a business card.

"Yeah, I'll pass this on to..." the cop stopped in mid-sentence, the smirk on his face melting as quickly as his skin color drained from his face. "I'll let him know you are here, Senator Benton. Right away sir." he gasped. "Get Lt. Colby to join us, right now!" he snapped at the other guard.

A minute or so later I had no idea what was going on but fought to keep a straight face as three guards stumbled over each other as they seemingly tried to break a time record freeing me from my manacles. I had to turn away to be sure I wouldn't get into trouble when one of them offered to bring us something to drink, but thankfully they excused themselves and closed the door before I cracked up into laughter.

"Since I've seen you last I have been elected to the State Senate, it does have its advantages," Uncle Walter chuckled as he pulled me against him. At first, I stiffened from his touch but, quickly melted into his warm hug as he began brushing the back of my head with his hand.

"We have a lot of work to do, we better get started." he whispered I have no idea how many minutes later. I didn't resist as he guided me into a nearby chair and sat down next to me.

"How's Roy, did you tell him I said hi, sir?" I whined. "I was gonna write him but..."

"Roy is doing well and excited to know you are okay. But I know you, let's talk about what we have to before we talk about Roy. Trust me Tommy, it is worth it." I flashed him a pleading look, but his all business face told me I didn't have much choice.

He wrote several pages of notes as he made me describe what had happened the night I was arrested, and the days after until I was sent to Spring Ridge. At first, I was hesitant to tell him too many details, especially about what the johns had done to me, but the longer we talked the more comfortable I felt, the first time I really felt comfortable around him.

"Now Tommy, I want you to tell me why you were sent to Disciplinary Isolation." he asked. "Be honest, I HAVE to know everything if you want me to help you."

I hesitated but told him what had happened, what the older boys had made me do when I was in the open dorms. As I watched his face tighten and his eyes glare at the notes he was taking I was pretty sure I had screwed up any chance of getting help from him, his face told me he didn't want damaged goods. Deciding I didn't have anything to lose I told him what the guard had said about why I was being locked in D Wing, that it was to make life easier for them.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, sure I was going to be the next to die when he slammed his pen into his tablet like it was a dagger.

"I'm sorry, they made me, they did!" I managed to whimper. I withered when I felt his hand on my shoulder but then sighed, at least the end was near.

"No Tommy, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lost my temper." he whispered to me. He took a couple of deep breaths then added, "I'm not mad at you, you didn't do ANYTHING wrong." His soft grip as he pulled me against his chest told me I had at least a few more minutes to live.

"I have to ask you one more question, and it is important you answer it honestly, and fully, okay?" he said in a softer voice than I had ever heard him use. "Have you ever done anything to be sent to isolation, to D Wing, or to have them keep you there? Anything?"

I found myself relaxing a little against him as I considered his question. "No. Sir. I ah, didn't wake up on time a couple of times is all. I got pushups for that, but they don't write you up for it. I think they don't, sir."

At first, I thought that was the wrong answer when I felt his big frame stiffen. When I risked a glance at his face, the veins in his forehead were sticking out like fire hoses. He stared at his tablet for a second or so, scribbled several more lines of notes then stared at the wall for I'm not sure how long before reaching into his briefcase.

"Roy asked me to give you this." he said. I gasped so hard I wasn't sure I would be able to catch my breath when he handed me an eight-by-ten picture of his son. "And here is a letter he wrote you last night."

He ripped his notes from his tablet and added, "I need to go meet with someone. Would you like to stay here, read Roy's letter and maybe answer it? I'll be right here in the building, and I won't be long." he said as he pulled a couple of pens out of his case, dropped them on his tablet and pushed it in front of me.

I was so absorbed by Roy's face I'm not sure if I answered him or not, but I felt either he or Roy kiss the top of my head. A second later I heard his voice from further away.

"Please inform your, Director, I would like to speak with him. Not later with an appointment, but immediately. Also, my client is preparing a document I have asked him to, he is not to be disturbed without my permission under ANY conditions. Oh, and please bring him a Coke." he said right before I heard the door close.

"Wow, I haven't seen one of you guys in, I don't even remember when!" I told the bright red can, dripping with condensation a minute or so later as the guard that had delivered it left the little room. I stared at it for a few seconds but went back reading Roy's letter.

I was about halfway through the third page of my letter, thrilled that I remembered how to write after all this time when the door opened. I almost wet my pajama bottoms when I looked up and saw the School Director coming in behind Uncle Walter - I knew full well that if you had to appear before the Director your time on this earth was very, very short. Survival instinct made me jump to my feet.

"Some things are going to start happening." Walter began. He ushered me back into my chair and sat down next to me. "For now, you are incarcerated, and I'm afraid you have to stay in custody." made me shrug my shoulders. Well, I got Roy's pictures now anyway. I told myself. And a tablet.

"But, in a few minutes you are going to be transferred to another facility, in Phoenix where we can visit you." he continued. I perked up slightly, hoping I could believe my ears.

"Excuse me Counselor, but it takes several days to process a transfer." the Director interrupted. I felt my heart sink.

"Senator to you. And, if my, my client isn't out of here by noon I'll have so many investigators swarming around your SCHOOL there won't be room to walk down the halls. Noon, MISTER DIRECTOR! Or tomorrow morning I'll convene a Senate investigation, and we'll use your office as the hearing room." my uncle snarled so harshly it made me cringe.

The next hour or so was a flurry of activity. After the Director disappeared down the hall for about five minutes he and Walter escorted me out of the building. I felt a little out of place walking across the compound without my shackles but had to fight off panic when we turned toward D Wing. I felt tears running down my cheeks and started trembling when a guard joined us and I was led back to my cell.

I flashed my uncle a pleading look as the guard unlocked the big steel door, and almost fainted when the Director told me to get my 'belongings'. It took me a few seconds to realize I didn't really have anything that belonged to me, but I retrieved my letters from under the mattress, and the two or three I had gotten from my old lawyer. Somewhat on automatic I spread my legs and extended my arms as I stepped back into the hall, waiting to be frisked.

"How long have you been held in here, Tommy?" Uncle Walker asked, a frightening snarl in his voice. I just shrugged my shoulders, I really had no idea. He looked around the tiny room again then turned to the warden. "How long!" he yelled at the director.

"Uh, I'd have to check." the Director groaned. He turned to the guard and nodded his head.

"About a year, maybe a little longer." My uncle slammed the cell door so hard it made my ears ring.

We went into so many offices I lost count over the next few minutes, where I was fingerprinted, photographed, and told to sign no telling how many forms. That surge of panic started to set back in when we entered a room and a guard picked up a pair of leg shackles, and I saw one of those hated waist belts on a table. I tried to tuck myself under my uncle's suit coat when he stepped in front of me.

"I'm sorry Couns... Senator, but state law requires him to be in restraints during transport." the Director more groaned than said.

Walter hugged me for the better part of a minute. "It's okay, Tommy, it won't be for long, I promise." He kissed the top of my head before guiding me in front of him and kept his hands on my shoulders while the guards locked me into the restraints.

He kept me pulled against his side in a warm cuddle as we went into a garage and to a waiting car with a wire cage in the rear seat. "I have to make some phone calls on the way back to Phoenix, and I hope to stop off at the courthouse. If I'm not at the Center when you arrive, I promise I will be soon." he told me before he kissed my forehead and helped me struggle into the car's back seat.

Although I was far less than comfortable, I found myself enjoying the two hour drive, and the scenery and sunshine, the first time I had seen anything but the four walls of my small cell in I wasn't sure how long. My arms had begun to hurt from not being able to move them by the time country turned to urban views, but I was a little disappointed when the car turned off the highway and into a parking lot.

Oh well, I groaned as I looked over the barbed wire topped high fences surrounding what I was sure was my new home. The guards had to help me out of the car, and all but held me up for a few seconds until I could convince my legs to cooperate and we started across a driveway toward the building.

I had taken a couple of careful steps when I high pitched voice distracted me. "Tommy, Tommy, hi Tommy!" it howled. I died a thousand times when I looked around and saw Roy and his mother peering at me through the fence, Roy waiving his arms over his head.

Yeah, have a good look. I silently cried as I lowered my head and saw the sun reflecting off my bright orange prison pants, and the chain locking my legs together.

Although I felt embarrassed as I shuffled down a long hallway my spirits lifted a little when I saw Uncle Walter standing next to guard, waiting for me.

"Another change of plans." he smiled as we entered a room. "I talked to a Judge, and he granted you a weekend furlough." he said. I was so excited about the guards removing my restraints I didn't really pay attention and had no idea what furlough was. I was so busy moving and massaging my stiff arms and shoulders I somewhat tuned him out as he guided me into a chair and placed a piece of paper in front of me.

"Tommy, this is important, listen to me." he said, his face told me it was an order. "I've arranged it so that you can come home and spend the weekend with us. You will have to wear a monitor, something like house arrest, and promise to behave." I guess my lost face made him try, "We want you to come live with us for the weekend. You have to be back here Monday morning, but we'll have the weekend together. Do you want to do that?"

I was sure I was hearing things, maybe I had finally totally lost it, but something in his face made me wonder.

"What's today?" was the only thing I could think of to say. At first, I thought I had screwed up when the fire hoses appeared on his forehead. I stiffened in my seat when he leaned over toward me, until he cupped my shoulder and gently pulled me against him.

"It's Friday, Son." he whispered. He took a deep breath and stroked my neck for a second. "You have to sign this. I have read it, it just says you will, that you promise to behave, and not to leave our house without one of us, and come back here Monday. As soon as you sign it, they are going to put a little monitor on your ankle, and we can go home."

It was my turn to take a deep breath. This cannot be real, I'm dreaming, or I have lost it. I thought. Well, it's a fun dream, better than sitting in my cell! I decided and accepted his pen.

"Please come with me. This won't take long." the guard ordered.

We followed him into the next room. After taking a couple of pictures of me, then my fingerprints they ushered me into a chair and the cop lifted my foot onto his leg.

"This is a Location Monitor, with the help of satellites we can find out where you are at any given time." he told me as he clamped a bracelet with a small metal box mounted on it around my ankle. "It also talks to this," he continued as he held up a little box that looked a lot like a pager. "If you get further than fifty-feet from it, it sounds an alarm, and calls our office, and you will be arrested."

He handed the pager to Uncle Walter and slid a small cardboard box to him. "Of course the boy isn't to be allowed access to the unit, one of you should keep it with you at all times. There is a locking cradle, and a couple of keys in the box, for when you are at home.

"Do you have any questions Watkins? Don't screw this up boy." I guess my lost expression answered, and he pushed my leg back down to the floor. "See you on Monday, enjoy yourself." he said as he left the room.

"Well, are you ready to go home? Tommy, come on, let's go home." Uncle Walter's distant voice echoed into the back of my mind.

I tried to ignore it, afraid it was the morning bell and would dissolve the most wonderful dream I had ever had since I was locked up, but didn't resist as a pair of hands lifted me to my feet. Please don't let this end, not yet. I begged.

"Tommy!" a high pitched voice, that I was sure was the Spring Ridge's morning bell streaked. I blinked my eyes waiting for the glare of my cell's overhead light to zap my eyes, but before I could open them something slammed against me so hard I was sure I would have fallen over if I Uncle Walter wasn't behind me. The warm hug was just too wonderful not to be real, and just from his body chemistry, I was sure it was Roy or my dream of him.

"Let's get out of here boys." Walter's voice rang in as he scooped me up like a two-year-old and carried me out of the building.

* * *

By the time we got to their house I found myself wondering if everything that was happening might be real. Aunt Marge's snobbish face reinforced it was as she looked my pumpkin colors pajamas up and down. Well, some things don't change. I groaned when she suggested Roy show me upstairs so I could take a shower.

"No, wait." she said as we started upstairs. "Roy, lend Thomas, lend your cousin a pair of swim trunks, you two jump in the pool while Alexis fixes lunch." Roy's bright smile answered for both of us.

Roy turned around and pulled me into a tight hug as soon as we entered his bedroom. "I missed you SO much. It's so awesome Dad found you, and you're okay." he whispered.

The warmth of his body as he held me against him, the wonderful smell of his skin as I buried my face into his flat thin chest was just too real to be a dream. After a minute I risk wrapping my arms around him and as the same feeling I remembered so well when we used to cuddle each other made me for the first time really believe I was at their home, and not in prison.

"I... I..." was all I could get out before I started sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's okay, you are, you're..." he let out a couple of sobs, then soft whimpering sounds as he squeezed me even harder. "I used to dream every night that you'd come back, that... I dreamed a zillion times that we were boyfriends. When they told Dad that you were... were..." he took a deep, weeping breath. "You're safe now, please don't cry." I tried to answer but just pulled myself against his lanky body.

"Your hair is too cool." he whispered. I hadn't thought about it, but I had not had a haircut since I was sent to D Wing, and it was long enough to brush over my shoulders and into my eyes. I tried to think of something to say, but when he started running his fingers through it I instead begged my knees not to melt into jelly.

"You guys alright?" Uncle Walter's voice rang from the hall. I started to pull away from Roy, sure we were both about to be killed, but he wrapped his arms around his son and I before I could. "Relax Tommy, I needed a hug too." he whispered as he kissed the top of my head, then his son's. "Come here boys." he instructed as he pulled both of us into his stomach.

"Tommy, since we found you all of us have thanked God countless times. Now that you are with us I've offered prayers of thanks a thousand times just on the drive home. But, you have been through some terrible experiences, you HAVE to go slow, give everything a little time.

"Roy, I promised you I wouldn't rest until I found Tommy, and recovered him. I didn't break my promise, did I?" He didn't wait for an answer, and continued, "But, you have to remember the promise you made to me, and to Doctor Frost. I honored my promises, I know you well enough to know you will honor yours. Go slow boys, okay?" He kissed our heads again when we didn't reply.

"Your mother has decided to go shopping this afternoon so, if you guys want to swim you better get changed and in the pool. Before you even try, we both know that if your mother wants to go shopping, you're stuck, right?

"I have to go back to work, but I will try to be home early. You guys relax, and Tommy I want you to unwind, okay?"

"Why do we have to go with her and you don't?" Roy more demanded than asked, I could feel his voice vibrating through his dad's torso as much as I hear it.

"Because I was smart enough to come up with an excuse!" Uncle Walter snickered. "Have fun guys!" he tittered as he popped both of our backsides and stepped out of the room.

"DAD! I'm gonna get you!" Roy yelled as he chased his father into the hall. An instant later I heard a loud scream that was I'm sure from my friend, and he burst back into the room holding his stomach and giggling like a two-year-old. I guess he saw my frightened face and cackled, "Dad's cool, I like to pick on him."

Although Roy and I were about the same size the last time I had seen him he had grown much more than I had. He was about three or four inches taller than I was, and as I tried on some of his swimsuits I found out he had filled out and gotten more muscular than I had. Finally, we found a pair of trunks that didn't fall down my legs when I walked and started downstairs.

He giggled a little as we started toward the stairwell. "Dad says you have a bubble butt, he's right!" he teased and darted downstairs ahead of me.

The pool's warm water, and getting to hop around and play with my friend seemed to erase any memory of Spring Ridge and everything except having fun. I was a little scared of the deep end at first, but it didn't take me long to figure out I still knew how to swim. A few playful pokes from Roy to my ribs and stomach later I found myself giggling and squirming uncontrollably.

"Yeah! You did bring your smile!" he teased as he pushed a couple fingers into my ribs. "You have to catch me to get me back!" he hooted before he disappeared under the water.

I was really disappointed a few minutes later when Aunt Marge told us lunch was ready, but that disappointment didn't last long. As soon as Alexis, who turned out to be their current maid, set out platters of hot, freshly grilled sandwiches, chips and drinks on the patio table I quickly lost interest in swimming, at least for the moment.

My mind tried to think back to the cold, mud looking meat pulp sandwiches, or peanut butter and jelly ones I used to get served through the little slot in my cell door, but my stomach quickly took over my thoughts, demanding I concentrate on how to pack a few more bites into it.

Aunt Marge brought out bowls of some little fruit thingies as we finished off the sandwiches. After setting them down she walked behind me and began running her fingers through my hair. "We must do something about your hair Thomas, Tommy, would you like to get a haircut?" she asked.

"NO Mom!" Roy cried out. "We, um he, Tommy likes his hair! Don't you!" he blushed. His face told me not to risk a glance and his mother seemed to freeze in mid-stroke, her fingers in the middle of my hair.

"I, I kind of like it like this Ma'am." I mumbled. "And, well, they let us grow our hairs long, well we can grow them."

"Roy, please get your cousin some sun lotion, he is getting red. And find him some dry clothes, we must leave soon." she grumbled before she disappeared inside.

"Hairs?" Roy giggled. "Like in more than one place? Where else, are you getting some?" He flashed one of the best impish grins I had ever seen him show. I'm sure I turned several shades of brighter red than Aunt Marge was worried about when he cupped my inner thigh under the table.

As soon as we got upstairs Roy dug through his clothing drawers for a minute or so then pulled out a pair of light blue shorts. "Here, these are kinda tight on me, and you don't need underwear with them." he told me.

They were actually swimming trunks, with a crotch liner, and when I held them up to my waist they looked a little big, but I didn't really care what I looked like anyway. I turned my back to him, slipped out of my still damp trunks and pulled the other pair on. They fit more like a skirt than shorts, but a few tugs on the drawstring and they seemed like they'd stay up.

"Cool!" Roy exclaimed.

He reached into his closet and tossed me a tee-shirt. It was too big also but draped over the shorts enough to cover most of them. A pair of long sweat socks that we left wadded around my ankles did a pretty good job of hiding my monitor bracelet, and a pair of adjustable sandals and I was as ready as I guess I'd ever be. Roy had already changed into a dry pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, slipped on another pair of sandals by the time I finished adjusting my sandals. He cupped my waist and he escorted me into his bathroom.

He picked up a long thin package and tore it open. "Here, Alexis got you this." he handed me a toothbrush. "You have to, so Mom don't bitch." he grinned before he loaded his with toothpaste and started scrubbing his teeth.

Wow, I only got to do this on shower days! I thought and followed suit. After we gargled with some really strong mouthwash Roy pulled me against him and I couldn't resist burying my face in his chest. "Yumm, you taste good!" he whispered after kissing my forehead. "Oh yes, totally yumm!" after planting a longer kiss on the end of my nose. I had my eyes closed, but felt his breath, then his lips touch mine.

"Roy, Thomas! I'm waiting!" echoing from the hall made him pull. Aunt Marge's voice sounded more like a Witch's than anything else. Roy mumbled something I couldn't understand and stomped out of the bathroom.

Aunt Marge gave me one of her disapproving looks like she had so many times when I had visited there with my mother. After flashing a very artificial smile she dropped the pager-looking thing for my monitor in her purse and started out to their garage, but stopped and sat down in a chair.

"Please come here for a minute Tommy." Her voice and the expression on her face told me it wasn't a request. A glance at Roy offered no support, more so told me he couldn't help that I was on my own, and I shuffled to her.

"You do have beautiful hair, you are a beautiful boy." she commented as she turned me around so my back was to her.

My shoulders tensed so tight I thought they were going to bounce off my ears as I felt something pulling on my hair, but it only took me an instant to realize the pull was a brush being run through it, something I hadn't felt in ages - my fingers were my hair comb back at Spring Ridge. After a few stokes I had to shift my feet to keep my balance as I leaned back and enjoyed that wonderful sensation on my scalp.

"Have you ever worn your hair in a ponytail?" she asked. I tried to answer, but I could only get my lips to move, my lungs and throat refused. "Come here, have a look." rang into the back of my mind, I'm not sure from her hairbrush or her hand cupping my neck.

"Cool! Thanks Mom!" Roy hooted. It took me an instant to understand what he was so excited about until my eyes focused on the mirror I was standing in front of, and my now neatly combed hair.

"Now, let's go shopping!" she exclaimed. I gave Roy's feet a pleading look but followed behind them into the garage.

Her big Lincoln Navigator was very comfortable, and I enjoyed getting to look around at all the sights as we drove through town. Even Roy grabbing my hand, then my thigh from across the rear seat didn't distract me. A little quicker than I wanted she pulled into a shopping mall, and parked outside a big store called Saks Fifth Avenue. After taking a long deep breath I opened my door and joined them next to the car.

The closer we got to the store entrance the more nervous I got. The store itself, as well as the customers going in and out of it, looked very snobbish, like Aunt Marge. I felt like every one of them were staring at me, wondering why I wasn't locked in my cell instead of out invading their world. We were a few feet from the door when panic began to set in, and I found myself glancing around for the best escape route.

"Come along, Thom... Tommy." Aunt Marge barked. I didn't realize I had fallen ten feet or so behind.

"Please, Ma'am, maybe can I wait in your car, or maybe out here?" I begged. "Please, I can't go in there! And I won't leave or anything!"

"It's chilled." Roy answered. Before I could look around he had his arm around my waist. His mother cupped my arm on the other side and, except for not being shackled, I felt like I was being led by a couple of guards from Spring Ridge as they guided me into the store.

I was afraid to look up, but I could feel every pair of eyes in the store staring at me as they escorted me through the aisles. I felt my neck muscles knot when a pair of shoes came into view and a male voice asked if he could help us.

"Yes. My nephew has just moved in with us, and I would like to get him some clothes. Could you determine his size?" Aunt Marge answered. "Some pants and jeans, shorts and shirts. Please allow a little room for growth, but I expect a proper fit."

"But, I can't, well, I..." I risk a glance at the salesman's knees, hoping he'd go away. "When I go back, well, we got to wear their uniforms, Ma'am. You can't have your own clothes on the inside." I cringed when I realized what I had said. I was sure the clerk, the whole store now knew I was a convict.

Somehow the man managed to shove his measuring tape between Roy and my bodies even though I was stuck to his side like glue. I jumped when he pushed his tape between my legs into my groin, but thankfully he only kept it there for an instant. After he measured my neck and arm he said, "Let's start with the jeans, this way please."

"Please Aunt Marge, can't we just, just go back to your house, I don't need any stuff. Please Ma'am..."

"Tommy, it is not polite to argue with your elders. I choose the dress clothes, you two can pick out everything else." she stuffed a pair of folded designer jeans into my hands.

"Stay with him." I heard her whisper as my friend led me toward a wall of doors.

"But, tell her no, I don't need clothes for two days." earned me a gentle hug around the waist. "But, I don't have any underwear on!" I tried.

Roy let out a soft giggle and whispered, "Sounds like fun! Just don't tell anyone!" before he pushed me into a changing room. I stared at the jeans, then Roy's shadow showing through the louvered door. Oh well, I'm stuck I groaned as I slipped my shorts off.

I was sure everyone in the store had rushed over to watch the show when I stepped back out of the dressing room. Roy, then my aunt and the salesman took forever to look me over. Just when I thought it might be over, the salesman pushed another garment into my hands and asked me to put it on.

Oh great. I mumbled when I discovered it was a pair of dress pants like Uncle Walter wore with his suits, but these had the pant legs rolled up so they were too short for me. After I put them on I picked up the jeans to give them back but jerked so much I dropped them on the dressing room floor when I noticed the price-tag - $ 54.00.

Yeah, put them back! I prayed a second later when the salesman took them out of my hands and guided me back onto the sales floor. Oh shit, he's going to find my monitor! I groaned when I felt him pulling on the pant legs. I closed my eyes and tried not to panic when I felt his hand on my butt, but instead of squeezing it like the guards liked to do he just brushed his hand over it, and tugged on my waistband a couple of times.

Oh God, can't I just get my orange pajamas back? I groaned as the clerk stuffed my arms into a suit coat and pulled it over my shoulders. What seemed like two or three lifetimes later I finally was allowed to go put my borrowed shorts back on.

Roy and his mother were looking over a table stacked full of clothing when I stepped out of the dressing room. "Very well done Son, but he needs two more pairs of play shorts, and another pair of jeans." she said to her son.

"Hey dude, do you like these shirts?" Roy smiled when he saw me. I was so much in shock, and trying to convince myself the mountain of clothes was not for me I just blindly nodded. "I got you two blue, one black and one white pair of jeans, but Mom said you need another. What do you want?" I guess my face told him he wasn't going to get an answer, and he bubbled, "I know, stonewashed!"

"Now." Aunt Marge sighed. "Two pairs of sneakers, and two pairs of sandals, that should be enough for today."

This place is totally weird, it can't be real! I thought a few minutes later as an older teenager, pushing a cart with my new clothes in it, followed us out of the store. I was going to help pick out my shoes until the prices sent me back into my coma. But Roy picked out what looked like some nice ones, and thankfully we were getting out of there.

On the way home I was faced with a decision I didn't have any trouble making when Aunt Marge pulled up to a drive-through window and asked what flavor ice cream cones we wanted.

"Chocolate!" Roy proclaimed. "Three scoops, Mom!"

"Yeah!" I hooted. "I mean please Ma'am," I tried to add despite the gallons of saliva slurring my speech.

"Put Thomas's clothes in the Blue Room, Alexis will remove the tags and hang them." Roy's mother told us, or more him than me as she parked in their garage. She gave me another of her disappointed looks as she opened the tailgate. "Oh, and pick out a pair of shorts and a shirt, and change into them." she told me before disappearing into the house.

By the time we had begun lugging our third load of packages upstairs, the many months of sitting around in my cell caught up with me. Well, at least this is the last of them. I thought as I fell behind Roy, trying to catch my breath. A few deep breaths later I trudged on, dragging my packages behind me.

Roy was digging through the stacks of large bags scattered on the room's big bed when I shuffled in the room. "Yeah, wear these." he instructed as he tossed me a pair of blue running shorts with gold stripes on the sides. He grabbed a plastic sack, tore it open tossed me a really skimpy red garment, then dug into the sacks again. "Here it is, wear this one." he said as he held up a sleeveless baby blue tee-shirt.

"What is this? I can't wear these!" I cried when I unfolded what looked like a pair of bright red bikini briefs, with a thin blue elastic belt.

"Yeah you can, they're your underoos!" he giggled. He flashed me an impish grin and snickered, "They feel neat, and they will show off your bubble butt!"

I felt my face flush warm as he stepped in front of me and pulled my baggy tee-shirt up. "Want me to put them on you?" he giggled.

"But, but what if your mom finds out? She's gonna kill us if she finds out you bought them!" I whined.

He snickered as he reached for the waistband of his shorts. "She don't care, she bought me mine!" he grinned as he pulled one side of his shorts down, revealing an identical pair. I gasp so loud I was sure they heard me downstairs when he pulled on my shorts' drawstring and they fell to my knees.

The clothes he had chosen were comfortable, more tight fitting than the orange pajamas and boxer-style underwear I was used to wearing but felt good. The shorts clung to my hips and backside and were even shorter than my old underwear. The tee-shirt felt really airy and pleasant even though it too clung to my body more than I was used to.

My eyes bugged a little when he guided me in front of a mirror. The shirt contoured to my chest and stomach like it was tailored, and ended just before it touched the waistband of my shorts. They didn't cover much more than my groin and hips, they didn't have any legs and my bony pelvic bones seemed to peek out of the top of them.

"I look all skinny." I whimpered.

"You look hot!" Roy replied. Before I could answer he pushed his body against my back and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Yeah, you look totally hot." he whispered into my ear as he pulled my shirt up and cupped my stomach with both hands. I gasped but leaned into him when he pushed his lips against my neck and gave it a gentle kiss.

"Come on, I want to go change." he whispered what seemed like several days later. I tried to grab his hands and pull them back around my body, but he slipped away before I could.

I discovered what the blue room was as I reluctantly followed him to one of the room's doors, all painted blue.

"We get to share our bathroom!" he exclaimed as he opened the door. "I made Dad promise this was going to be your bedroom." he continued as he rushed through and opened another door at the other end of the tile-lined room, and stepped into his bedroom.

Roy bounced around his room like a ping pong ball for a minute or so, and when he slowed down he was dressed exactly like me. I tried to object when he started into the hall, partly because I knew his mother would kill us for being barefoot, and hoping for a pair of socks or anything to cover up the bracelet locked around my ankle.

"Mom doesn't care, just so we don't have company or stuff." he told me as he reached under my shirt, wrapped his arm around my waist and escorted me toward the stairs.

Aunt Marge flashed us one of her artificial smiles as we came into view. I had just stepped off the bottom step of the stairwell when what I was sure was disaster struck.

"Thomas, please come here." sent shivers up my spine. "Please. You too Roy." told me we both were about to die. I tried to fight off panic, force my lungs to take in a little air and tried to think of a way to save my friend all at the same time, but slowly shuffled toward her, and what I was sure would be my final steps on this earth.

"Thomas, Tommy, before you wear new clothes you must remove the tags." she said. An instant later I felt a tug on the waistband of my shorts, then the hem of my shirt. "Roy, you know better."

"Tommy, you are a very, very beautiful boy. It's so wonderful to have you here, I'm looking forward to showing you off!" made me wonder if I hadn't lost it.

"Alexis has gone to do the marketing, and I have to go over to Wanda's for tea, will you two be okay by yourselves for a couple of hours?" I felt a brief ray of hope, that she wasn't going to chop my bare feet off, rip my skimpy underwear out from under my shorts and send me back to Spring Ridge until she continued.

"But, there are a few rules I expect you to follow, Tommy. Roy already knows them but you might not.

"Uncle Walter's bar, and study are STRICTLY off limits. And, just for a few days, I don't think it would be wise for you to swim when an adult isn't home, just until you get used to the pool." The pool rule disappointed me a little, but I was sure much worse was coming next.

"And," made my shoulders tighten. "If you get thirsty or hungry, don't wait to be asked, help yourself to anything in the kitchen.

"I must run boys, enjoy yourselves, and behave." she announced as she stood up. I risked a glance at Roy as she grabbed her purse and rushed into the garage. I knew it! I thought when she reappeared a split second later.

"I almost forgot about this thing!" she announced as she dropped the pager looking half of my electronic leash on the coffee table and rushed back into the garage.

"What do you want to do?" Roy asked.

"I don't know, I sorta wanted to go swimming again. Oh well, what'cha wanna do?" earned me one of his impish grins.

"No one's going to be home, for a couple of hours. Well, and Mom didn't exactly say we can't swim, she said it wasn't a good idea." His impish grin spread across his into a devilish expression. "I know of a really fun way to swim, you are gonna love it!" he grabbed my hand and led me out to the patio as he continued, "We don't have to get our clothes wet or anything, so they'll never know. You ever gone skinny dipping?" I'm sure my lost expression made him add, "Naked, without any clothes?"

"But, if, well if we got caught or anything, well..." I paused when he pulled his shirt off, then mine. The soft warmth of his skin against mine as he hugged me made me forget what I was going to say.

"It's cool, my friends and I do it all the time when our parents are gone." he whispered. "You'll love it, okay?"

My eyelids sprang so wide open I was sure my eyeballs were going to fall out when I felt him pull my shorts and underwear down at the same time, but I threw caution to the winds an instant later as I watched his lanky, nude body and his tight little biscuit bum bounce across the patio and dive into the pool. Wow! His butt is even tanned! I grinned.

He was right, whatever he called it felt so wonderful, so relaxing I couldn't help wondering if it wasn't a dream. Except for earlier that day, it had been a very long time since I had been in a pool, and even longer since I had been in a bathtub, but hopping around the pool naked made me feel; so free, so comfortable it was hard to believe something so wonderful existed. Watching what had to be my best friend on earth, well maybe the only friend I had frolicking around with me, then the feeling of his and my bodies rubbing and bouncing off of each other made me wonder if I had gone to heaven. Even the little buddy between my legs poked his head out in the water ahead of me, standing straight and proud in the pool.

"Cool, isn't it!" Roy giggled a few minutes later. "Dude, it's so awesome you are here, you are back. I missed you so much." I was trying to think of something to say when he pulled me into a hug and planted a kiss on my lips. "I love you Tommy, I always have." he whispered.

He cupped my butt with one hand, pulled my body tightly against his. I gasp when I felt my still stiff boyhood slip between his legs, and his push against my stomach. I tried to answer him, but before I could he sealed his lips over mine, cupped my neck with his other hand and gave me another kiss. After a few seconds my mouth decided to open, and he slipped my tongue into it, exploring my teeth, then massaging my tongue and the roof of my mouth. It seemed like a day, maybe two before he broke our kiss.

"Do you want to have some fun?" he whispered. What can be more fun than this? I asked myself. "Want me to do you? Please, I want to. I dream about getting to almost every night." Yeah, me too. I thought.

All I could do was lean into him for support as he slipped his hand between our bodies and grabbed my boyhood and ran his slender hand up and down its length, I knew I was very near heaven.

An instant later memories of the older boys at Spring Ridge forcing themselves on me flooded my mind. I felt panic setting in, and the next thing I knew my hands, then my whole body began trembling. I guess on automatic my body pulled away from his, and I doubled up into a ball. That didn't last long after I sank below the water level, but Roy already had grasped my head and pulled it back to the surface before I could stand, or try.

"Tommy! Tommy, I'm sorry, are you okay? Chill Tommy, chill, I'm sorry!" I heard. I didn't try to stand, or get away when he pulled my head against his chest and held my face above water. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what's wrong? I'm sorry Tommy!" he whimpered.

The softness of his voice and the two or three kisses he planted on my forehead helped me calm down. I started to pull away and try to get to my feet but felt too comfortable to try.

"I'm sorry, I, well, I just..." was all I could mutter.

"I'm sorry Tommy, I don't want to hurt you or anything! What's wrong, I'm sorry!"

" I, well, I just got scared sorta." I whined. I took a couple of deep breaths and enjoyed Roy's touch for a few seconds. "Some boys, some older boys, used to make me..." I tried to continue but just closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry Tommy, I am." he floated me over to the pool's steps and pulled my head and upper chest against his, cuddling me like a doll. "Dad and Doctor Frost too told me that maybe..." it was his turn to sob a couple of times. "I'm sorry, I just want you to, to be my friend. Well, maybe my boyfriend. I love you, I won't ever..."

"I love you Roy." I cut him off before I realized I had. We kissed for I don't know how long before I leaned into him and his heavenly little body.

"Well, you guys look like you are having fun!" a voice rang from behind us I don't know how many minutes, hours or days later.

A surge of sheer panic shot through my body so harshly I thought I was going to pee in the pool when I snapped it was Uncle Walter's. I'm gonna get sent back today, right now, I'm dead. I groaned as I pulled out of Roy's snuggle, covered my privates and slowly turned to face my fate.

Shit, he's gonna enjoy killing me! I thought when he covered his mouth and I saw his stomach jiggle even through his starched white shirt, I was fairly sure I heard a soft snicker.

To Be Continued…